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Wet Brush Review 2023: What Makes a Detangler So Special?

About Wet Brush

Wet Brush Official Site

Wet Brush Review – Wet Brush, which debuted in 2005, has caused waves in the hair care sector. The company’s success can be traced back to the release of the Original Detangler, a product that revolutionized the way people of all ages and hair types dealt with tangles. This approach to resolving issues has inspired a line of cutting-edge hair care products.

Wet Brush has garnered a devoted following throughout the world among both beauty experts and regular people. Their brushes are a hit with customers because of their high quality, unique designs, and limited edition runs. With a mission to transform the way people interact with their hair, Wet Brush has established itself as a market leader by developing innovative products to address common hair care issues.

The-Four’s Wet Brush Core Values

Wet Brush Review Tranquil Beauty Kit

When it comes to hair care, the Wet Brush is a well-known brand that ushers in a new era. Their goal is to make our lives better by providing us with innovative and useful items that improve our hair in meaningful ways. Wet Brush sells a variety of brushes that are both innovative and practical; they’re made to detangle hair quickly and easily, whether it’s wet or dry, to reduce breakage and encourage healthier hair. So, with the mission speak it self, the brand stand for four core values.

  1. Ease – Take the hassle and complexity out of your regular hair care by using these simple, practical, and pleasurable necessities.
  2. Transformation – Products that go above and beyond the norm will completely change and improve your hair care routine. Feel the difference and discover the possibilities of your hair.
  3. Out of The Box – Experience a revolution in hair care with their industry-first products. Discover the perfect blend of innovative technology, sustainable materials, and out-of-the-box thinking.
  4. Community – You’ll find something at Wet Brush that’s perfect for you no matter your age, gender, or ethnic background. Their community welcomes and celebrates people from all walks of life, whether they are professional stylists, casual fans, or regular customers.

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Wet Brush Overview

Wet Brush Review for Curly Hair

Wet Brushes are crucial for hair care. Holding this wonderful brush, you can immediately sense its exceptional design and quality. Let’s explore the Wet Brush’s hair care revolution.

The Wet Brush was created to detangle wet hair easily. The Wet Brush has IntelliFlex bristles to avoid uncomfortable pulling, straining, and breakage. The IntelliFlex bristles softly detangle knots and snarls in moist hair, minimizing damage and hair breaking. Detangling will be painless and leave your hair healthier and more manageable.

The Wet Brush is multifunctional. This brush suits straight, curly, thick, and fine hair. It detangles and styles damp or dry hair easily. The Wet Brush is also ideal for adults and children, making family hair care enjoyable. Wet Brushes reduce hair loss. Flexible bristles massage the scalp and increase blood circulation. Stimulation improves hair growth and reduces hair loss from pulling and brushing.

The Wet Brush is stylish and useful. Choose a brush that matches your style, from vivid patterns to elegant monochrome alternatives. The ergonomic handle makes brushing hair easy.

Wet Brush Products Review

Wet Brush Review for Go Green Detangling Hair Brush

See how your favorite Wet Brush has evolved into something new. You may now purchase some of their best-selling products that are at least partially derived from plant-based plastic. With Wet Brush Go Green®, you can get the hairstyle you want with less discomfort, effort, and breakage, plus you can help cut down on the use of virgin plastic. You can do your part for the environment and your hair by switching to Wet Brush Go Green®.

Wet Brush Harry Potter Original Detangler

Wet Brush Review Harry Potter Original Detangler

Wet Brush’s special Harry Potter collection will transform your hair routine! The fan-favorite Original Detangler® magically removes tangles while reducing pain, effort, and damage. Choose your Hogwarts house or gather all four gorgeous designs to display your wizarding pride! This amazing brush prevents split ends, breakage, and pain for all hair types. It’s soft enough for damp and dry hair, ensuring hair satisfaction.

That made their customer happy: “Nice brush, works really well for untangling my thick, curly hair. It’s fairly lightweight as well. Love the Slytherin design, seems like it will hold up.”

