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From Quality to Design – My Magic Carpet Review (2023)

About My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet is a brand of washable rugs that was co-founded by Monica Dallyn, a mom and pet owner who understood the struggle of maintaining clean floors. 

Monica’s solution was to create a magic carpet, a machine-washable and non-slip rug that is stain-resistant and comes in various design patterns, colors, and sizes to fit any home’s style. The entire rug is 100% washable, making it easy for moms and pet owners to keep their floors clean and germ-free.

Monica’s passion for women-owned businesses and her love for animals also shine through in her company’s mission. She hopes to inspire other women to follow their dreams while also supporting animal shelters by offering discounts to those who adopt new pet. 

By choosing magic carpets from My Magic Carpet, customers not only simplify their lives and save their floors but also support a company that cares about its customers and the community.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the My Magic Carpet washable rugs and why this brand is such a game-changer in homes with children and pets through this My Magic Carpet review.

Why You Should Trust Us


Rest assured that you can rely on this review to guide your decision in shopping online. Our team of experts has conducted extensive research on My Magic Carpet. We analyzed My Magic Carpet products to provide an unbiased and comprehensive review. 

We also looked into their customer reviews and interviewed industry experts to ensure that our findings are accurate and reliable.

You will gain a thorough understanding of My Magic Carpet’s history, mission, and benefits of their washable rugs by reading this My Magic Carpet review. You can rely on us to provide you with valuable insights and information to assist you in rug shopping and finding the best fit for your needs with this review.

My Magic Carpet Overview


My Magic Carpet is a company that was co-founded by Monica Dallyn in the summer of 2020. The company’s main mission is to provide high-quality and stylish washable rugs that are not only easy to clean but also highly functional.

Their rugs are 100% able to be cleaned by laundry machine and are non-slip, making them perfect for households with pets or children. My Magic Carpet washable rugs are also resistant to stains, so even the toughest stains can be easily removed.

One of the things that set My Magic Carpet apart from other rug companies is their commitment to social communities. They pledged unwavering support to organizations such as Prototypes, a community service focusing on women’s collective health, and Vanderpump Dogs, a non-profit founded in 2016 committed to advocating for the welfare and lives of dogs.

By partnering with these organizations, My Magic Carpet is able to give back to their community and make a positive impact on the world.

In terms of product offerings, My Magic Carpet has a wide range of washable rugs to choose from. They offer a variety of design patterns of traditional rugs, colors, and sizes, making it easy for customers to find the perfect rug for their space. Their rugs are not only functional and pet friendly but also stylish and high-end.

My Magic Carpet is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality and functional products while also making a positive impact on their community. With their commitment to social causes, stylish designs, and easy-to-clean rugs, it’s no wonder they have become a popular choice for households across the country.

My Magic Carpet review


  • My Magic Carpet brand’s rugs are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, as they are 100% machine-washable.
  • Their rugs feature a non-slip bottom and waterproof inner liner that keeps them securely in place, providing safety and stability for any flooring.
  • My Magic Carpet brand offers a wide variety of design patterns, colors, and sizes, ensuring that there is a perfect rug for every home decor style.
  • My Magic Carpet pledges unwavering support to social communities, including Prototypes and Vanderpump Dogs, making a positive impact on society beyond just their product line.

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My Magic Carpet Products Review


My Magic Carpet is a brand that offers high-quality, durable, and stylish rugs that are perfect for any home. The brand is known for its machine-washable feature, which makes cleaning your rug quick and easy whether it is using fabric softener, mild detergent as well as standard washing machine, without sacrificing its quality and beauty. They offer various rug sizes and shapes, starting from square carpets, and rectangle carpets, up to round carpets.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of My Magic Carpet’s top products.

Parviz Grey Washable Rug

Parviz Grey Washable Rug

If you are looking for a stylish and functional rug to add warmth and charm to your home, take a look at the Parviz Grey Washable Rug. This vintage-inspired rug is an ideal combination of traditional motifs and modern materials, resulting in a rug that is both long-lasting and simple to maintain.

The Parviz rug has a lovely mix of light and dark grey, making it an excellent choice for any medium to the high-traffic area in your home or office, such as your living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms. Its non-allergenic, stain-resistant 100% microfiber polyester construction makes it pet and family-friendly, making it ideal for those who have children or pets.

Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug

Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug

The Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a colorful rug. This modern rug designs feature an Ottoman motif in a classic and timeless design that will make any flooring in your home look more elegant and sophisticated.

The combination of red and blue in the right proportions creates a stunning effect that will add a pop of color to any area. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary decor style, this woven rug will complement it beautifully. Its unique design also makes it easy to match with other decor accessories such as curtains, furniture, and wall art.

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Patchwork Multicolor Washable Rug

Patchwork Multicolor Washable Rug

The Patchwork Multicolor Washable Rug features beautifully crafted square patches in a range of vibrant colors.

The whole thing of multicolored squares are not just a beautiful sight to behold but are also versatile in the sense that they can blend with any color scheme. 

The real beauty of this magic carpet lies in its design. The square patches are arranged in a contemporary patchwork style that is both bold and inviting.

Whether you’re looking to liven up a dull living room or add a splash of color to a modern bedroom, this magic carpet washable rug is sure to deliver.

