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Sprig by Kohler Review: A Revolutionary Bathroom Fixture Collection

About Sprig by Kohler

There’s something undeniably soothing about stepping into the warm embrace of a rejuvenating shower. Whether it’s a tranquil escape at the end of a long day or a refreshing start to the morning, we can all agree that the right showering experience can work wonders for our well-being. And that’s where Sprig by Kohler comes in, offering a range of meticulously formulated products to turn your shower into a sanctuary of pure bliss.

Sprig understands that achieving that “aaah” moment requires more than just water. It’s about curating a shower kit that encompasses everything you need for a truly indulgent experience. From relaxing soaps to invigorating shower infusions and beyond, Sprig by Kohler is dedicated to providing you with the perfect accompaniments to your shower ritual.

But don’t just take our word for it. Explore Sprig’s best products and discover why they have garnered rave reviews from discerning buyers. From soothing lavender-infused soaps to energizing citrus shower infusions, Sprig offers a diverse range of options to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of nature-inspired shower products and experience the difference they can make in your daily self-care routine.

As you delve deeper into this Sprig by Kohler review, you’ll also find exclusive discounts codes that make indulging in these luxurious shower essentials even more enticing. Sprig believes that everyone deserves the chance to create their personal oasis within the confines of their bathroom, and these discounts make it easier to transform your shower experience without breaking the bank.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our Sprig review is a reliable and unbiased source of information, empowering you to make informed decisions about Sprig by Kohler. With our commitment to impartiality, we provide honest assessments of the brand’s products, highlighting their strengths and potential areas for improvement. Through thorough research, incorporating real buyer feedback, and staying updated with industry trends, we offer accurate and insightful analysis to guide you towards an exceptional shower experience.

Count on us to deliver transparent and objective evaluations that align with your needs and preferences. As your trusted source, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the world of Sprig by Kohler with confidence and excitement. Let our Sprig review be your go-to resource for reliable information, ensuring that you make the right choices to transform your shower routine into something truly extraordinary.

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Sprig by Kohler Overview

sprig by kohler review

Sprig by Kohler, a renowned brand, has established itself as a leader in the bathroom fixture industry by embracing a clean and sustainable approach. The company’s commitment to cleanliness goes beyond simply removing dirt; it encompasses minimizing ingredients without compromising performance. Sprig ensures that their products are safe for both users and the environment by avoiding phthalates, parabens, sulfates SLS and SLES, and perfluorinated compounds. Their dedication to transparency means they openly disclose the ingredients used in their blends, while actively seeking feedback to continuously improve.

By incorporating mood-matching, natural botanicals with nourishing skincare ingredients, Sprig has redefined the concept of enhancing the nature of water. Whether you’re gearing up to start your day, winding down in the evening, or seeking a boost in-between, Sprig’s innovative products are designed to bring you back to center and reconnect with yourself. They understand that water can have a profound impact on our frames of mind, and their fun and fresh creations allow you to customize your shower experience to amplify your desired mood.

What sets Sprig apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. The company designs their products with the Earth in mind, utilizing recyclable materials and incorporating up to 94% post-consumer recycled content. By doing so, they minimize waste and contribute to a more eco-friendly future. Sprig’s dedication to being easy on the Earth extends to their production processes and cruelty-free practices.

Sprig by Kohler strives to exceed expectations and provide an exceptional customer experience. They prioritize transparency, openly sharing information about their ingredients and actively seeking customer feedback to drive continuous improvement. Their goal is to not only meet but go above and beyond customer expectations, ensuring that every interaction with their brand is valuable and satisfying.

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Sprig by Kohler Best Products Review

When it comes to transforming your shower routine into a truly indulgent experience, Sprig by Kohler offers a range of exceptional products designed to elevate your shower to new heights. With a focus on nature-inspired luxury and innovative design, Sprig has become synonymous with creating moments of relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care. In this Sprig by Kohler best products review, we will explore some of their standout offerings that are guaranteed to enhance your shower experience.

Handshower Infusion Upgrade Kit

Handshower Infusion Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your shower experience effortlessly with the Sprig Handshower Infusion Upgrade Kit. This comprehensive kit includes the Sprig infusion device, a KOHLER Awaken handshower, a 60″ shower hose, a handshower cradle attachment, and three sample infusion pods. With easy installation and no need for batteries or electricity, this kit allows you to replace your current showerhead and infuse your shower water with natural botanicals and premium ingredients like hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA.

