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Superdry Review: A Fashionable Brand or Just Another Trend?

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About Superdry

Looking for a British clothing line that fits your style? Superdry might just be the brand you’ve been searching for. In this Superdry review, we’ll dive deep into the brand, their best-selling products, buyer testimonials, and policies. Plus, we’ll provide you with a Superdry promo code to maximize your purchases on their website. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Superdry review

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Superdry Overview

Organic Cotton Studios Linen Button Down Shirt

Superdry is a British clothing brand that offers a wide range of clothing options for men and women. The brand is known for its fusion of vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics, resulting in unique and stylish designs. Superdry clothing includes jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans, dresses, and accessories.

The brand’s clothing is made from high-quality materials, focusing on attention to detail and craftsmanship. Many of their items feature intricate graphics, embroidery, and unique prints, making them stand out from other brands. Superdry also offers a range of sustainable clothing options, including organic cotton and recycled materials.

One of the key features of Superdry clothing is its functionality. Many of their items are designed with practicality, featuring multiple pockets, adjustable straps, and weather-resistant materials. This makes their clothing ideal for outdoor activities or travel.

Superdry has a global presence, with stores in over 60 countries. They also have an online store, making it easy for customers to shop anywhere. Superdry clothing offers a unique blend of vintage and contemporary styles, high-quality materials, and practicality, making it a popular choice for stylish and functional clothing.


  • Unique and iconic clothing design
  • Bringing the fusion of vintage Americana and Japanese style
  • Wide range of selections for both women and men
  • Available in both online and offline stores all over the world
  • Available a New Season 20% Off discount
  • Helpful and informative customer support

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Superdry Products Review

Superdry has amassed a vast global following, and it’s no surprise that they offer several best-selling products. In this section, we’ll showcase some of their most popular items, giving you an inside look at what’s trending and becoming a crowd favorite.

Ripstop Longline Puffer Jacket

Ripstop Longline Puffer Jacket

The Ripstop Longline Puffer jacket by Superdry is the ultimate combination of design and functionality. This jacket boasts a classic style that perfectly balances warmth and comfort. With its longline and padded design, this jacket takes your coziness and warmth to a new level, making it the perfect choice for colder months.

The football grid patterned fabric adds a subtle touch of style to the jacket’s design, elevating its overall appeal. The detachable drawstring hood and the two-way zip, hoop & loop fastening with a storm flap ensure complete protection against the cold and wind.

The jacket features two zip-fastened front pockets, elasticated cuffs, a bungee cord hem, and an internal mesh pocket, providing ample storage space. The iconic Superdry logo patch adds a touch of brand recognition to this already stylish piece.

In addition to its stylish design, the Ripstop Longline Puffer jacket is also eco-friendly. The padding in this jacket uses up to 100% recycled materials, with each jacket containing between 5 and 48 recycled bottles, depending on the weight and amount of fill used. This feature helps to reduce waste sent to landfills and prevent ocean pollution, making it a socially responsible choice.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Product is wonderful! Best coat I’ve ever bought, keeps me warm but not too warm, and dry too. I’m also quite tall but it still comes just above my ankle. Highly recommend!”

Alana Cami Dress

Alana Cami Dress

For those searching for a cute holiday day dress, the Alana Cami Dress by Superdry may be just what you need. With its cami design, spaghetti straps, side pockets, lace inserts, lace trim, and signature logo badge, this dress uniquely blends style and functionality.

The dress features a button fastening, allowing for easy and hassle-free wear. The lace inserts add a touch of elegance to the dress, while the spaghetti straps provide a comfortable and breathable fit. The side pockets are a practical addition, allowing storing small items such as keys or a phone.

The lace trim adds a beautiful finishing touch to the dress, while the signature logo badge adds a subtle touch of brand recognition. Overall, the Alana Cami Dress is a stylish and versatile option for those seeking a chic and comfortable outfit for holiday events.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Absolutely gorgeous!! Every little fine detail is exquisite! The compliments keep running in with this one!”

Slim Taper Dungarees

Slim Taper Dungarees

For those looking for a refreshing take on vintage fashion, the dungarees by Superdry may be just what they need. With their rustic charm and unique style, these dungarees offer a reliable and comfortable choice for any adventure.

The slim fit design is tailored to fit closer to the body, giving a more polished and refined look. The dungaree clips add classic style to the overall design, while the five and coin pockets provide ample storage space for personal belongings. The adjustable straps and side button fastenings ensure a comfortable and secure fit, making them ideal for extended wear.

