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Honest Serpstat Review 2023: Must-Read Before You Use It!

Attention all digital warriors and SEO enthusiasts! Prepare to be blown away by the SEO weapon of mass domination – Serpstat! In our Serpstat review for 2023, we unveil this powerhouse tool’s hidden gems and untapped potential.

Serpstat is your secret sauce for online success, from uncovering lucrative keywords to outsmarting your competitors.

Buckle up and get ready to conquer the SERPs like never before. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your website with Serpstat – the ultimate game-changer in the world of SEO!

Serpstat: All-in-One SEO Platform

serpstat review

Serpstat is your best friend in the world of SEO. With its powerful tools, useful data, and easy-to-use interface, you’ll have everything you need to improve your website, rank higher than your competitors, and get a lot of traffic from search engines.

It gives businesses and marketers powerful tools and features that help them grow their online profiles like crazy.

You can do an in-depth keyword study with Serpstat to find your website’s most useful and profitable keywords. If you know what people are looking for, you can make your content fit their wants and get more traffic from search engines.

Now, let’s look at Serpstat’s past quickly. It was made by a group of eager SEO experts who saw the need for a complete SEO tool and released it in 2013.

Over the years, Serpstat has grown and changed, adding new features and improving its functions to keep up with the constantly changing needs of the SEO world. Today, thousands of businesses and marketers trust Serpstat to help them meet their SEO goals.

Why Should You Choose Serpstat?

serpstat worth

There are a lot of different SEO brands on the market, and each one has its own set of features and services. Let’s look more closely at what makes Serpstat different from other tools.

Serpstat stands out as a complete all-in-one SEO tool. It has many different tools in one place, like keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and site auditing. This eliminates the need for various tools and gives users an SEO experience that is unified and easy to use.

Serpstat’s amazing keyword database lets users access many keywords and search queries. This huge database lets users do detailed keyword studies, which helps them find high-value keywords with less competition.

serpstat best seo

Serpstat puts a lot of weight on analyzing competitors. It gives you powerful tools to analyze your rivals’ strategies, find their best-performing keywords, and find ways to rank higher than them. This trait of competitive intelligence gives users an advantage in the SEO landscape.

The backlink analysis tool of Serpstat can tell you a lot about how many and how good the links to a website are. This level of analysis puts Serpstat apart from its competitors, who may only be able to analyze backlinks in a limited way or not as well.

Serpstat is also known for always getting better and adding new features. The platform always adds new features and improvements to keep up with SEO changes. This dedication to new ideas ensures users have access to the latest tools and stay ahead of the game.

How Serpstat Works?


Serpstat has a very large number of traits. One thing that sets the Serpstat tool apart from its competitors is that it constantly wants and needs to grow. Their library for keywords has changed a lot for the better.

When we talk about the Google Database for topics, Serpstat has access to over 230 of them. Now, let’s talk more about what the Serpstat tool does and its importance.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker

Serpstat Rank Tracker is unique in that it tracks organic ranks and paid search results. This means you can observe how your website performs in both areas, whether organic search or paid advertising strategies are used.

But it does not end there. Serpstat Rank Tracker gives useful data on search volume, keyword difficulty, and potential traffic. This assists you in determining the ideal keywords to target and directs your SEO efforts toward the most significant places.

Another useful feature is the opportunity to monitor the rankings of your competitors. You can obtain insights into their plans and adapt your strategy by keeping track of their positions.

Serpstat Rank Tracker has you covered when it comes to reporting. You may create detailed reports with your branding to share progress with clients or team members easily. These reports provide a comprehensive picture of your website’s performance and the efficacy of your SEO efforts.

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Backlink Analysis

backlink analysi

Serpstat Backlink Analysis allows you to assess your website’s quality and amount of backlinks quickly. With only a few clicks, you may receive useful insights into the links that contribute to the credibility and visibility of your website.

The ability to study your competitors’ backlinks is one of the most useful aspects of Serpstat Backlink Analysis. You may learn which websites link to your competitors, giving you insight into their link-building techniques.

Serpstat Backlink Analysis also aids in the identification of possibly damaging backlinks. It flags any links that appear spammy or low-quality, allowing you to disavow them and safeguard your website’s reputation.

The tool’s user-friendly design and straightforward reports simplify navigating and comprehending your backlink data.

You may create extensive reports showing a clear picture of your backlink profile, making sharing progress and insights easier with clients or team members.

