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Petlibro Review: The Automatic Pet Feeder That Takes Care of Your Furry Friend’s Nutritional Needs (2023 Edition)

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About Petlibro

Petlibro is a brand that believes that pets’ quality of life is as important as that of a valued family member. Design and innovation are two characteristics that motivate this company to increase the performance of its products. Petlibro believes that user-centered, functional, and responsive design may help them improve our dogs’ life.

You can get any practical, long-lasting, and easy-to-use pet necessities on their website, such as a fountain, feeder, toy, cat tree, and many others. Without further ado, here is our Petlibro review to help you make the best buy. Stay here to find the best quality items for your lovely pets! 

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Petlibro Review

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Petlibro Overview

Essential WIFI Feeder Set
Essential WIFI Feeder Set

When your cat meows, do you ever wonder what it’s trying to tell you? To what kind of emotion does your dog’s “woof” attest? Do you agree that there are situations in which we could better serve them if we had a deeper appreciation of their perspectives?

You and I share the same worries as pet owners. We can take better care of our pets by consulting Petlibro, which helps us learn more about their wants and needs. 

Petlibro offers a solution to your pet-related issues, allowing you and your pet to bond over shared interests and learn to coexist in harmony. Petlibro’s mission is to ease your burden of pet maintenance so that you can focus on the quality time you share with your pet.


  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Best quality smart pet accessories 
  • 30 days money back guarantee for any reason

Fun Fact!

Did you know that cats are one of the sleepiest animals on the planet? In fact, they spend an average of 70% of their lives sleeping!

Petlibro Products Review

Rainbow Ceramic Water Fountain
Rainbow Ceramic Water Fountain

Looking for an automatic cat feeder that combines functionality with ease-of-use? Look no further than the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder. This sleek and compact device has quickly become a popular choice among pet owners, thanks to its balanced array of features and cat-friendly design.

But what sets Petlibro apart from the competition? To find out, I researched the automatic cat feeder market and carefully studied Petlibro. The result is a comprehensive review that covers everything you need to know about this top-of-the-line feeder.

Whether you’re a busy pet owner looking for a convenient feeding solution or simply want to keep your feline friend happy and healthy, the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder is an excellent choice.

So why wait? Check out my Petlibro review today and discover why this feeder is quickly becoming a must-have for cat lovers everywhere.

Pet Feeder and Water Fountain With 4-Pack Filters

Essential WIFI & Capsule Kit
Essential WIFI & Capsule Kit

Pets require affection, attention, and care. The PETLIBRO Automated Pet Feeder provides customized meal timings and servings based on your pet’s age, weight, and activity, which you can rapidly set up using an easy-to-use LCD screen. As a result, your pet is fed on a regular basis and feels secure, as your voice recording serves as feeding calls even while you are gone.

This 4L/16.9cup automatic cat feeder constantly delivers food for your cat and dog for a couple of days, assuring you that it’ll be full and happy when you’re out for a brief vacation or working long hours, and it also comes with a desiccant bag to keep food fresh. No more pre-dawn wake-up calls or worrying about working overtime at night!

PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder with timer dispenses food at the appropriate time, 1-10 meals per day, and up to 12 servings per meal for a customized balanced diet for your cats and dogs. 

Hear what their happy customers say: “I really love the feeder, it is really helpful because when I work late I worried I was messing up my cats feeding and sleeping schedule by feeding him so late. Now I don’t have to worry since you can set the times of day and portion sizes via your phone, or manually do it 🙂 The filter is also really nice…” -stephanie salvatierra, petlibro.com.

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Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain

Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain
Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain

Understand when you are needed. Equipped with an intelligent indicator that alerts you immediately when the water or battery levels are low. This dock stream also has a low water detecting system, which means the pump automatically stops when water levels fall below a safe level, preventing the pump from overheating.

There are also other features such as foreign object detection and a waterproof charging port. Whenever a metal object, such as a key or collar, comes into contact with Dockstream’s charging base, electricity is quickly turned off to safeguard you and your pets. In addition, the high-level waterproofing here helps the tank base function properly.

Hear what their happy customers say: “One of the best products I’ve ever purchased for my fur babies. I definitely noticed an uptick in their water intake, it’s truly whisper quiet, and I love that you don’t have to unplug the whole machine to refill/clean it. Don’t hesitate to buy!” – Andrea Chappell, petlibro.com

Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy

Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy
Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy

This is an excellent gift for your cat. Kitty Cat, catch me if you can! It’s small, swift, and difficult to capture, and it stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts while also helping them trim their tubby bellies. Wood is ready to play on any stage. Marble. Tils the floor. This little motorized mouse can easily whizz, zap, tumble, and tease across practically any surface.

It’s the one and only mouse you’ll ever need. This toy can take a tumble even when the going gets tough. It detects and avoids collisions, and if it rolls over, it resets itself. You are not required to do anything!

With a battery life of up to 160 minutes and USB charging, you can enter hibernation mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. It comes back to life after 30 minutes, recapturing your cat’s curiosity and allowing them to get their daily steps in.

Hear what their happy customers say: “I have five cats they absolutely love these little robotic mice they run around all day chasing them. It’s fun when they get them on the side and they spin great toy great toy.” – Richard Breslow, petlibro.com.

