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RoboKiller Review 2023 – Say Goodbye to Robocalls for Good!

Are robocalls driving you crazy? Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions with RoboKiller.

Look no further than our RoboKiller review. In this comprehensive guide, we dive deep into the powerful features and functionalities of RoboKiller, the ultimate solution to combatting annoying robocalls and telemarketers.

From real-time call blocking to advanced spam detection, find out how RoboKiller empowers you to regain control of your phone and enjoy uninterrupted peace. Say goodbye to intrusive interruptions and say hello to a hassle-free phone experience with RoboKiller.

RoboKiller: No More Spam!

RoboKiller review

RoboKiller was developed by TelTech Systems, a technology company focused on creating innovative communication solutions. The app was first released in 2015 to address the growing nuisance of robocalls and spam calls that plagued smartphone users.

Over the years, RoboKiller has evolved and refined its features, continuously improving its ability to detect and block unwanted calls accurately.

RoboKiller has received numerous achievements as The Winner of the Apple App of the Day 2019 & 2020, FTC Robocalls Against Humanity Competition 2015, Webby Award for Technical Achievement 2019 & 2021, etc.

RoboKiller was created to control customers’ phone experience by banning unwanted spam calls. It employs sophisticated algorithms and a massive database to detect and filter out robocalls, telemarketers, and other spam calls in real-time.

In addition, RoboKiller enhances its call-blocking capabilities with features such as Answer Bots, personalized block, allow lists, and extensive call insights.

How To Use RoboKiller


Follow these steps to use RoboKiller effectively:

  1. Begin by installing the RoboKiller app from your device’s app store (iOS or Android). Download the app to your smartphone.
  2. Launch the RoboKiller app and sign up for a new account. To finish the sign-up procedure, follow the on-screen instructions. You may be required to provide an email address and create a password.
  3. RoboKiller requires specific permissions to perform properly. As required throughout the setup process, grant the app access to your contacts, call log, and phone settings.
  4. After you’ve created your account, go to the app’s settings and make sure call blocking is turned on. This enables RoboKiller to identify and block unsolicited calls automatically.
  5. RoboKiller allows you to personalize your call preferences by allowing you to customize your block and allow lists. You can use a block list to designate which numbers or area codes to block. Similarly, an allow list can be created to ensure that vital calls are never blocked.
  6. Investigate Extra Features: RoboKiller provides several extra features to enhance your call-blocking experience. Answer Bots, for example, can engage telemarketers with pre-recorded responses. You may also access call insights to view information such as the number of blocked calls.
  7. Make sure you update the RoboKiller app regularly to gain access to the most recent additions and improvements. Keeping the app up to current ensures that it continues to be effective in eliminating new spam and robocall patterns.

Check the app’s documentation or support resources for instructions or technical assistance specific to your device or RoboKiller version.

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Pros and Cons

RoboKiller Pros and Cons

As with any solution, RoboKiller has its pros and cons. Let’s delve into the unique advantages and considerations of this powerful app.

From its effective call-blocking capabilities and entertaining Answer Bots feature to its personalized lists and extensive spam protection, RoboKiller offers significant benefits.


  • Robocalls and spam calls are effectively blocked.
  • Answer Bots adds amusement while discouraging spammers.
  • For personalized call settings, create your block and allow lists.
  • Maintains a large spam number database for effective prevention.
  • Filters off unsolicited text messages with SMS spam prevention.


  • Full access requires a subscription.
  • There have been several reports of missed calls or false positives.
  • A reliable internet connection is required for optimal performance.

By weighing these factors against your individual wants and preferences, you may determine whether RoboKiller is the ideal tool for regaining control of your phone experience.

RoboKiller Top Features

RoboKiller Auto Call Blocking

RoboKiller emerges as a formidable partner in the fight against the never-ending assault of unsolicited calls and spam, packed with a spectrum of powerful capabilities.

Today, we go deep into the heart of RoboKiller, revealing its innovative features designed to restore peace and tranquillity to your phone.

Automatic Call Blocking

RoboKiller Features

Unlike other call-blocking systems that rely purely on user feedback, RoboKiller employs a predictive spam call-blocking algorithm that analyzes each incoming call before it rings your phone and assesses whether it’s spam – all in less than a millisecond.

RoboKiller also audio fingerprints the robocall and saves it in our worldwide database so it doesn’t happen again. The technology is 85% effective at preventing spam calls and unwanted messages.

With RoboKiller’s automatic call blocking, you regain control of your phone experience. No longer will you be plagued by incessant robocalls or persistent telemarketers. Instead, you can enjoy uninterrupted conversations and peace of mind.