The KOHLER Awaken handshower offers three distinct spray settings and adds approximately 6.5 inches of height to the shower arm. With a flow rate of 1.75 gpm, it provides an optimal balance between water conservation and satisfying performance. Elevate your shower routine and create moments of pure relaxation with the Sprig Handshower Infusion Upgrade Kit. Transform your shower into a personalized oasis of well-being effortlessly and indulge in the luxurious experience offered by the infusion of natural botanicals and premium ingredients.

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Body & Linen Mist Essentials Pack

Body & Linen Mist Essentials Pack

The Sprig Body & Linen Mist Essentials Pack is a delightful collection that offers a scented journey to brighter days. This pack includes six travel-size body & linen mists, allowing you to sample and find your favorite expressions. 

From refreshing your skin and clothing to revitalizing your linens and yoga mats, these mists create a sensory experience that uplifts your surroundings. With a clean formulation that is free of harmful ingredients and 100% natural fragrance and essential oils, this pack is both gentle on you and the Earth.

Versatility is a key feature of the Body & Linen Mist Essentials Pack. Each mist can be spritzed onto various surfaces, making it a versatile companion for your daily routine. Whether you’re seeking a moment of self-care or creating a serene ambiance in your space, these mists offer a touch of fragrance that enhances your well-being. 

With a range of scents to choose from, you can explore and discover the blend that resonates with your senses. Elevate your everyday experiences with the Sprig Body & Linen Mist Essentials Pack and infuse your day with the joy of captivating scents.

Bath Bomb Essentials Pack

Bath Bomb Essentials Pack

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and self-care with the Sprig Bath Bomb Essentials Pack. This pack features six full-size bath bombs, each representing a signature blend carefully crafted to match different moods. With natural botanicals and premium skincare ingredients, these bath bombs deliver a luxurious bathing experience that nourishes your skin and soothes your senses. Free of harmful ingredients, the bath bombs are clean, hypoallergenic, and easy on the Earth. Embrace the slight color variations between them, as they showcase the natural botanicals used. Indulge in the Sprig Bath Bomb Essentials Pack and transform your bath into a spa-like sanctuary of pure bliss.

With the Bath Bomb Essentials Pack, Sprig invites you to create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own bathroom. Each bath bomb represents a unique blend, carefully selected to match different moods and provide a personalized bathing experience. Infused with natural botanicals, shea butter, coconut oil, and kaolin clay, these bath bombs nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and pampered. Formulated without harmful substances, they are gentle on your skin and the environment. Treat yourself to the Sprig Bath Bomb Essentials Pack and indulge in a truly luxurious self-care ritual that will rejuvenate your body and relax your mind.

Shower Infusion Pod Essentials Pack

Shower Infusion Pod Essentials Pack

Each scent in the Essentials Pack is crafted with natural botanicals selected to complement and enhance your moods. But the benefits don’t stop there. These shower infusion pods are enriched with premium ingredients like hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA, which work together to provide a truly indulgent self-care experience for your skin and hair. With each shower, you can rejuvenate and nourish your body, leaving your skin hydrated and your hair feeling silky and luxurious.

The Sprig Shower Infusion Pod Essentials Pack offers a convenient and luxurious way to transform your daily shower routine. Whether you’re seeking a burst of energy to start your day or a calming oasis to wind down in the evening, these pods cater to your specific needs. Immerse yourself in the aromatherapy-like scents and allow the premium ingredients to pamper your skin and hair. Elevate your shower experience with the Sprig Shower Infusion Pod Essentials Pack and embrace a new level of self-care indulgence.

Who Is Sprig by Kohler For?

sprig by kohler kit

Sprig by Kohler is for individuals who want to enhance their shower experience with nature-inspired luxury and sustainable practices. It caters to those who value natural botanicals, premium skincare ingredients, and eco-friendly options. Whether you seek relaxation, wellness, or a moment of indulgence, Sprig offers products that elevate your shower routine and prioritize your well-being.

