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CocoBowlz Review 2023 – Your #1 Natural Bowl

About CocoBowlz

CocoBowlz review

Looking for a trendy and healthy way to enjoy your favorite meals and snacks? Look no further than CocoBowlz – the innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional serving bowls.

Made from real coconut shells, these bowls add a touch of natural beauty to your table and are sustainable and biodegradable.

But how do they hold up in terms of functionality and convenience? Let’s dive into a CocoBowlz review to find out!

Why You Should Trust Us

CocoBowlz Cristal

Our top priority is providing information that will help you confidently choose products. Like picking a movie for a Friday night, we know settling on just one product can be difficult.

This involves consulting with experts, seeking advice from industry specialists, analyzing consumer feedback, and examining products like true professionals.

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CocoBowlz Overview

CocoBowlz candle

Happiness Guaranteed!

Well-known as hand-crafted and eco-friendly, CocoBowlz will fully get your attention because of its greatest overload.

CocoBowlz produces eco-friendly items like bowls and plates made from recycled coconut shells. The company aims to offer biodegradable and reusable natural materials as sustainable replacements for disposable plastics.

Coconut bowls, spoons, forks, and cups are just some of the items that CocoBowlz sells. These items are handcrafted using coconut shells that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or washed out to sea.

Specifically, coconut bowls have replaced more conventional bowl materials like porcelain and glass. CocoBowlz’s bowls are coated with food-grade materials, so you can feel good about serving food and drinks.

CocoBowlz Products Review


Made from all-natural ingredients such as reclaimed coconut shells, coconut palm wood, and bamboo, CocoBowlz will support your journey and make you feel-good moments.

Coconut bowls, cutlery, straws, and cups, are designed to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable. The use of natural materials like coconut shells makes them biodegradable, and they are reusable as well.

CocoBowlz’s coconut bowls have received high praise for their natural texture, lightweight design, and ability to keep food warm. The bowls are coated with a food-grade varnish, making them easy to clean and safe for eating and drinking.

Coconut Bowl

CocoBowlz Original Bowl

CocoBowlz coconut shell bowls are eco-friendly since they’re made from 100% real coconuts whose shells would otherwise be considered “unusable” and thrown away.

Available in two styles of finish, you can choose the “Natural” one with a rough rustic looking outside with a smooth finished inner or the “Original” one with a smooth polished looking outside with a smooth finished inner.

As a most popular product, Coconut Bowl is a food-grade coating that makes it easy to clean and safe for eating and drinking. Of course, it can be used for various foods, from smoothie bowls to salads, etc.

Coconut Bowl is a well-received product with an eco-friendly and unique alternative to traditional tableware.

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Bamboo Cup

Bamboo Cup

Bamboo Cup is constructed from renewable bamboo and can be composted after use. This cup’s eco-friendliness, portability, and durability have won many fans.

Great for hot and cold beverages because of its insulation, which helps maintain the drink’s temperature for longer. The silicone sleeve and lid of the cup offer additional safety against burns and spillage.

You must be impressed with the Bamboo Cup for being both lightweight and well-balanced in hand. Some buyers have noted a faint bamboo aroma in their cups. However, this is widely regarded as an appealing quality that contributes to the cup’s genuine charm.

CocoBowlz Bamboo Cup is a popular product since it is environmentally responsible and fashionable. You will get an all-in-one sustainable, durable, reusable, and recyclable product.

Dark Coconut Palm Wood Spoon

Dark Coconut Palm Wood Spoon

These spoons made from coconut palm wood are organic and biodegradable, making them great for the environment. Spoons are custom handcrafted by artisans using salvaged coconut palm wood.

Coconut oil is used to clean and seal dishes and cutlery. Dark Coconut Palm Wood Spoon has a dark brown color and a smooth texture, making it a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. The spoon is comfortable and easy for various cooking and serving tasks.

The natural finish makes it easy to clean and is safe for all types of cookware. You will be impressed that Dark Coconut Palm Wood Spoon is resistant to staining and does not retain odors.

CocoBowlz Dark Coconut Palm Wood Spoon is a highly-regarded product that provides an eco-friendly and stylish alternative to traditional cooking and serving utensils.

Mini Bamboo Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range

Mini Bamboo Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range

The candles are made from natural and sustainable bamboo and coconut shells, which makes them biodegradable and reusable. Mini Bamboo Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range is built for the candles’ eco-friendliness and stylish and unique look.

Mini Bamboo Coconut Candles Fruit Infused Range is available in various fruity scents, such as mango, pineapple, and watermelon. It will provide a pleasant and subtle aroma without being overpowering.

Care & Safety Tips: Burn while reading, bathing, meditating, or wining and dining, but never leave your candles unattended; always ensure you blow them out before bed. 

The candles are also compact and portable, ideal for small spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms. Customers have appreciated that the candles burn cleanly and last long, despite their small size.