Features & Benefits:

  1. Exclusive ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles flow through all hair types’ knots.
  2. Reduces discomfort and prevents split ends and breakage* 
  3. Allows you to brush with less power to detangle hair**

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Wet Brush Go Green Curl Detangler

Wet Brush Review Go Green Curl Detangler

Imagine holding the amazing Wet Brush® Go GreenTM Curl Detangler for your stunning curly hair. Its shape and finger-like prongs adjust to your curl type to avoid straining and pulling. This ultra-soft IntelliFlex® brush softly loosens knots in wet or dry hair with 45% less damage and 55% less effort. This brush’s plant-based plastic makes it as distinctive as your curls.

That made their customer happy: “I adore this brush! It is so gentle on my hair and I notice such a decrease in hair loss using it. Any sort of brush I have used before caused frizz but not this brush. It is just an excellent product. Get you one too!”

Features & Benefits:

  1. Ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles effortlessly detangle all hair types.
  2. IntelliFlex® bristles allow you to disentangle with less force and less hair damage**
  3. Prevents splitting and fracture
  4. Fingers and bristles adapt to curl-type hair textures for maximum detangling flexibility.
  5. Plant-based plastic brush. Manufacturing tolerance allows % variation.

Wet Brush Luxe Marble Styling Kit

Wet Brush Review Luxe Marble Styling Kit

The Luxe Styling Marble Kit offers everything you need to style hair with less harm and more style. Wet Brush® Original Detangler® IntelliFlex® bristles reduce breakage by 45% and effort by 55%. Detangle on the go with the Mini Detangler. The vented Speed Dry® brush speeds drying. Remember the kit’s game-changing Coil Scrunchie. The inner-coil technology and soft IntelliScrunchTM material avoid pulling and snagging.

That made their customer happy: “We had one and it worked so well that we decided to get more. It makes it easier to gently get the tangles out of my girls’ hair and they love the bright colors.”

Features & Benefits:

  1. Original Detangler, Mini Detangler, Speed Dry Brush, and 3 fashion accessories
  2. Ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles effortlessly detangle all hair types.
  3. Reduces discomfort, split ends, and breakage*
  4. Brush gently to untangle hair without injury.
  5. Speed Dry’s HeatFlex(R) bristles are hair dryer-friendly.

Wet Brush Smooth & Shine Round Brush

Wet Brush Review Smooth Shine Round Brush

If you have fine to medium hair, the BreakFreeTM Smooth & Shine Round Brush is the quickest way to get a smooth, lustrous blowout with no effort, discomfort, or breakage. Feel the bristles’ distinctive spiral and helix pattern, which is positioned to create the ideal amount of tension without tangling. The exclusive VitaBoost® complex injected into the barrel of the brush will also help you achieve better styling results.

That made their customer happy: “The brush is great for fine hair that tangles. It is very gentle on the hair and I don’t lose as much hair when I brush it. Recommend this product.”

Features & Benefits:

  1. Exclusive HeatFlex® bristles bend and flex to effortlessly detangle and eliminate knots with less pain and breakage while styling.
  2. Barrel with VitaBoost®
  3. Negative ions from ceramic barrels create lustrous, frizz-free styles.

Wet Brush Colorwash Speed Dry Brush – Limited Edition

Wet Brush Review Colorwash Speed Dry Brush

The revolutionary Wet Brush® Speed Dry® Brush can save you time and prevent damage to your hair while you style. Because of its perforated design, air can easily flow through the brush as you dry your hair, speeding up the process while protecting your hair from excessive heat. HeatFlex® bristles bend as you style, shielding your hair from snagging and preventing breakage.

That made their customer happy: “I love my new Wet Brush. I have another one that a friend bought for me (no tangle) and love it so decided to give this one a try. The “opening” really does allow my hair to dry faster and it’s very sturdy.”

Features & Benefits:

  1. The ventilated construction helps dry things off quickly and efficiently.
  2. Blow drying is made easier with HeatFlex® heat-resistant bristles that gently detangle.
  3. The curved form of the brush is gentler on the scalp.

Who Is Wet Brush For?

Wet Brush Review Go Green Styling Kit

The Wet Brush is for everyone who wants to change their hair care regimen and get amazing results without damaging their hair. This revolutionary brush works on all kinds of hair and textures, from long, thick locks to short, delicate strands. The Wet Brush is the solution to long hair drying times and heat damage.

