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Signature Homestyles Review: Your 2023’s Most Stunning Home Decor

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About Signature Homestyles

Signature Homestyles review

Do you ever feel your home could use extra warmth and coziness? If so, you’re not alone! That’s why we were excited to discover Signature Homestyles, a company that offers a wide range of home decor, furniture, and household items designed to elevate your living space.

Now we’re ready to explore Signature Homestyles and what makes them stand out in a crowded market. From their unique product line to their personalized shopping experience, there’s much to love about Signature Homestyles.

So, if you’re ready to transform your home into a haven, keep reading the Signature Homestyles review to see if it is the perfect fit for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Signature Homestyles

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Our key goal at our organization is to assist you in making educated decisions by providing you with extensive and accurate reviews of various products. Our dedicated research team examines every aspect of the products we review.

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Signature Homestyles Overview

Signature Homestyles Overview

We believe that there is no place like HOME – Signature Homestyles

Signature Homestyles is a direct-selling company in the field of home décor.

Signature Homestyles here will provide trendy home décor, a full- line of stylish organizational products, and a rewarding income to enhance your home and life.

Founded with a simple mission, Signature Homestyles would like to help people create a beautiful home while providing a rewarding income.

Although they take pride in presenting numerous special items that can only be found here.

The company’s headquarters are in Illinois, USA, with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Signature Homestyles is a Direct Selling Association member whose representatives follow the organization’s code of conduct.

Signature Homestyles Products Review

Signature Homestyles 2023 Look

Signature Homestyles provides a wide variety of decorations and furniture to enhance the beauty and ease of your home. It has something for everyone, from plush bedding and holiday ornaments to modern bar stools and dining room sets.

In this review, We’ll discuss my impressions of several of their best-selling products, touching on quality, design, and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s delve in and learn about some of the best offerings from this one-of-a-kind home furnishings business.

A Touch of BoHo Collection

Signature Homestyles A Touch of BoHo

Add carefree style to your space

On their “New 2023 Looks”, A Touch of BoHo collection appears first and fully takes our attention. Signature Homestyle has everything you need to give your home that bohemian feel.

If you want to add a bohemian flair to your home decor, their product line includes various items perfect for creating a cozy, eclectic, stylish, and inviting atmosphere.

A Touch of BoHo collection offers products such as Natural Beads with Tassel, Very Vannila 7-Wick Dough Bowl Candle, Whitewash Bamboo LED Lantern, Stitched Potted Succulent, Grooved Potted Succulent, Podocarpus Stem, and Succulent Canvas print.

Calling all Boho fans to check out this 2023 new collection on A Touch of Boho and find out if the boho-inspired products from Signature Homestyles are a good fit to give your home a laid-back, eclectic look.

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Ceramic Candle Vase 2-pc Set


This candle holder and vase set is made of multifunctional reactive glazed ceramic with an engraved spiral design. You can display it on a mantle or bookcase or give it as a present.

Signature Homestyles Ceramic Candle Vase 2-pc Set is a beautiful and practical decoration for your house. These gorgeous candle holders are perfectly manufactured and have a modern and sophisticated style.

Crafted from superior ceramic materials, their glossy finish is aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated. This set’s adaptability is one of its greatest strengths.

Candles can be placed within the vases and stand alone as ornamental items. This set is perfect for setting a romantic mood with candlelight or adding a sophisticated touch to your decor.

Sparkle Glass LED Cylinder Accent Light

Sparkle Glass™ LED Cylinder Accent Light

A Sparkle Glass LED Cylinder Accent Light quickly improves the overall appearance of any space. Whether your taste is modern or old, this beautiful accent lamp with ambient glow will do the trick.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add some class to your interior design, go no further than the Sparkle Glass Accent Light.

Brighten up your day and make adjusting the lights in your home an easy task. Each Sparkle Glass LED Cylinder Accent Light comes with an easy-to-program timer and automatically turns on for 6 hours, creating an ambiance of warm, natural comfort perfect for coming home.

You can get a bundle pack of this item with Energizer Max Alkaline AA Batteries, 6 packs for $42.99 below, and we let you have a fun experience with home decor Sparkle Glass LED Cylinder Accent Light.

Chevron Wire Storage Basket

Chevron Wire Storage Basket

Chevron Wire Storage Basket is a compact storage option that will assist you in maintaining a neat house. The basket’s chevron pattern design and robust wire structure give it a chic and contemporary air.

The basket’s adaptability means it has multiple possible uses throughout the house. Towels, blankets, books, toys, and periodicals fit nicely inside. Chevron Wire Storage Basket isn’t just functional; it can also serve as a stylish accent piece

Now, you can bring home this chevron-patterned wire storage basket with natural wood border and natural cotton attached lining for an instant dose of character!

