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GoAffPro Review – Turn Your Clicks into Cash Today!

Get to Know GoAffPro


GoAffPro is an affiliate marketing solution designed for e-commerce stores. GoAffPro includes advanced affiliates tracking from landing to conversion, referral link generators, site stripes for quick link sharing, and automatic payouts through PayPal. It offers customization options like a custom-branded affiliate portal, affiliate portals under your own domain, and quick sign-ups through Google and Facebook.

The platform provides meaningful analytics using machine learning and AI to optimize growth, offering a full range of graphs and metrics for both affiliates and administrators. It supports multi-level marketing with unlimited breadth and depth in commission distribution and network links for affiliates to recruit others. It offers a comprehensive set of features for both merchants and affiliates:

For Merchants:

  • Merchants can install the GoAffPro admin app on their e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.
  • They can set up commission rates for their affiliates.
  • The platform allows merchants to watch their revenue grow as affiliates refer customers to their store​​.

For Affiliates:

  • Affiliates can sign up on the GoAffPro platform, join affiliates programs of various stores, and receive links to promote products.
  • They earn commissions when customers make purchases through their referral links at the merchant’s store​​.

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Why You Should Trust Us


Based on various reviews and analyses, there are several reasons to consider trusting GoAffPro as an affiliate marketing solution:

  1. Popularity and User Feedback: GoAffPro is one of the most popular affiliate marketing apps on the Shopify app store, with a high overall rating of 4.8/5 stars from over 1,400 reviews. It has been adopted by more than 50,000 stores and nearly 3 million affiliates, generating substantial revenue. The presence of numerous YouTube tutorials on using the software further demonstrates its popularity and user community support​​.
  2. Pros and Features: Users praise GoAffPro for its flexibility in commission structures, excellent customer support, and comprehensive features for affiliates. It offers advanced affiliate tracking, referral link generation, a branded affiliates portal, meaningful analytics, a compensation plan builder, and automatic payouts​​​​.
  3. Ratings and Reviews: GoAffPro has received favorable ratings across various categories, including a 4.5/5 for features, ease of use, and integrations, and a 4.0/5 for reporting. The overall score stands at 4.5/5. Another review rates the software at 4.00/5, with a value rating of 4.3 and a customer support rating of 4.3. Its performance is rated at 4.4/5​​​​​​​​.
  4. Ease of Use and Integration: The software is recognized for its easy integration with major e-commerce platforms and an easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for those new to affiliate marketing. Users can track every aspect of their affiliate campaign, including product performance per affiliate​​.
  5. Pricing and Accessibility for Small Businesses: GoAffPro is seen as budget-friendly, especially for small businesses. It offers a free version for those just starting with affiliate marketing and affordable paid plans with more advanced features​​.
  6. Flexibility in Commission Structures: The software provides a high degree of flexibility in setting up affiliate marketing programs, offering different ways to manage commissions, group affiliates, and set targets and bonuses​​.

While GoAffPro is generally well-received, there are some limitations to consider:

  1. Some features are only available in the premium or enterprise versions.
  2. It may take time to learn how to utilize all its features.
  3. GoAffPro does not have a publisher network for directly sourcing new affiliates​​.

Overall, GoAffPro seems to be a trustworthy and effective solution for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses looking to implement or enhance their affiliate marketing programs.

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GoAffPro Overview


GoAffPro positions itself as a straightforward and efficient affiliate marketing software, designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. While the company behind GoAffPro maintains a low profile with minimal information available online, its impact in the realm of affiliate marketing is significant. The platform is dedicated to helping businesses create tailored affiliate programs, enhance brand visibility, boost sales, and drive revenue growth through effective affiliate marketing strategies.

Embarking on your GoAffPro journey is a seamless process:

  1. Sign Up: Begin by signing up for GoAffPro. The platform offers both a free trial and various paid plans, suitable for different business needs.
  2. Program Setup: GoAffPro guides you through a streamlined process to establish your affiliate program. Customize your program by setting commission structures, crafting bespoke landing pages, and integrating tracking mechanisms.
  3. Recruit Affiliates: After setting up your program, you can start recruiting affiliates. Leverage GoAffPro’s referral link generator to create distinct referral links for your affiliates, making tracking and management more efficient.
  4. Affiliate Management: The GoAffPro dashboard is your command center for overseeing affiliate activities. Here, you can manage your affiliates, evaluate their performance, and keep tabs on their engagement levels.
  5. Performance Tracking: GoAffPro equips you with sophisticated analytics and reporting tools, offering real-time insights into your program’s performance. From tracking clicks and conversions to analyzing revenue generation, GoAffPro ensures you have all the data you need at your fingertips.

In conclusion, GoAffPro emerges as a user-friendly yet powerful tool, promising to be a valuable asset for e-commerce businesses aiming to leverage affiliate marketing. This review aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of GoAffPro’s offerings, aiding in your decision-making process.

GoAffPro Key Features

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GoAffPro is a full-featured affiliate marketing tool that helps businesses easily set up, run, and improve their affiliate programs. It’s designed to assist companies in establishing, administering, and enhancing their affiliate marketing initiatives. Below are some of the notable capabilities that GoAffPro provides:

Affiliate TrackingCustomization
Advanced affiliate tracking from landing to conversionCustom Branded Affiliate Portal
Referral Link generator for affiliatesAffiliate Portal under your own domain
Site stripe to quickly share referral linksAffiliates never leave your website
Automatic payouts through PayPal PayoutsGoogle and Facebook login for quick signups

GoAffPro comes equipped with a suite of tools tailored for effective affiliate management. With this platform, you have the ability to easily approve or reject affiliate applications, ensuring you collaborate with the right partners. It also allows you to keep a close eye on affiliate engagement, helping you understand how active and effective your affiliates are. Managing affiliate payouts is also streamlined, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process.

