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McGee & Co. Review – Must Read This Before Buying

About McGee & Co. 

Looking to elevate your home decor game? Look no further than McGee & Co. Founded by Syd and Shea McGee; this brand has made a name for itself in home furnishings and decor with over 1.6M followers on Instagram. With a mix of modern and traditional elements, McGee & Co.’s products offer a timeless elegance that is both chic and comfortable. From furniture and lighting to bedding and rugs, this brand has everything you need to transform your home into a stylish sanctuary.

In this McGee & Co. review, we’ll dive into what makes McGee & Co. such a popular choice among homeowners and design enthusiasts, from their best-selling products to what customers are saying about the brand. So, let’s get started and see what this brand offers!

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McGee & Co. review

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McGee & Co. Overview

McGee & Co

McGee & Co. is an interior brand created by Studio McGee, offering designer pieces that elevate any home decor. The brand has curated and designed every product in its catalog alongside Shea McGee, ensuring that every item is thoughtfully designed with big ideas using high-end materials. Each piece in the collection tells the story of its craftsmanship, from bench-made upholstery to hand-woven rugs, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking long-lasting and beautiful home decor.

What sets McGee & Co. brand apart is its ability to curate products that adapt to the seasons and grow with the home. The brand’s selection of products is carefully chosen by designers, allowing customers to make their homes beautiful year after year effortlessly. With a focus on quality and detail, McGee & Co. aims to create a brand that customers can trust for both quality and aesthetics.

Founded by Shea McGee, who previously ran the successful design firm Studio McGee, the brand was born out of a love for products that make homes look and feel beautiful. As a customer herself, Shea understood the pains of searching for the perfect piece and was intimately familiar with quality and detail. This led her to create a brand that people could trust for both quality and aesthetic, with a refined catalogue of products they could turn to again and again.

McGee & Co.’s catalogue includes a selection of pieces that marry timeless, traditional styles with modern, innovative concepts. The brand’s commitment to thoughtful intention and attention to detail has allowed it to grow while staying true to its initial vision of creating beautiful dream home and bringing customers along for the journey.


  • Timeless and elegant dream home decor products that are designed in-house

  • A mix of modern and traditional elements that offer a unique and sophisticated aesthetic

  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship that ensure durability and longevity

  • A seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, with both brick-and-mortar stores and an online store available

  • Exceptional customer service and a strong reputation in the home decor industry

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McGee & Co. Products Review

McGee & Co. is a brand that offers designer pieces curated by experts in the industry. With a focus on quality and detail, each item is thoughtfully designed using high-end materials, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking beautiful, long-lasting home decor. In this section, I will showcase some of their best products.

Fierro Upholstered Sofa

Fierro Upholstered Sofa

The Fierro Upholstered Sofa from McGee & Co. is a luxurious and inviting piece of furniture that has been designed with comfort and style in mind. Handcrafted to perfection, this sofa features cushions that are filled with a feather blend around a high-strength suspension, ensuring a plush and comfortable seating experience.

The sofa’s modern form is accentuated by maple legs, which provide a subtle and stylish detail to the overall design. One of the key features of this sofa is its customizability – customers can choose from a wide array of fabrics, ranging from soft velvet to performance crypton. This made-to-order piece can be entirely personalized, making it a perfect fit for any home decor style.

The Fierro Upholstered Sofa has been designed to provide both comfort and durability. Its high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that the sofa is built to last, withstanding daily wear and tear with ease. The feather blend cushions offer a comfortable and cozy seating experience, while the high-strength suspension provides the necessary support to keep the sofa in perfect condition.

Overall, the Fierro Upholstered Sofa from McGee & Co. is a timeless and stylish piece of furniture that is both inviting and comfortable. With its customizable fabric options and high-quality construction, it is a perfect addition to any home looking to elevate its decor game.

Sascha Slipcover Dining Chair

Sascha Slipcover Dining Chair

The Sascha Slipcover Dining Chair from McGee & Co. is a beautifully handcrafted piece of furniture that is both comfortable and stylish. Designed to provide luxurious comfort, the chair’s cushions are tightly filled with a feather blend, creating a firm yet inviting seat that will remain comfortable for extended periods of time.