This magic carpet washable rug is beautiful, versatile, and easy-to-maintain. With its ability to match any color scheme and its soft texture, this rug is a must-have for anyone looking to add some color and style to their living space.

Kenya Beige Washable Rug

Kenya Beige Washable Rug

The Kenya Beige washable rug is a must-have for any modern home decor enthusiast. With its striking designs and patterns, it can easily blend in with any existing decor, while adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the area. The beige color waterproof lining is a classic neutral that can complement any color scheme and add warmth to the high traffic areas in your house.

The Kenya rug’s captivating designs and modish colors make it a versatile piece that can easily become the focal point of any area.

Whether placed in the living, bed, or dining room, it’s sure to impress and elevate the overall aesthetic of the space. It’s also available in different sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your home.

This washable rug is a top-notch home decor piece that can instantly elevate the style of any space. With its high-quality materials, captivating designs, and versatile color, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their living space. This magic carpet worth is top-notch.

Lattice Geometric Neutral Washable Rug

Lattice Geometric Neutral Washable Rug

The Lattice Geometric Neutral Washable Rug is a true masterpiece. This gorgeous rug is a perfect combination of modern and traditional designs.

It has amazing geometric lattice patterns that bring a sense of depth and texture to any space. The neutral tones of the rug make it easy to match with any décor style, and it is perfect for both modern and traditional homes.

The bold patterns and stylish design of the magic carpet washable rugs make it the perfect centerpiece for any living or bedroom.

It adds a sense of balance and high style to your home design. The intricate details and textures of the rug make it a true work of art, and it will be the focal point of any living space.

Its intricate design and neutral tones make it a versatile piece that can be easily incorporated into any décor style. This washable rug will definitely be a perfect addition that will elevate your space to a new level.

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Who Is My Magic Carpet For?


My Magic Carpet is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy, stylish, and affordable way to add comfort and practicality to their home decor.

The brand caters to a wide range of customers, including mothers with young children, pet owners, homeowners, apartment renters, and anyone looking for eco friendly alternative of sophistication to their living spaces. 

With its commitment to providing high-quality, machine-washable, and stain-resistant rugs in various design patterns, colors, and sizes, My Magic Carpet is an ideal choice for those who value durability, style, and practicality.

Ramage Indigo Washable Rug

Mothers with young children can benefit from the easy-to-clean, machine-washable rugs that are stain-resistant and offer a safe, non-slip surface for their children to play on. Pet owners can appreciate the durability of the rugs, which are resistant to pet stains and hair.

Homeowners and apartment renters alike can enjoy the versatility of the rugs that can be easily moved and placed in any room without heavy lifting or installation.

The magic carpet washable rugs of My Magic Carpet are also ideal for those looking to add an element of sophistication to their living spaces.

With a wide range of design patterns and colors, the rugs are perfect for adding a touch of style to any room. They are an excellent choice for those who value practicality and functionality without compromising on style and elegance.

My Magic Carpet Review: What Do Customers Think?


After diving into the customer feedback and ratings of My Magic Carpet, we were impressed by the number of satisfied customers who have shared their experiences online. We found the customers’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive and highlighted the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, durable, stylish rugs.

One aspect of My Magic Carpet that stood out in the customer reviews was the washable feature of the rugs.  One of them stated:

“I was skeptical about actually washing the rug, but it survived the washing cycle and the dryer, shook out just fine, and looks great. Dogs like it because it’s easier for them to sit or stand on the rug instead of on the hard floor. Glad I tried it. Will probably go back for seconds.” – Melissa R

Is My Magic Carpet Worth It?


Many customers praised the brand for its high-quality and durable products, with some even expressing their surprise at how well the rugs held up over time. They also appreciated the unique features of My Magic Carpet, such as its washable feature, which made it easy to keep their home clean and tidy.

In terms of design, customers were pleased with the brand’s use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns that added a touch of elegance to their home decor. Many also found the rugs to be versatile and able to fit into a variety of different design styles.

While My Magic Carpet may have a higher price tag than other rugs, customers felt the quality and features were worth the investment. In the end, whether or not to purchase a My Magic Carpet rug will depend on your personal preferences and budget. 

However, based on customer feedback, we believe the brand offers a high-quality product definitely worth considering.

My Magic Carpet Promotions & Discounts


Don’t miss out on the exclusive deals currently available on My Magic Carpet’s website! They’re offering discounts on their high-quality rugs, giving you the chance to save big while upgrading your home decor.

And if you’re looking to make the most of your limited space, My Magic Carpet has you covered with high-quality washable rugs. With their stylish design and practicality, you can add a touch of elegance to your home.

Where to Buy My Magic Carpet


You can purchase their products directly from their website buymymagiccarpet.com, where they offer free shipping to all 48 states in the contiguous US. If you’re located in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, you can still order My Magic Carpet and have it shipped to you at daily shipping rates.

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FAQ about My Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet review

How do I wash My Magic Carpet rug?

My Magic Carpet rugs are designed to be machine-washable for your convenience. Simply place the rug in your washing machine with cold water and a gentle detergent, and wash it on a delicate cycle. You can then tumble dry the rug on low heat or air dry it outside. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the rug’s fibers.

How to Contact My Magic Carpet


If you are interested in any more information that is not included in this evaluation, you can reach them in:

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: @buymymagiccarpet on Instagram 


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