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Creative Market Review – Is It Even Worth To Try in 2023?

Calling out all digital artists out there who wants to buy, sell or even showcase your products in an online marketplace. It’s time for you to set off on an adventure where your artistic skills will be valued, new ideas will be encouraged, and your creative goals will be realized.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating exploration as we answer the burning question: Is it even worth trying in 2023?

What Is Creative Market?


Creative Market is the place to go if you want to sell digital products in an environment where they are not an afterthought. Your customers can look around and find exactly what they need with little effort.

The navigation options and search fields are both very simple to use. The website also provides promotional tools, such as a weekly collection of free resources. With a free account, you may browse the site’s weekly selection of curated and featured products, which help bring various producers into the limelight.

There is a blog dedicated to design-related topics available in the marketplace. In the community forum, creators from over 190 different countries can talk shop or just make new friends. The best part is that you don’t have to be a salesperson, designer, or artist to join. Anyone can sign up for a free account on Creative Market and start using the site right away.

Who Can Sell on Creative Market?

Creative Market Summer Blues Yellow Pop

Creative Market is not like eBay or Etsy in that you can open a storefront and begin selling immediately. You need to apply for access to the site and seek an invitation to use it.

It’s not as scary as it sounds; they’re just checking through your present shops and portfolio for examples of your work. Portfolios submitted to Creative Market should include 10–20 original, high-quality works.

The site cares about authenticity and wants to make sure you’re a real person with original content to share. If your application is denied the first time around, don’t worry; you may always submit additional work for consideration at a later date.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that access to Creative Market appears to be unrestricted concerning physical location. Shops are only available to U.S. residents, but you may still check out their frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to learn more about taxes and international payment options.

Moreover, if you are a Dribbble Pro member, you can launch your store without even filling out an application.

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On The Creative Market, What Can You Sell?

Creative Market Interior Design Bedroom living

Creative Market only sells digital files. Etsy is the place to go if you want to sell handmade goods such as clothing, jewelry, or home goods. Creative Market is where people go to find one-of-a-kind design elements to include in their projects. Consider web-ready assets such as fonts, templates, vectors, photographs, and media.

Products like this are among the many available on Creative Market. These can be designed and distributed for use with platforms as varied as Instagram, Canva, Shopify, and Adobe Creative Suite.

A customer is essentially purchasing a right to put your product to use when they buy from you. When purchasing one of these licenses, your customer can use the asset an unlimited number of times for personal use, once for commercial usage, and up to 500 times for end-product use, which means they can sell the final product to others. In that manner, nobody can question who the rightful owner is.

To give you an idea, the people who would buy your finished goods or use your services would primarily be other artists and designers. Your products may also appeal to company owners and amateurs who can use them in their presentations, crafts, and do-it-yourself projects at home or in the workplace.

An additional door is opened by the Print on Demand component. Everything from books and calendars to posters and digital wall art may be found here for sale. While you can sell just about anything on Creative Market, offensive material is not allowed.

How to Buy Products on Creative Market


Creating an account on Creative Market is free. As was previously noted, after making a purchase, you will have access to both the digital product and its license.

Using your credit card or PayPal, you can pay the listed price for an item plus a modest platform fee. Credits are another available option. Creative Market allows for bulk purchases of credits. Like buying yourself a gift card, but with more flexibility. You can reduce the number of charges on your credit card account and download many things at once by using credits.

This might be helpful if you set aside money each month to invest in stocks. The money can be deposited into your account, where you’ll have quick and simple access to it. In order to make your money go farther, Creative Market also provides discounts for bulk purchases of credits.

Benefits and Features of Selling on Creative Market

Creative Market Fabric Factory v.6 Mockup Bundle

You can charge anything you choose on Creative Market, and you’re encouraged to participate in limited-time discounts and other promotions. There is no per post product approval, but opening a shop does require an application.

Creative Market, like Etsy, provides a range of marketing tools, including an analytics dashboard and instant messaging, to help you manage your business and communicate with your customers. If you get stuck, you can always turn to the site’s extensive resources, tutorials, and user community for assistance.

The marketplace may also choose to advertise your goods through email, the homepage, staff picks, and other channels.

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Who Is Creative Market For?

Creative Market Brand Strategy Framework

Creative Market is a great place for graphic designers, web developers, artists, photographers, and other creatives to buy and sell digital assets and network with one another. Due to its primary concentration on digital downloads, it is the more user-friendly marketplace in this regard.

However, your own preferences will likely dictate which online marketplace is best for you to set up shop on, and many others exist besides Creative Market and Etsy. You should go out and try them.

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What Makes Creative Market Stand Out?

Creative Market Back in time 90s 80s. Stylish girl in retro jacket

Another internet design store rarely makes headlines. Any newcomer will have trouble recruiting clients who are already loyal to other markets because there are many strong competitors in this sector. Creative Market’s distinctive positioning is what caught our attention. They appear to have set out to achieve the opposite of what creative marketplaces usually do.

From a seller’s standpoint, these four techniques are great.

70 % Commissions
You don’t have to start at a low commission and work your way up here. Every merchant keeps 70% of their sales. If you haven’t shopped elsewhere, this is great pricing and will make this site stand out.

Set Your Rates
These services usually let someone else judge how much your hard work is worth after you upload it. A random reviewer can change your pricing approach. Unavailable on Creative Market. You set prices on this site. Isn’t that great?

No Exclusivity Promise
iStock Photo and the other big players either need exclusivity or will dramatically cut your commission rate if you don’t. Creative Market, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care. You can sell elsewhere or be exclusive.

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Creative Market Pros and Cons

Creative Market Allenoire Modern Bold Serif Font

Creative Market? Let’s evaluate this famous marketplace.


  • Vast Selection: Creative Market offers a wide variety of digital products, including fonts, images, templates, and more, for creative requirements.
  • High-Quality Products: The site curates high-quality products from creative artists.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Creative Market’s straightforward interface makes finding and buying products easy.
  • Supportive Community: Collaborate, inspire, and network with a global community of artists and designers.


  • Pricing Variability: Creative Market’s large choice of products can make it difficult to discover cheap options for every budget.
  • Quality Control: The platform tries to provide high-quality items, however, product quality and accuracy may vary.
  • Creative Market focuses on digital assets, therefore physical products may be scarce.

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FAQ about Creative Market

How does Creative Market work?

Creative Market is an online marketplace for design materials made by the public. The company sells fonts, graphics, illustrations, mockups, icons, templates, web themes, stock photos, and other digital products that web designers can use.

How many people are using Creative Market?

Creative Market is a place where you can show your goods to more than 9 million members, no matter where they are.

Is Creative Market hard to sell on?

Digital marketplaces for designers like Creative Market or Design Cuts make it very easy to sell goods online, even if you don’t have a digital store. This gives you a chance to make money from assets that are just taking up space on your hard drive.

Fun Fact!

Three friends created Creative Market in 2012 while on a weekend retreat. Within days, they created a marketplace for digital creatives. This incredible feat shows Creative Market’s passion and entrepreneurial drive, showing how a basic idea can grow into a vibrant platform that supports artists and designers worldwide. Remember Creative Market’s humble beginnings and its extraordinary journey to become a creative hotspot the next time you visit.

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