The chair’s slipcover fabric around the base adds a touch of approachability to the overall design, while the tapered wood legs lend a classic detail to your dining space. This updated take on a traditional staple is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their dining area.

One of the key features of the Sascha Slipcover Dining Chair is its customizability. Customers can choose from a wide array of fabrics, allowing them to make this made-to-order piece entirely their own. This level of customization ensures that the chair perfectly complements any existing home decor style.

Herrin Coffee Table

Herrin Coffee Table

The Herrin Coffee Table from McGee & Co. is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that is both simplistic and modern in design. The table has been designed to stand the test of time, ensuring that it remains a staple in your home for years to come. Constructed from solid oak and finished in a walnut stain, the table exudes warmth and dimension, making it a perfect fit for any living room decor.

The table’s solid oak construction ensures that it is built to last, withstanding daily wear and tear with ease. The walnut stain finish adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design, making it a perfect fit for any home looking to add a touch of warmth to its decor.

Clyde Sconce

Clyde Sconce

The Clyde Sconce from McGee & Co. is a beautifully crafted lighting fixture that brings an air of elegance and sophistication to any decor. Its unique blend of traditional and modern design elements make it a perfect fit for any home looking to elevate its lighting game.

One of the standout features of the Clyde Sconce is its reeded glass shade, which complements the burnished bronze or antique brass curved arm, creating a unique and sophisticated visual detail on the wall. The shade provides a soft and warm light, making it ideal for creating a cozy ambiance in any room.

This versatile sconce can be used in a variety of settings, whether to provide focused lighting in a reading nook or to create a soft glow in a bedroom or living room. The sconce’s design allows it to blend seamlessly with any decor style, making it a perfect addition to any home.

Henrietta Bed

Henrietta Bed

The Henrietta Bed from McGee & Co. is a stylish and versatile addition to any bedroom. Made with a coated linen in a timeless oatmeal hue, this upholstered bed offers a stately and neutral look that serves as a perfect anchor for your spare bedroom decor.

One of the key features of the Henrietta Bed is its subtly traditional curved design in the headboard. The graceful curve adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design, making it a perfect fit for any decor style. The oatmeal hue of the coated linen fabric creates a calming and inviting atmosphere that is easy to style with any bedding or accessories.

The Henrietta Bed’s high-quality construction ensures that it is built to last, withstanding daily wear and tear with ease. The bed’s durable materials and sturdy design make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a beautiful and long-lasting bed.

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Who Is McGee & Co. For?

Manchester Pendant

McGee & Co. is for anyone who values elegant and timeless home decor. The brand’s range of products caters to those who appreciate quality craftsmanship, sophisticated design, and attention to detail. McGee & Co. offers a wide selection of furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories, allowing customers to create a cohesive and stylish look for their homes. Whether you’re a homeowner, a stay at home mom, an interior designer, or simply looking to elevate your home decor, McGee & Co. has something for everyone. The brand’s focus on quality, versatility, and style makes it a perfect fit for anyone looking to create a beautiful and welcoming home.

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McGee & Co. Review: What Do Customers Think?

Pura Sea Salt Driftwood Home Fragrance Refill

No McGee & Co. review is complete without taking a look at what customers have to say about the brand. We have scoured the internet to bring you a comprehensive overview of how buyers perceive this home decor brand.

McGee & Co. has built a loyal following of customers who appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality and design. Customers have praised the brand’s attention to detail, with many noting the superior craftsmanship and durability of the products. The brand’s wide selection of products has also been praised, with customers noting the ease of finding complementary pieces to create a cohesive and stylish look.

Customers have also commended McGee & Co. for their exceptional customer service. The brand’s helpful and knowledgeable staff have been praised for their willingness to go above and beyond to help customers find the perfect products for their homes. Many customers have noted that their interactions with McGee & Co. have been positive and that they feel valued as customers.