Granary Dual Food Tray

Granary Dual Food Tray
Granary Dual Food Tray

This automatic pet feeder comes in black and white, and it features a section that can be adjusted to suit your pet’s needs. It is possible to customize the meal call by recording your voice for ten seconds to ask your cat for food. The audio can be played back up to five times during each feeding call.

In addition to that, this pet feeder is ready for observation, and it features an LED Display that is simple to read. The ability to easily check feeding schedules as well as battery levels. This cat food dispenser has a design that is slightly inclined to make reading the instructions easier when you are programming it.

Hear what their happy customers say: “This is the best cat feeder. I tried another brand before and it was junk. This one stays together and the cats don’t knock it over. Plus the cat food doesn’t get jammed.” – Kelly Warner, petlibro.com.

Stainless Steel and Ceramic Water Fountain Replacement Pump

Stainless Steel and Ceramic Water Fountain Replacement Pump
Stainless Steel and Ceramic Water Fountain Replacement Pump

The Petlibro Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain pump is a reliable backup option for those times when the primary pump needs cleaning. It is compatible with the Petlibro water fountain, which has a capacity of 67 ounces and 2 liters.

It is important to use the original adaptor to ensure safety for both pets and their owners, as the pump is UL certified. To maintain the pump’s longevity, Petlibro recommends cleaning it every two weeks.

Hear what their happy customers say: “I  highly recommend the stainless steel water fountain. I’ve had it for about two weeks now. All four of my kitties loved it immediately. No problems at all! Highly recommend!” – Crystal Strand, petlibro.com

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Who Is Petlibro For?

Capsule Water Fountain
Capsule Water Fountain

Petlibro is a company that produces various pet products, such as automatic pet feeders, water fountains, and more. Their products are designed for pet owners who want to provide convenient and healthy living environments for their furry friends.

Petlibro products are ideal for pet owners who have busy schedules and may not have the time to feed their pets or change their water regularly. They are also great for pet owners who want to ensure their pets are getting the right amount of food and water at the right time, without having to worry about overfeeding or dehydration.

Overall, Petlibro products are for pet owners who want to make their pets’ lives more comfortable and enjoyable, while also making their own lives easier and more convenient.

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Petlibro Review: What Do Customers Think?

Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder
Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

In this section of the Petlibro review, we will show you some real-world examples of how satisfied past customers have been with Petlibro’s products, subscription service, and support staff. The Nerd Techy website gives Petlibro 8.9 out of 10 ratings, making it nearly outstanding. The Petlibro automatic pet feeder is one of the company’s top-rated products, and its features and performance have been extensively analyzed. 

“The PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder is one of the more innovative products on the market… The stainless steel bowl is easy to keep clean, and won’t harbor bacteria like a plastic bowl. Finally, the ability to record a message for your cat or dog is a great feature. Unless you have a large dog, we can heartily recommend this feeder.”

Also, we found another review from cats.com that can vouch for the quality of the Petlibro product: “Its sleek design, cat-friendly size, and balanced array of features make it an appealing choice for those who want a highly-functional unit without too much fuss”. 

In conclusion, Petlibro’s wares are well worth the purchase price and will alleviate any concerns you may have about their quality.

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Is Petlibro Worth It?

Cloud Water Fountain
Cloud Water Fountain

Petlibro has everything you could possibly want for your pet, from toys to food to water to a cat tree. We are drooling over the prices as well as the number of choices. Petlibro has a lot of happy customers and offers great products at a low price, so it’s no surprise that the company is doing well.

Petlibro Promotions & Discounts

Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy
Pixie Mouse Interactive Toy

You can receive a discount of 15% for your custom bundle purchase if you go to the official website for Petlibro. You can also check out with the code allaboutcats to receive a 20% discount on any product from the Petlibro store.

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Where to Buy Petlibro

Stainless Steel Water Fountain
Stainless Steel Water Fountain

This Petlibro review may have included anything that piqued your interest. Petlibro has a large selection of products available for purchase, and you can also locate their wares on well-known e-commerce websites like Amazon and Chewy, amongst others. Go grab yours and make anything easy with Petlibro’s products.

FAQ about Petlibro

Is Checkout on this site safe and secure?

Your data is protected by SSL encryption, so you can shop at Petlibro with complete peace of mind knowing that your transactions will be kept private.

Does Petlibro ship worldwide?

Petlibro regrettably only ship to the USA at this time; however, they are aggressively expanding into other regional markets, so feel free to sign up for the newsletters for up-to-date news.

How long is Petlibro’s delivery time?

Petlibro uses USPS, UPS, and Amazon FBA to ship all orders. The warehouse typically processes and ships orders within one to two business days.

Please allow up to 5 business days for dispatch during busy seasons such as holidays or Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

The expected delivery time will be shown on the product page for pre-orders. Orders are shipped from either their California or Pennsylvania warehouse, whichever is closer to the recipient’s location. Because of this, Petlibro can ship your orders out to you more quickly.

How to Contact Petlibro

Air Automatic Pet Feeder
Air Automatic Pet Feeder

Thank you for taking the time to read this Petlibro review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, please contact them at:

Email: [email protected] or visit their office address: 1135 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050. 


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