Starburst Metal Mirror

Starbust Metal Mirror

Starburst Metal Mirror is an interesting and attractive piece of decor. The mirror’s metal frame has been expertly crafted in the shape of a starburst, making for a stunning decorative accent.

The mirror’s adaptability makes it useful in several settings, including the lounge, bedroom, and corridor. It’s perfect for elevating your interior design to the next level. Starburst Metal Mirror can be used alone or with other decor, such as paintings or candles.

The exciting thing is Starburst Metal Mirror is on sale from $80.00 to $52.00! Get your contemporary mirror on the Signature Homestyles website and make your antique feel at home.

Who Is Signature Homestyles For?

Signature Homestyles Customer

Signature Homestyles is a direct-sales company offering decorative accessories and storage solutions for the home. Anyone interested in enhancing their home’s aesthetics and functionality would benefit from their wares.

A wide range of products makes anyone interested in decorating their home or apartment more attractive and comfortable.

Their products come in various patterns and aesthetics, allowing you to pick pieces that complement your existing furnishings.

In sum, Signature Homestyles is for everyone who wishes to make their house more inviting and comfortable by using high-quality design and organization goods.

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Signature Homestyles Review: What Do Customers Think?

Signature Homestyles Boat Ties

Signature Homestyles got an overall 4.2 out of 5 ratings. It has been operating for many years, and customers say a lot about its stability and expertise. The products also have a unique, exclusive design and are presented attractively on the website’s collection page.

Their satisfied customer made some reviews on the Signature Homestyles product page.

“This lamp is gorgeous! Runs n batteries, has a timer option and is beautiful with or without an insert. Inserts are reasonable – I’m buying more!”

“I like that this pair compliment each other but aren’t exactly the same. The color is a pretty neutral with classic gloss finish.”

Signature Homestyles is a reputable company that provides high-quality products at competitive prices.

You can try to be a Signature Homestyles representative or purchase their products. Highly recommend doing careful research about the opportunity before making some decisions.

Based on the company’s track record and reputation, it may be a viable option for those looking to start their own business in the home décor industry or add to their existing income streams.

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Is Signature Homestyles Worth It?

Signature Homestyles Mug

Signature Homestyles’ benefit to you depends on your circumstances, needs, and wants. Signature Homestyles is a direct sales organization that allows anyone to become an entrepreneur by selling the company’s products as independent representatives.

If you have an eye for design, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love of making sales, Signature Homestyles may be a good fit for you. You can earn commissions on the things you sell while working from home on your own time.

The decision to become a Signature Homestyles representative may not be worthwhile, however, if you have no passion for home design or sales and are unprepared to put in the time and effort necessary to create and sustain a prosperous business.

Signature Homestyles Promotions & Discounts

Signature Homestyles Promotions and Disc

You can access their website and easily check the “Sale” page. There’s a lot of sale products.

However, they also do offer a variety of incentives and rewards to their independent representatives, such as:

  1. Commissions: Representatives earn a commission on the products they sell, which can vary based on the product and sales volume.
  2. Host rewards: Representatives can earn additional rewards by hosting home parties or online events and selling Signature Homestyles products to their guests. Their Host will earn $100 in Free Products and 5 Half-Price Items!
  3. Leadership bonuses: Representatives who build a team and achieve certain sales milestones can earn additional bonuses and incentives.
  4. Product discounts: Representatives can purchase Signature Homestyles products at a discounted rate for personal use or to sell to customers.
  5. Sales promotions: Signature Homestyles may occasionally offer sales or limited-time offers to customers, which representatives can promote.

It is important to note that the specific discounts and promotions available to Signature Homestyles representatives may vary based on their individual performance and sales volume.

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Where to Buy Signature Homestyles

Signature Homestyles Flower

Signature Homestyles products can be purchased through independent representatives, who can be found on the company’s website or through personal referrals.

To find a representative near you, you can visit the Signature Homestyles website and click on the “Find a Representative” link, which will allow you to search for representatives by zip code or city/state.

It is important to note that Signature Homestyles does not have physical retail stores or sell its products through traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. All sales are made through independent representatives or online.

How to Contact Signature Homestyles

Signature Homestyles logo

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Have a great idea for a new product?

Signature Homestyles is ready to value your feedback and wants to hear from you. To know how they can improve your shopping experience or to ask a specific question about your order, you can go through the contact information below or use our Contact Form.

1-(630) 762-1700 Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm CST

Fun Fact!

Signature Homestyles is a company that was originally founded in Canada in 1970 as a direct-selling business for women’s clothing. It wasn’t until 2001 that the company shifted its focus to home décor and changed its name to Signature Homestyles. Today, the company operates in the United States and Canada and offers a wide range of home décor and accessories..


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