Keyword Research

keyword research

Serpstat Keyword Research was created to assist you in identifying the most relevant and important keywords for your website. You may boost your chances of ranking higher in search engine results by understanding what people are searching for.

You may browse various terms and search queries using Serpstat’s user-friendly interface. Enter a seed term or topic, and Serpstat will generate many keyword recommendations relevant to your niche. This enables you to find new keyword opportunities and broaden your reach.

The ability to analyze keyword difficulty is one of Serpstat Keyword Research’s notable characteristics.

This score reveals how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. With this information, you can concentrate your efforts by focusing on keywords with lower difficulty scores, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

You may see search volume data, which displays how often a keyword is searched for in a given period. This assists you in identifying high-demand keywords that can deliver substantial traffic to your website.

Site Audit

site audit

Serpstat Site Audit provides a thorough examination of your website’s technical health. It scans your site for flaws affecting your search engine rankings and user experience.

You may start a site audit using Serpstat’s user-friendly interface with a few clicks. The tool analyzes your website’s many features, such as broken links, duplicate content, page load speed, mobile friendliness, and more. It generates a detailed report emphasizing areas that require attention.

Serpstat Site Audit’s analysis provides vital insights into the technical aspects of your website. It reveals flaws that may impact your SEO efforts, such as broken links that degrade the user experience and duplicate material that dilutes your search rankings.

Serpstat Site Audit also provides recommendations and solutions for resolving discovered faults. This allows you to take the required actions to improve your website’s technical performance and visibility in search engine results.

Competitor Research

competitor research

Accuracy and up-to-date information are essential in competitor research, and Serpstat delivers on both fronts. The tool continuously updates its database, ensuring you have the most current and accurate data to base your competitive analysis on.

Serpstat Competitor Research’s ability to reveal your competitors’ top keywords is one of its most notable features. You might find fresh keyword prospects for your website by examining the terms they rank for. This allows you to connect your content strategy with effective keywords better, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results.

Serpstat Competitor Research also allows you to investigate your competitors’ backlink profiles. Backlinks are important for search engine results, and by analyzing where your competitors’ backlinks are coming from, you may construct a tailored link-building strategy to surpass them.

This is also useful for tracking your competitors’ search visibility over time. You may detect trends and patterns, assess their methods, and make data-driven decisions to outperform them by tracking their performance.

Serpstat Price & Plan

serpstat price and plan

The cost is a major consideration. Every person who has any curiosity about this instrument would be affected by this.

Serpstat subscriptions begin at $69 per month. In addition, you can try out the software risk-free by signing up for a trial version.

There are more affordable options than Serpstat, but we wouldn’t call it inexpensive. When you consider what you get, the cost is reasonable. On a tight budget, individuals, contractors, and small businesses (SMBs) will find the Lite plan the most suitable option for SEO needs.

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Pros and Cons

pros and cons serpstat


  1. Serpstat offers a wide range of features, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and site auditing, all within a single platform.
  2. Provides access to many keywords and search queries, enabling in-depth keyword research and analysis.
  3. Gain valuable insights into your competitor’s strategies, keywords, and backlink profiles, allowing you to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
  4. Ensures the data is reliable, regularly updating its databases to deliver the most current and accurate information.
  5. Serpstat features a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and accessing key features intuitive and straightforward.


  1. Pricing Tiers
  2. Advanced Features Limitations

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Serpstat Review: Final Verdict


Every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing expert should use Serpstat s since it offers everything they need. In conclusion, Serpstat is a reliable SEO platform. It has everything you’d want in an SEO toolkit and more. And its price is reasonable in comparison to its major rivals.

We believe you will be pleased with the results of using Serpstat.

FAQ about Serpstat

Does Serpstat offer SEO or PPC services?

The service will help optimize a site and rise in search results, get rid of technical errors with the help of Audit, expand the semantic core, get information about competitors, analyze backlinks, track positions for keywords, and always be aware of a general state of a website.
To get a more detailed answer, you can familiarize 

Where do Serpstat data come from?

They receive data from third-party services, which are under NDA.
The stats on the number of keywords, domains, search suggestions, or ads in our database can check here.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that the name “Serpstat” is derived from the combination of two words – “SERP” and “stat”? “Serp” stands for search engine results page (SERP), while “stat” represents statistics. Serpstat’s name reflects its primary focus on providing valuable insights and statistics related to search engine rankings and performance.


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