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2023 Aftership Review: The Future of Secure Package Delivery

Are you tired of constantly checking tracking numbers and delivery updates for your online orders? Look no further than Aftership, the ultimate package tracking solution.

With Aftership, you can easily track all your shipments from various carriers in one centralized location, saving you time and hassle. But is Aftership the right choice for you? Read on for our in-depth Aftership review and discover how this powerful tracking tool can streamline your online shopping experience.

Aftership not only simplifies the process of tracking packages but also offers real-time updates and notifications, ensuring you’re always informed about the status of your deliveries.

Whether you’re a frequent online shopper or manage a small business with regular shipping needs, Aftership promises to make the tracking process more efficient and less stressful. This review will delve into its features, user interface, and overall effectiveness to help you determine if Aftership fits your package tracking needs.

Aftership Overview


Aftership is a shipment tracking program that allows you to follow shipments from many carriers in one location. Founded in 2011, it has quickly become a popular service for online shoppers and businesses. Over 700 carriers are supported by the program, including top brands such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and others.

You can get real-time tracking updates on your shipments using Aftership, including delivery status, projected delivery dates, and any potential delays or exceptions. You can also receive an email, SMS, or smartphone push notification.

Aftership review

Aftership includes several tools that can help you optimize your package tracking processes, such as tracking goods in bulk, building branded tracking pages for your customers, and integrating with your e-commerce platform or marketplace.

Trusted by 17K+ retails and counting like Etsy, Rakuten, Watsons, eBay, and many more, Aftership provides analytics and reporting capabilities, which allow you to examine shipment statistics and discover areas for improvement.

Aftership Key Features

Aftership Email

Aftership offers automation tools to help businesses with sales, marketing, order management, and shipment tracking. Connects the global infrastructure of e-commerce making buying and selling accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Below you can find some of Aftership‘s Post-Purchase and Marketing features.

Multi-Carrier Tracking

Aftership Multi carier tracking

Multi-carrier tracking is a key feature of Aftership; you can input the tracking number into it and get real-time updates on the status of all your packages. It’s one of the reasons why it’s such a popular package-tracking solution.

This feature allows you to track your shipments from various carriers in one centralized location, so you can track packages from different carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and more, all in one place. This is especially useful for online shoppers who frequently order from retailers using different carriers.

With seamless integrations, 1082 carriers, 70 platforms, and can track API and webhook, Multi-carrier tracking delivers a branded experience with engaged interaction to increase customer loyalty. It makes tracking your shipments from various carriers easier, no matter where you are.

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Estimated Delivery Prediction

Aftership EDD

EDD software generates a prognosis for each cargo based on historical shipping data, carrier performance measures, and other criteria. As new information becomes available, such as changes in the delivery route or unforeseen delays, the prediction is updated in real-time.

You may get a more exact estimate of when your package will arrive using the EDD program, which is especially useful if you’re tracking many shipments or need to plan around a specific delivery date.

You can also connect with your consumers using the projected delivery date, which can help improve their purchasing experience and raise customer happiness.

Aftership‘s Estimated Delivery Prediction program is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to track shipments and keep track of delivery schedules. Aftership can produce accurate and dependable delivery forecasts using advanced machine learning algorithms, even when unforeseen delays or exceptions occur.

Shipping Protection Integration

Aftership Protection

Shipping insurance is not an unfamiliar concept, with the number of lost, stolen, and damaged parcels rising. Unfortunately, when it comes to filing claims, it usually results in arguments, lengthy processing, and interminable wait times.

AfterShip Protection, powered by InsureShield®, provides better coverage, faster resolution, and more flexible process management. Offer the add-on to clients when they buy from your store, and you can save your company money while giving your customers peace of mind.

Shipment Tracking Integrations

Aftership Tracking

AfterShip‘s integration with over 700 carriers means that you can provide real-time tracking updates to customers, no matter which carrier is used to ship their package. It also allows you to customize the tracking experience by adding your branding and messages to tracking pages and notifications.