Moreover, GoAffPro offers the flexibility to create custom commission structures. Whether you prefer percentage-based, fixed-amount, or tiered commissions, the platform caters to these needs. This adaptability is essential for tailoring your program to different types of affiliates and products. Beyond commissions, GoAffPro empowers you to build custom landing pages. These pages can be designed to align with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging, providing a seamless experience for your affiliates and their audiences.

AnalyticsMulti Level Marketing
Meaningful analytics for actionable insightsMulti Level chains with unlimited breadth and depth
Use of Machine Learning and AI to optimize growthLimit commission distribution to levels
Available for both affiliates and your admin dashboardNetwork links for affiliates to recruit others and build teams
Full range of graphs and metrics availableCompensation plan builder for advanced MLM plans

GoAffPro Pricing & Plan

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GoAffPro’s pricing is tiered to accommodate various business scales and preferences:

  1. Hobby Plan: Free of charge. This complimentary offering is tailored for smaller merchants or those just starting out with affiliate marketing, allowing them to access all the essential features without any cost. It supports unlimited affiliates, sales, and revenue, which is quite generous for a free tier. This plan also includes a basic affiliate portal, providing the necessary tools to kickstart an affiliate marketing campaign. This complimentary is perfect for merchants averaging less than 100 daily orders.
  2. Premium Plan: At $29 per month, this plan is designed for growing businesses experiencing more than 100 daily orders. It unlocks a fully branded affiliate portal, giving a more professional look to the affiliate interface. The inclusion of targets and bonuses enables merchants to incentivize their affiliates effectively. The plan also supports the creation of multiple groups and sign-up pages, catering to diverse affiliate types and strategies. Advanced features like multi-level marketing, membership fees, tax handling, and payout scheduling are also part of this tier, alongside support for server-to-server callbacks and integration with third-party services.
  3. Business Plan: Starting at $99 per month, this plan is best suited for larger businesses that depend heavily on affiliate marketing. It expands upon the Premium Plan with features like automations, which streamline affiliate management, and custom compensation plans to tailor unique deals for top-performing affiliates. Level compression for MLM allows for more control over multi-tiered affiliate structures. Additionally, vanity subdomain links and fraud management tools are included to enhance the professionalism and security of affiliate marketing campaigns.

Each pricing tier is crafted to provide value for businesses at different stages of growth, from those taking their first steps in affiliate marketing to those for whom affiliates are a key component of their marketing strategy. The clear progression between plans ensures that businesses can scale their affiliate program in alignment with their growth and budget.

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Who is GoAffPro For?


GoAffPro is tailored for e-commerce store owners who want to harness the power of affiliate marketing to drive sales and grow their brand. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who wish to implement or expand an affiliate network without significant upfront investment in software or marketing resources. The platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive features make it accessible even to those new to affiliate marketing.

The service also caters to marketing managers in charge of running and optimizing affiliate programs. With advanced tracking, analytics, and customization options, GoAffPro provides the tools needed to manage complex campaigns and analyze the performance of individual affiliates effectively.

Lastly, GoAffPro is a fit for influencers or content creators looking to monetize their platforms by partnering with e-commerce stores. The easy-to-use affiliate portal allows for quick sign-up and management of promotional materials, making it simple for affiliates to start earning commissions on the products they endorse.

GoAffPro Review: What Do Customers Think?

Customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction with GoAffPro, as reflected in the reviews on the Shopify App Store. The platform has an impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, with 91% of the ratings being 5 stars, indicating that the majority of users have had a positive experience with the app.

Customers frequently praise GoAffPro for its simplicity and customization. It’s described as an approachable and feature-rich platform, perfect for both launching and managing an affiliate marketing program. The high marks it receives for customer service are significant; users report that whenever they need help, the GoAffPro support team is prompt and knowledgeable, ready to assist with any inquiries. This support, combined with the platform’s intuitive design, makes it an attractive choice for users who want a seamless and supportive experience.

Individual testimonials further emphasize the platform’s responsiveness to custom feature requests and its overall reliability. Users seem to appreciate the stability of the service over time, underscoring its effectiveness in tracking sales and automating affiliate payments, along with providing valuable data insights. The free version of GoAffPro also garners positive feedback, with users noting the robustness of the features available without charge and the speed and clarity of support when needed. This demonstrates GoAffPro’s commitment to providing quality service across its different subscription levels.

Is GoAffPro Worth It?

Determining the worth of GoAffPro hinges on the specific needs and goals of an e-commerce business when it comes to affiliate marketing. The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools caters to various aspects of running an affiliate program, from tracking and payments to detailed analytics and customization. This makes it a potentially valuable asset for businesses aiming to leverage the power of referrals and expand their online presence.

GoAffPro’s emphasis on ease of use and efficiency in managing affiliate relationships can be a significant advantage for time-constrained business owners. By streamlining the affiliate management process, GoAffPro allows businesses to focus on other critical areas, like product development and customer service. The automation of key affiliate program functions is designed to save time and reduce errors, potentially making the platform a cost-effective solution.

With features that accommodate a scaling strategy, such as multi-level marketing and various integrations, GoAffPro is structured to grow alongside your business. This adaptability, coupled with its aim to enhance affiliate performance through targeted strategies and incentives, suggests that GoAffPro could be a worthwhile investment for businesses focused on long-term growth and robust affiliate network development.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that GoAffPro, a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution for e-commerce, is empowering over 50,000 stores worldwide? These stores have recruited more than 2.8 million affiliates who collectively generated over $250 million in sales! This impressive feat showcases the power of effective affiliate marketing strategies and the potential of platforms like GoAffPro to transform e-commerce sales.


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