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PureVPN vs NordVPN 2023: Which VPN Is The Best Now?

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The Virtual Private Network (VPN) landscape is in constant flux, with providers often introducing new features and improvements to stay ahead of the competition. Two of the most famous names in this arena are PureVPN vs NordVPN. As of 2023, both have upped their game significantly, but which one takes the crown as the best VPN provider? Let’s dive deeply into each service to determine the best option for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

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Our team comprises industry experts with years of experience evaluating and reviewing cybersecurity products, including VPN services. We understand the technology inside out. Our reviews are conducted with strict adherence to impartiality. We do not accept sponsorships or incentives from VPN providers, ensuring that our analysis is fair.

We strive to guide you to the best VPN for your needs by providing an in-depth, honest, and transparent analysis. Trusting our review of PureVPN vs NordVPN means relying on a systematic, unbiased, and expert perspective to help you make an informed decision.

Features of PureVPN vs NordVPN

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PureVPN offers over 6,500 servers in more than 140 countries. With features such as split tunneling, dedicated IP options, and support for up to 10 simultaneous connections, it’s a versatile choice for personal and business users.


NordVPN often excels in speed tests, thanks to its proprietary NordLynx protocol. The connection is stable, and latency is typically low, making it ideal for data-intensive tasks.

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PureVPN vs NordVPN Comparison Review:

The key aspects of PureVPN vs NordVPN put their strengths and weaknesses under the microscope. We aim to provide an informed analysis, helping you make an empowered decision when selecting the ideal VPN service for your needs.

Security and Privacy

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Both PureVPN and NordVPN employ robust encryption methods and support a variety of secure protocols. They offer features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling to enhance user security. However, NordVPN has an edge with its double VPN encryption, an extra layer of protection that routes traffic through two secure servers.

Server Network

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PureVPN boasts a vast network of servers in over 140 countries, making it ideal for users who require access to a wide range of global content. On the other hand, NordVPN’s network, though not as extensive, still spans 60 countries and includes specialty servers optimized for specific purposes, such as streaming and torrenting.

Streaming and Torrenting

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Both VPNs excel in unblocking geo-restricted content on popular streaming platforms. However, NordVPN’s dedicated servers for streaming provide a more reliable experience for seamless access to platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Both services allow P2P traffic on select servers regarding torrenting, but NordVPN’s extra security features make it a preferred choice for torrent enthusiasts.

 Speed and Performance

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NordVPN has a reputation for delivering consistently fast and reliable connection speeds. PureVPN, while generally good, may have occasional fluctuations in speed depending on the server load and location. NordVPN’s superior performance is a significant advantage for those who prioritize speed for gaming and high-definition streaming activities.

Pros & Cons of PureVPN vs NordVPN:

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PureVPN Pros:
✅ Extensive server network.
✅ User-friendly interface.
✅ Wide range of features.
✅ Excellent streaming support.

PureVPN Cons:
❌ Occasional connectivity issues.
❌ Mixed customer support reviews.

NordVPN Pros:
✅ Robust security features.
✅ Fast and reliable connection speeds.
✅ Dedicated streaming servers.
✅ Excellent customer support.

NordVPN Cons:
❌ Smaller server network compared to PureVPN.

PureVPN vs NordVPN Reviews from Customers:

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Customer reviews for both VPN services are generally positive, with users praising their ease of use, security features, and reliable connections.

PureVPN Review:
“I had some issues through the usage of this VPN service, but the Support team of this company is so good that you can write them any time and any day, and they will find a way to solve your problems. Special thanks to Oscar, who solved my problem within minutes!” – Zehrir, RU

NordVPN Review:
“I have been using Nord VPN on Windows for several months now. The reliability has been a bit rocky, and I would give it four stars if it were not for the super-friendly and responsive support. The price is unbeatable, and the service is fantastic. I would like to have a lifetime purchase regarding this product”. – Andrew, US

However, some users have reported occasional connectivity issues and customer support concerns with PureVPN vs NordVPN on the other hand, has garnered high praise for its exceptional customer support and hassle-free user experience.

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Is PureVPN vs NordVPN Worth It?

Determining which VPN is “worth it” depends on individual needs and preferences. If you prioritize a vast server network, comprehensive streaming support, and a user-friendly interface, PureVPN is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if top-notch security, fast speeds, and dedicated streaming servers are more crucial to you, NordVPN is the better option.

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PurePVN Promotions & Discounts

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Both PureVPN and NordVPN often run promotional offers and discounts. Watch for seasonal deals, special events, and long-term subscription discounts to secure the best value for your money.


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Choosing between PureVPN vs NordVPN is not straightforward, as both offer unique benefits.

  • For PureVPN vs NordVPN those prioritizing performance and robust security features, NordVPN may be the preferable option.
  • If PureVPN vs NordVPN your main concerns are flexibility, pricing, and a larger server network, PureVPN may be the better choice.

The decision ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Free trials and money-back guarantees offered by both providers enable you to test each service before committing, ensuring you make an informed choice that best suits your online privacy needs in 2023.

FAQ about PureVPN vs NordVPN

Can I use PureVPN and NordVPN on routers?

Yes, both PureVPN and NordVPN are compatible with certain router models. By configuring the VPN on a supported router, users can protect all devices connected to the network, including smart TV, gaming consoles, and devices.

Does either service offer a free trial?

While both PureVPN and NordVPN have offered free trials in the past, their policies may change over time. They should visit their official websites to check if they offer any free trials or explore other promotional offers.

Which VPN service offers more server locations?

NordVPN boasts a larger network of servers spread across more countries than PureVPN. A larger server network can be beneficial for users seeking a broader range of server locations and potentially better performance in different regions.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that PureVPN holds the Guinness World Record for “The Most Users to Connect to a Single VPN Server Simultaneously.” On November 11, 2019, during an event in the United Arab Emirates, PureVPN successfully connected 6,095 users to a single VPN server at the same time, breaking the previous record and showcasing the service’s scalability and reliability. This achievement highlights PureVPN’s capability to handle a massive number of users without compromising performance and security.

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