The belt loops add a touch of versatility to the dungarees, allowing for the addition of a belt for a more custom fit. The signature logo tab and patch add a touch of brand recognition to the design, making them a stylish and on-trend choice.

Overall, the dungarees by Superdry are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a unique and comfortable addition to their wardrobe. Their adjustable features and many pockets make them a reliable choice for any day out. The slim-fit design and classic dungaree clips add vintage style, making them a refreshing take on a classic denim look. Trust these dungarees to serve you well on any adventure.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Great style of dungarees, good quality fabric and a nice colour. I noticed other people had mentioned it fits small so I ordered a size up. I would agree it would be a small fit especially if anyone is a little curvy but knowing this I’m happy with my purchase.”

Organic Cotton Slim Jeans

Organic Cotton Slim Jeans

The Superdry slim jeans are a must-have for those looking to add a touch of vintage denim with a rock-and-roll vibe to their wardrobe. The combination of durable denim, once used as western workwear, with distressed detailing creates a unique boho style that will make a statement.

The slim fit design of these jeans offers a sleek and stylish silhouette while providing enough room to move easily. The button fastening with zip fly ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the belt hoops add versatility to the design, allowing for a custom fit.

The classic five-pocket design and branded hardware add a traditional denim touch, while the vintage Superdry patch adds a touch of brand recognition. The distressed detailing adds a unique and trendy touch, making them a great choice for fashion-conscious individuals.

Overall, the Superdry slim jeans perfectly combine style and durability. The vintage denim with distressed detailing gives them a unique and trendy vibe, while the slim-fit design offers a sleek silhouette that’s easy to wear. These jeans are a timeless addition to any wardrobe with their classic five-pocket design, branded hardware, and vintage Superdry patch.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Great quality and fit. I’ll be back!”

Vintage Logo Neon Hoodie

Vintage Logo Neon Hoodie

The Superdry Vintage Logo Neon Hoodie is perfect for those seeking a comfortable and reliable layering option while showing off their Superdry spirit. With its relaxed fit design, this hoodie offers both style and comfort, making it ideal for those who prefer an easy-to-wear style.

The drawcord-adjustable hood provides added protection from the elements, making it perfect for outdoor activities. The long sleeves and ribbed trims ensure a comfortable and snug fit, while the front pouch pocket adds practicality for storage.

The printed Superdry graphic featuring a retro neon design adds an authentic touch to the overall look of the hoodie. The brushed lining offers a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, making it perfect for everyday wear.

The signature Superdry patch adds brand recognition, making it a must-have for any Superdry fan. Overall, the Superdry Vintage Logo Neon Hoodie is a classic piece that combines style and comfort perfectly. Its relaxed fit design, adjustable hood, and practical front pouch pocket make it a reliable choice for everyday wear. Trust this hoodie to add a pop of color and a touch of Superdry style to your wardrobe.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Great hoodie treat yourself and me too!”

Who Is Superdry For?

Trekker Jacket

Superdry offers a range of clothing and accessories suitable for both men and women. Their clothing is generally aimed at individuals who appreciate stylish, comfortable and quality clothing with a unique vintage touch. The brand is particularly popular among those with an interest in fashion and streetwear, and those who enjoy incorporating vintage and retro styles into their wardrobe. Superdry clothing is suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual wear to outdoor activities.

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Superdry Review: What Do Customers Think?

Workwear Mini Skirt

As a Superdry review, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of customer feedback towards the brand. We have sourced ratings and reviews from various sources, including the Superdry website and other third-party sources. Analyzing this feedback can give you a broader picture of how customers feel about Superdry’s products, services, and overall brand reputation.

  • Ripstop Longline Puffer Jacket, 4.5 out of 5 stars, 304 reviews
  • Alana Cami Dress, 4.6 out of 5 stars, 9 reviews
  • Slim Taper Dungarees, 3.9 out of 5 stars, 19 reviews
  • Organic Cotton Slim Jeans, 5 out of 5 stars, 5 reviews
  • Vintage Logo Neon Hoodie, 5 out of 5 stars, 1 review

We can say that mostly, the customers are satisfied with Superdry products found on their website. Meanwhile, on the Superdry page on Amazon, we find that customers praised the quality of the Superdry jacket, which did a great job keeping the winds at bay.

“This is a really nice jacket, the quality and feel is outstanding. Been using it in the rain from light to heavy rains and kept me warm and dry. It also does and great job from keeping the winds at bay. Lot of compliments on the looks.”

Online reviews of Superdry products are generally positive, with many customers noting the brand’s commitment to quality and unique style. Many customers also appreciate the wide range of clothing options, including jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans. However, some customers have noted issues with sizing and fit, with some stating that Superdry clothing can run small compared to other brands.