Are you always fighting knotted hair that causes painful pulling and breakage? Wet Brush saves you. HeatFlex® bristles easily glide through hair without damaging or snagging. Enjoy knot-free, easy-to-manage hair.

For efficiency and convenience, the Wet Brush is your new best buddy. Its vented design reduces drying time and heat exposure. No more excessive blow-drying or heated equipment.

The Wet Brush is ideal for busy professionals, students, and anybody who wants to streamline their hair care regimen. The Wet Brush will transform your styling process, protect your hair, and maximize its potential. Feel the difference and never look back.

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Wet Brush Review: What Do Customers Think?

Wet Brush Review Love at First Brush

The Wet Brush has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers worldwide, solidifying its reputation as a must-have hair care tool. Customers are consistently impressed with the brush’s remarkable performance and the positive impact it has on their hair.

One of the key features that customers applaud is the Wet Brush’s ability to effortlessly tackle tangles and knots. Users express relief at the gentle brushing sensation the brush’s HeatFlex® bristles provide.

With its durable construction and consistent performance, the Wet Brush has become an essential tool in many people’s hair care routines, contributing to healthier, smoother, and more manageable hair.

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Is Wet Brush Worth It?

Wet Brush Review Shower Detangler

Finally, pleased customers worldwide agree: the Wet Brush is worth it. Its exceptional ability to effectively untangle hair, shorten drying time, and suit varied hair types has made it an important hair care product for many. Wet Brushes improve hair health and attractiveness. It shows the brand’s dedication to high-quality items that improve consumers’ lives. The Wet Brush is a favorite for tangle-free, fast-drying, and damage-free hair.

Wet Brush Promotions & Discounts

Wet Brush Review Mandalorian Original Detangler

Wet Brush has a variety of sales and deals that give customers exciting ways to save money and get special rewards. Here is some information about the discounts and special offers that can be found on the official website:

Love at First Brush™ – Join the club and become a member to earn points and enjoy exclusive rewards with every purchase. There are various ways to earn points:

  • Create an account & Email Sign Up – Earn 25 points.
  • Make a purchase – Earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • Birthday reward – Earn 100 points as a birthday reward.
  • Follow Wet Brush on Instagram – Earn 15 points.
  • Follow Wet Brush on TikTok – Earn 20 points.
  • Share on Facebook – Earn 10 points.
  • Leave a Review – Earn 35 points.
  • Add a photo in a review – Earn 50 points.

It’s easy to use your points as well and you can do it when you check out. Here’s how the point system works:

  • 100 points equal $5.00.
  • $5 can be redeemed with 100 points.
  • $10 can be redeemed with 200 points.
  • $20 can be redeemed with 400 points.
  • $40 can be redeemed with 800 points.

Refer a Friend: Wet Brush also has a scheme called “Refer a Friend.” You can give your friends a 20% discount on their first order of $40 or more, and you will also get a 20% discount for each good referral.

Customers can save money and receive awards and special perks with these promotions and discounts. By joining the Love at First BrushTM club and introducing friends, customers may maximize their buying experience and enjoy Wet Brush’s quality and creativity.

The information supplied is based on the official website, so it’s best to check the website or contact customer care for the latest deals and discounts.

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FAQ about Wet Brush

Are wet brushes able to handle the heat?

The heat-resistant heat flex bristles on the Wet Brush speed dry detangle heat flex bristles hair brush, travel pink, gently detangle your hair while you blow dry it.

Is it good to style with a wet brush?

The wet brush is great for brushing through style products because it helps curls stick together and makes hair less stringy. Our bleached curlies love how wet brushes can really help reduce “wet frizz” by pushing the water and product into the hair and making a great smooth finish.

Can I use a wet brush in the shower?

PSA: You can use it to brush your hair while you’re drying it in the shower, saving you time getting ready after you rinse. It works just as well on dry hair, too.

Fun Fact!

The Wet Brush was created to untangle children’s hair. His daughter’s tangled hair served as inspiration for Jeffrey Davidson to create a painless brush. He had no idea his invention would revolutionize hair detangling for all ages. The Wet Brush became a trusted brand for hair care enthusiasts once it became popular among adults. When you use your Wet Brush, recall its humble beginnings as a child-friendly solution that changed everything.


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