Candle Making Kit + Crystal String Fairy Lights Bundle

Candle Making Kit Crystal String Fairy Lights Bundle

Candle-making kit includes everything needed to make six eco-friendly candles: soy wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and coconut shells. Eco-friendliness kits also allow you to customize your candles.

Crystal String Fairy Lights provide a stylish and whimsical touch to any room; customers have noted that they add a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The lights are powered by a USB cord, making them easy to use and environmentally friendly.

You must be impressed because the bundle includes the candle-making kit and the fairy lights, making it a convenient and comprehensive purchase. The bundle also makes a great gift for those who appreciate eco-friendly and sustainable products.

However, never leave your candles alone, and always be sure to blow them out before going to bed.

Who Is CocoBowlz For?

CocoBowlz Spoon

CocoBowlz is created from the shells of coconuts.

These bowls are often marketed for environmentally concerned customers looking for alternatives to conventional bowls manufactured from plastic or other sustainable and biodegradable materials.

In addition, considering that coconut bowls are natural products, they are frequently marketed under the premise that they do not contain any potentially harmful substances or additives.

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CocoBowlz Review: What Do Customers Think?

CocoBowlz Bowl

With over 150+ reviews, CocoBowlz gets 5 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers.

Based on general customer feedback from various sources, many people appreciate these bowls’ eco-friendly and sustainable aspects. Customers have also mentioned that the unique texture and appearance of the coconut shell add a natural and rustic touch to their meals.

Some customers have noted that the bowls may have slight variations in size or shape due to their natural origins, but this is a minor issue.

“Quick delivery . Great items to make candles – however, instructions could be clearer … buyer needs to work out how much essential oil to add per weight of wax … I feel it should be more like a ‘recipe’ rather than the buyer having to do the maths . I’m really happy with everything else … postage, final product, coconut shells – all great 😊 will buy more 😊 ( pick up would be awesome tho,) 😊”

“I have just received my beautiful natural coconut bowls which are to DIE for!!! I am so in love with their textured exterior and each one is unique, plus they are the perfect size and are fantastic for portion control! I cant believe I have waited so long to purchase these!!! Thank You!!! X♡X”

Overall, many customers seem satisfied with their purchase of CocoBowlz and praise these bowls’ eco-friendly and natural qualities.

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Is CocoBowlz Worth It?

CocoBowlz cristall

CocoBowlz’s value to you depends on your unique priorities and tastes. If natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly items are important, then CocoBowlz could be a good fit for you. CocoBowlz may not be ideal if your main priorities are convenience and cost rather than the environmental impact of your dining products.

CocoBowlz, constructed of natural materials, may not be as robust or resistant to high temperatures as other bowls, so they may not be appropriate for some food or dish.

However, CocoBowlz could be a wonderful addition to your kitchen if you value using natural and distinctive cookware and are prepared to give it the attention it deserves. CocoBowlz’s value will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and preferences.

CocoBowlz Promotions & Discounts


Exciting Promotions Come Up Just For You!

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Free mini bamboo cup candle on all Coco Bowlz Kitchenware orders over $59.95 for a limited time. Add this product to your cart to receive your complimentary gift with purchase.

Up to 40% off bowls and bundles

Free shipping on orders over $85 AU / $99 NZ

For further information, check the CocoBowlz official website and enjoy your discount!

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Where to Buy CocoBowlz

CocoBowlz Forks

You can purchase CocoBowlz from online retailers such as the official CocoBowlz website, Amazon, Etsy, and many more. Some brick-and-mortar stores, such as health food, eco-friendly, and kitchenware, may also carry CocoBowlz.

To find a retailer near you, check the CocoBowlz website or search for local stores with eco-friendly or sustainable products online.

FAQ about CocoBowlz

How do I care for my CocoBowlz?

Wash your CocoBowlz by hand with soap and lukewarm water. Please do not use it in the dishwasher or leave it submerged in water for extended periods. To polish, use coconut oil to hydrate the bowl and return the original sheen.

What payment methods does CocoBowlz accept?

CocoBowlz payments accept Afterpay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and direct debit for wholesale orders.

Why do my CocoBowlz coconut shell bowls look different from each other?

Natural products will always vary in size, look and feel – just like the vegetables in your grocery shop! Some will be a little smaller, and some will be a little larger, but that’s good because it means your bowls are made from natural products, just the way they should be. Once harvested, the coconuts that made your bowls were split, hand cleaned, hand sanded, and hand polished, so no two CocoBowl coconut shell bowls will ever look identical.

How to Contact CocoBowlz

CocoBowlz Logo

If you have a question or comment? Use the form accessible on the CocoBowlz website or send a message or contact by mail at [email protected].

CocoBowlz Customer Care available time:
Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

Fun Fact!

Since they are made from natural coconut shells, each bowl is unique in its texture, color, and shape. This means that no two CocoBowlz are exactly alike, each with its distinct character and charm. The natural variations in the coconut shells used to make CocoBowlz can add a rustic and authentic touch to your dining experience and make each meal feel more special and unique. Additionally, since CocoBowlz is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, they are not unique but also environmentally friendly.


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