“I’ll be honest: I was a little nervous ordering some furniture from McGee & Co. I’d ordered Christmas tree decor in the past and the delivery experience + product quality was great there but the items I was ordering this time around (ottoman stools) were bigger and the previous reviews of terrible experiences had me anxious! Thankful I took the plunge anyway though. My two ottoman stools came quickly and they are SUCH good quality. I love them!! Hopefully if I do order bigger pieces in the future from them, I’ll have a continued positive experience.” – Lucy A.

“I have placed numerous orders with Mcgee and Co. Each time I am highly satisfied. Quick shipping, packaging is amazing. And every piece is beautiful and well made and has made my home a HOME. ❤️” – Cheri Poe

The only criticism that some customers have had is the higher price point of some of the products. However, many have noted that the quality and longevity of the products make them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Overall, customers of McGee & Co. have been consistently satisfied with their purchases and the brand’s commitment to quality and design. The brand’s exceptional customer service has also been a standout feature for many customers.

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Is McGee & Co. Worth It?

Byron Settee

Yes, McGee & Co. is worth it if you are looking for high-quality home decor products that are well-crafted, versatile, and stylish. While some of their products may have a higher price point, customers consistently praise the brand’s commitment to quality and design. McGee & Co. offers a wide selection of products that cater to a range of styles and preferences, allowing customers to create a cohesive and stylish look for their homes. Additionally, the brand’s exceptional customer service ensures that customers feel valued and supported throughout their shopping experience. Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality home decor products that are built to last, McGee & Co. is definitely worth considering.

McGee & Co. Promotions & Discounts

Haviland Outdoor Sofa

McGee & Co. occasionally offers promotions and discounts on their products. The best way to stay up-to-date on their current deals is to subscribe to their email newsletter or follow them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They also offer occasional sales on select products throughout the year, including seasonal promotions. Customers can also find some of their products at discounted prices in their sale section on their website. McGee & Co. values their customers and often runs promotions and discounts to show their appreciation for their loyalty. So, if you’re interested in purchasing their products, it’s worth checking for any current deals or promotions.

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Where to Buy McGee & Co. 

Lafayette Pillow Cover

McGee & Co. products can be purchased directly from their website, mcgeeandco.com. They offer a wide selection of home decor products, including furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories, which can be easily browsed and purchased online. McGee & Co. products can also be found at select retailers across the country, including Nordstrom and Anthropologie. However, the best place to purchase McGee & Co. products is directly from their website, where you’ll find their full selection of products and can take advantage of any current discounts.

FAQ about McGee & Co. 

What is the difference between McGee & Co. and Studio McGee?

McGee & Co. is a premium home decor brand that was founded by Shea McGee, the renowned interior designer and founder of Studio McGee.

What style is Studio McGee considered?

Studio McGee’s interior design style is often described as “Classic Modern Rustic” due to their unique approach of blending different interior styles to create a cohesive and comprehensive space. Their skilled mix of traditional and modern elements creates a timeless and sophisticated look that is both inviting and functional. This approach allows them to design spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable for everyday living. The brand’s ability to mix and match different styles seamlessly is what sets them apart and has made them one of the most sought-after interior design firms in the industry.

What is McGee & Co. shipping policy?

McGee & Co. is committed to providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience for their customers. They strive to ship all in-stock items as quickly as possible, typically within 1-2 business days of placing your order. For certain made-to-order products, customers can expect their orders to ship within 5-7 business days. Once your order is shipped, carrier tracking information will be provided to help you track the progress of your delivery.
Transit times for orders vary depending on the product and location. Typically, customers can expect their orders to arrive within 2-7 business days once they are shipped. McGee & Co. values their customers’ time and strives to ensure that their products are delivered in a timely manner. With their efficient shipping costs and commitment to customer satisfaction, customers can expect a hassle-free shopping experience with McGee & Co.

How to Contact McGee & Co. 

Westcott Wire Caddy

If you have any questions or concerns that were not covered in this review, McGee & Co. offers several convenient ways to get in touch with their customer service team. You can visit their Contact Us page on their website and submit your query or concern through the online form provided. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via phone at (385) 429-2005 or by email at [email protected]. Their customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

The McGee & Co. team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and is always ready to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have.


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