It can provide detailed analytics on tracking page visits and customer engagement, allowing you to optimize your tracking experience. But, the free plan is limited to 50 shipments per month, which may not be sufficient for businesses with higher shipping volumes.

AfterShip has integrations with many popular e-commerce platforms, but it may not integrate with all platforms or require custom development for integration.

Well-known as a solid shipment tracking integration with a comprehensive carrier network and customization options. However, its limited free plan and carrier support may not suit all businesses.

e-Commerce Personalization

Aftership eCommerce

AI-powered product suggestion engine that provides personalized shopping experiences increases AOV and conversion and accelerates business growth.

To curate shopping experiences, cookieless personalization is applied. With powerful machine learning and end-to-end customization, you may provide privacy-conscious product suggestions. You can now provide thoughtful and customized buying experiences across the consumer journey, boosting business performance.

 Aftership Pricing

Aftership Pricing

Aftership offers several pricing plans for businesses of different sizes and needs. Here’s an overview of the available plans:

  1. Free Plan: This plan is suitable for individuals and small businesses who need to track up to 50 shipments per month. The plan includes tracking for over 700 carriers, delivery status updates, and email notifications.
  2. Essential Plan: This plan starts at $9 monthly and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It includes tracking for up to 100 shipments per month, delivery status updates, and email and SMS notifications.
  3. Pro Plan: This plan starts at $99 per month and is suitable for larger businesses with high shipping volumes. It includes tracking for up to 10,000 shipments per month, delivery status updates, email and SMS notifications, and access to analytics and reporting tools.
  4. Custom Plan: Aftership also offers custom pricing for businesses with specific needs or high shipping volumes. This plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan, plus additional customization options and dedicated support.

Offer you a range of pricing options tailored to the needs of businesses of different sizes and shipping volumes.

A free plan is a great option for individuals and small businesses, while the Pro and Custom plans are more suitable for larger businesses with higher shipping volumes and more complex needs.

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Aftership Pros & Cons

Aftership Pros and Cons

With an overall score of 4.8 out of 5, Aftership is a great software for integration and tracking. We’ll also break down the pros and cons of using Aftership features backed by some research from customer experiences.



✅Had comprehensive features

✅Multi-carrier shipping

✅Integration with other platforms

aftership package


❌Overprice for larger businesses

❌Limited customization options

❌Limited carrier coverage

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Aftership Review

Aftership Quick Verdict

Aftership is a popular shipping software enabling quick integration with many well-supported carriers. Aftership makes order management, monitoring, and tracking a lot easier.

Both small and large companies have encountered numerous challenges when using Aftership, making it suited for medium-sized businesses. For larger companies, these issues include inadequate automation in procedures like NDR and Returns management, which again places the weight of labor on you.

Aftership needs to concentrate on various areas of the post-purchase customer experience properly. Delays in tracking and system flaws are extremely significant for large and small businesses.

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Aftership Support

Aftership Customer Care

Aftership includes a comprehensive support center with various materials to assist customers in making the most of the platform. The support center provides the following services:

  1. Knowledge Base: includes articles and tutorials on several topics, such as getting started, tracking shipments, and personalizing tracking pages.
  2. Community Forum: allows users to communicate with one another and discuss tips, ideas, and best practices.
  3. Video Tutorials: video tutorials walk you through each step of utilizing the platform, making it simple to understand how to use its numerous features.
  4. Help Center: Aftership‘s help center provides several tools, including commonly asked questions, troubleshooting instructions, and customer support contact information.
  5. Contact Support: All customers can contact Aftership via email. Paid plans additionally include dedicated help as well as phone support.

Overall, Aftership‘s support center offers a wide range of tools to help users learn how to utilize the platform and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

The knowledge base and community forum are handy for seeking answers to frequently asked questions and gaining guidance from other users.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that the name “AfterShip” was inspired by the saying “after the ship has sailed”? The founders of AfterShip wanted to create a tool that would help e-commerce businesses track their shipments and packages even after they had left the warehouse, hence the name AfterShip!


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