Overall, Superdry has a loyal customer base who appreciate the brand’s unique style and commitment to quality. While there have been some concerns about sizing and fit, most customers are satisfied with their purchases and would recommend Superdry to others.

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Is Superdry Worth It?

Vintage Logo Triangle Bikini Top

Superdry is a well-established brand known for its unique vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. The brand offers a wide range of products designed with attention to detail and high-quality materials, making them durable and functional for various occasions.

Many customers appreciate the unique style and quality of Superdry products, making them worth the investment for those who prioritize both style and functionality in their clothing choices. Additionally, the brand has a strong commitment to sustainability, using recycled materials in many of their products, which can be an important factor for environmentally conscious people.

However, like any brand, Superdry’s products may not be worth it for everyone. Some customers have reported issues with sizing and fit, and the price point may be considered high for some. Ultimately, whether Superdry is worth it will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

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Superdry Promotions & Discounts

Vintage Field Parka

Superdry is currently running a New Season promotional discount, offering customers up to 20% off their products. This is a great opportunity for those who have been eyeing Superdry’s unique and stylish clothing and accessories to make a purchase at a discounted price. To take advantage of this promotion, customers can visit the Superdry website and explore the wide range of products on offer. With the discount, customers can purchase the items they love while also enjoying the savings that come with the promotion. Don’t miss out on this chance to snag some quality Superdry products at a great price!

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Where to Buy Superdry

Jersey Racer Dress

Superdry products can be purchased from various retailers, including physical stores and online marketplaces.

Physical stores: Superdry operates its retail stores in various locations worldwide, including the UK, US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The brand is also in department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom in the US and Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Online: Superdry’s products can also be purchased directly from the brand’s website, which offers worldwide shipping. Other online retailers that carry Superdry products include Amazon, Zalando, and ASOS.

In addition, Superdry products are also available at various authorized resellers and independent boutiques around the world.

FAQ about Superdry

Why is Superdry so famous?

Superdry is a globally recognized clothing company that originated in the United Kingdom in 1985. The brand is known for offering casual clothing inspired by classic American styles and Japanese graphic design fused together uniquely and distinctly Britishly. Superdry’s products feature attention to detail and high-quality materials, resulting in a unique and stylish aesthetic that has gained the brand a dedicated following.

What country is Superdry from?

Superdry is a clothing brand from England. 

Is Superdry a luxury brand?

Superdry is a globally recognized clothing brand that offers a range of high-quality clothing and accessories. While the brand does offer a premium product and unique design aesthetic, it may not necessarily be classified as a luxury clothing brand. Superdry is known for its combination of vintage and contemporary styles, resulting in a unique and distinctively British look that appeals to a wide range of customers. The brand is popular for its unique style, attention to detail, and commitment to quality.

What is Superdry shipping policy?

Superdry offers several shipping options for customers, depending on their location and preferred delivery time frame. The brand offers standard and express shipping, with varying costs and delivery times.

For customers in the United States, standard shipping is free and takes 3-6 business days to arrive. Express shipping is also available at an additional cost, with delivery times ranging from 1-3 business days, depending on the customer’s location.

For customers in other countries, shipping costs and delivery times may vary. Customers can check the Superdry website for specific shipping information based on location.

Superdry also offers a free click-and-collect service for customers in the UK, where they can order online and collect their purchases in-store for free.

Overall, Superdry aims to provide customers with reliable and efficient shipping options, ensuring that their products arrive promptly and in good condition.

What is Superdry return policy?

Superdry has a straightforward and customer-friendly return policy. Customers can return unworn and unused items within 28 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange.

Customers can fill out the returns form with their order to initiate a return, specifying whether they would like a refund or exchange. The item must be returned in its original condition and packaging, with all tags and labels attached.

For customers in the United States, Superdry offers a free returns service using prepaid labels provided in the package. Customers can attach the label to the package and drop it off at any USPS location. For customers in other countries, Superdry provides a list of local carriers and instructions for returning the item.

Overall, Superdry’s return policy is designed to be simple and hassle-free, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchases and have the flexibility to exchange or return items if needed.

How to Contact Superdry?

Vintage Cord Overshirt

Superdry’s website also features a live chat function, which allows customers to chat with a representative in real-time to get assistance with their queries. 

Fun Fact!

A fascinating fact to consider is that it takes around 700 gallons of water to produce a single cotton shirt. This highlights the significant impact of fashion on our environment and the importance of considering sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry. By choosing eco-friendly and sustainable fashion options, we can help reduce the overall water consumption and environmental impact of the fashion industry.


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