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Powerful Scam Protection

RoboKiller scam protection

RoboKiller keeps a large and constantly updated spam number database. This database assists in identifying and blocking known spam numbers, shielding you from potential frauds, fraud, and interruptions.

The FTC estimates that each phone fraud costs $1,400 per year. Signing up for the service protects you from over 1 billion phone frauds in our global database. RoboKiller has saved over $600 million in phone scam damages to date.

Furthermore, RoboKiller empowers users to contribute to its spam protection efforts actively. The app encourages users to report spam calls they encounter, allowing for continuous improvement in the accuracy and effectiveness of its spam detection algorithms.

Personalized Block and Allow Lists

Personalized block

RoboKiller gives you the freedom to design your block and allow lists. Add calls from specific numbers or area codes to the block list to ensure that calls from specific numbers or area codes are automatically prohibited. You can, on the other hand, add critical contacts to the allowed list to ensure that their calls are never prohibited.

You may customize your call-blocking settings to meet your specific needs and objectives, ensuring that critical calls are never missed while effectively preventing unwanted and spam calls.

Answer Bots

Answer bot

Answer Bots are automated audio messages that interact with telemarketers and spammers, wasting their time and irritating their efforts.

When you receive a suspected spam call, you can activate an Answer Bot to take the call on your behalf. These bots have lifelike dialogues with the spammer, leading them to humorous and illogical exchanges that discourage future communication.

Interacting with telemarketers shows that your phone number is inactive or leads to dead ends, preventing further calls from those sources. Answer Bots are an ingenious and practical way to counteract persistent telemarketers and discourage their intrusive efforts.

RoboKiller provides several Answer Bot identities, allowing you to select the most appropriate character. These Answer Bots give an extra layer of defense against unsolicited callers, ranging from the amusing and quirky to the convincingly realistic.

RoboKiller Pricing

RoboKiller price

RoboKiller offers a 7-day free trial before charging a monthly membership of $4.99 or $39.99 annually. The organization occasionally offers a deal for the first year and frequently offers a bit more yearly commitment.

RoboKiller is well worth the $39.99 pay, even without the promotion. It is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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RoboKiller Usability

Robokiller usability

RoboKiller is simple to install and associates itself with your phone number. The software does not block anyone in your contacts list, so you don’t have to worry about those calls being blocked.

“Just smashing the competition out there, by far the best call blocker. Already so many have stopped calling because of this app. Works like a charm 100% recommend it. Only the slightest problem I have at times, but whenever I access the app it knocks my service out sometimes but it comes back. Other than that it’s fantastic. Now let’s try to get one for text messages!”

RoboKiller occasionally blocks legitimate numbers that aren’t in your contacts when employing sophisticated blocking options. For example, doctors’ and dentists’ offices. It is as simple as adding their phone number to your contacts or placing their numbers on the do not block list to resolve this.

Overall, this program is really simple to use. Some senior users may find it challenging, but having children or grandchildren set it up once will solve that problem. You’re ready to go once it’s set up.

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RoboKiller Review: Final Wrap Up

Robokiller logo

RoboKiller is not the only spam call-blocking app on the market but the finest tool. We’ve been using it for a few years and it’s been fantastic, totally worth the yearly fee. Comparable apps are available, and carriers like Verizon have their versions.

RoboKiller’s suite of features works harmoniously to create a seamless and hassle-free phone experience, keeping unwanted interruptions at bay.

By continuously updating its spam number database and encouraging user feedback, RoboKiller stays ahead of emerging threats and improves its effectiveness.

While we’re sure the others are adequate, RoboKiller remains the undisputed king of spam call-filtering software. It comes highly recommended by us.

FAQ about RoboKiller

Does RoboKiller work?

The RoboKiller application is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it ideal for your regardless of your device type. RoboKiller reviews are excellent on both operating systems and currently have the following ratings: RoboKiller for iOS: 4.5/5 star rating with 359 thousand reviews.

Is RoboKiller free for iPhone?

RoboKiller is free to download. However, you must purchase its subscription plan to experience what it can offer fully. You can opt to subscribe either with its monthly protection plan which costs about $4.99/month or an annual protection plan which costs about $39.99/year.

Fun Fact!

Did you know RoboKiller’s Answer Bots have engaged in over 1 billion conversations with telemarketers and spammers? That’s right! These clever bots have wasted countless hours providing entertainment for users while effectively deterring unwanted callers. With each conversation, RoboKiller continues to outsmart and outwit telemarketers, making it an amusing and powerful tool in the fight against unwanted calls.


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