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Sprig by Kohler Review: What Do Customers Think?

sprig by kohler shower

Sprig by Kohler has garnered positive feedback from customers who have experienced its products. Customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to using natural botanicals and premium skincare ingredients to enhance their shower experience. The mood-matching scents and nourishing formulations have received praise for their ability to create a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Customers also value Sprig’s dedication to sustainability, with many expressing satisfaction in knowing that the brand’s products are clean, eco-friendly, and free from harmful substances. The emphasis on transparency and the brand’s receptiveness to customer feedback have further contributed to customers’ trust and satisfaction.

“I absolutely love the Sprig Body and Linen Mist Essentials Pack!! I love that they are made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. I also love that you can use them in so many different ways including onto your skin, clothes, and bedding! One of my favorites is the sleep spray, I love how relaxing it makes me feel and I truly feel like it helps me fall asleep faster!”

“I love that these are so multi-purpose. It’s wonderful to have a product that not only be used on your linens, but is also safe to put on your skin. They are made with natural fragrances and essential oils. There is a great variety for whatever mood you’re in! They can help you relax but also help you recharge. It’s a great mix. The scents aren’t too strong where they are overpowering, but are strong enough that you can tell they are there and they are effective. This would make a wonderful gift!”

Overall, customers find Sprig by Kohler to be a reliable and high-quality brand that elevates their shower routine. The positive customer reviews highlight the effectiveness, luxurious feel, and eco-conscious approach of Sprig’s products, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a more indulgent and sustainable self-care experience.

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Is Sprig by Kohler Worth It?

sprig shower infusion kit

Yes, Sprig by Kohler is definitely worth it for individuals seeking to elevate their shower experience. The brand’s commitment to using natural botanicals, premium ingredients, and sustainable practices sets it apart. With Sprig, you can indulge in a luxurious and sensorial shower experience while knowing that their products are free from harmful substances like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. The positive feedback from customers further supports the brand’s worthiness, as they appreciate the effectiveness and quality of Sprig’s offerings.

Additionally, Sprig’s focus on transparency and customer feedback showcases their dedication to providing a satisfying and trustworthy experience. The brand’s sustainability efforts, such as using recyclable materials and incorporating post-consumer recycled content, contribute to a more eco-friendly choice. Overall, Sprig by Kohler offers a combination of nature-inspired luxury, clean formulations, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enhance their shower routine with a touch of indulgence and sustainability.

Sprig by Kohler Promotions & Discounts

Shield Bath Bomb

At the moment, Sprig by Kohler is not hosting any promotional events. However, you have the opportunity to stay informed and be among the first to know when they do hold such events. Simply subscribe to their newsletter, and you will receive timely notifications straight to your inbox. By subscribing, you ensure that you won’t miss out on any future promotions, special offers, or exclusive deals from Sprig by Kohler. Stay connected and be in the know by signing up for their newsletter today.

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Where to Buy Sprig by Kohler

Shower Infusion Pod Essentials Pack

The official Sprig by Kohler website is a reliable source to explore and purchase their products. By visiting their website, you can browse their entire product range, learn more about the brand, and make direct purchases.

FAQ about Sprig by Kohler

What is Sprig by Kohler shipping policy?

If your order is placed before noon Central Time, in-stock products typically ship within two business days. However, please note that due to high demand during the launch period, processing times may be extended up to 7 business days.

What is Sprig by Kohler return policy?

Sprig by Kohler understands that circumstances may change, and they offer a hassle-free return policy. If you have purchased a new and unopened item, you have the flexibility to return it within 30 days of delivery and receive a full refund. This policy ensures customer satisfaction and provides peace of mind when making a purchase from Sprig by Kohler.

How to Contact Sprig by Kohler

If you have any further inquiries or need additional assistance, the Sprig by Kohler Customer Care team is readily available to help. You can reach out to them by phone at 844-417-7744. Alternatively, you can visit their Contact Us website page for more information and alternative methods of contacting their customer support team. Rest assured that Sprig by Kohler is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Fun Fact!

On average, people in the USA spend around thirteen minutes in the shower, but often wish they could linger longer for relaxation. However, busy schedules and water conservation concerns tend to limit their shower time. Despite the time constraints, it’s important to make the most of our shower experiences by incorporating mood-enhancing products like Sprig by Kohler and embracing the refreshing and invigorating moments we have under the running water.


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