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Kent Brushes Review 2023: Provide Your Luxury Hair Style

About Kent Brushes

Kent Brushes

“There’s no such thing as a great haircare routine without a great hairbrush.”

Picking the best hair brush for your hair type and goals is an influential factor in getting a great hair routine.

Have you tried Kent Brushes? This product has been crafting exquisite brushes since 1777, with over 240 years of expertise in hair care.

On our page, you can find more about Kent Brushes review beginning with its products, customer reviews, promotions, discounts, etc. So, read more to find out if Kent Brushes is one of the products you’re looking for.

Why You Should Trust Us

Kent Baby Brushes

Our company delves deeply into a specific area, bringing you the most up-to-date information on Kent Brushes.

To bring you the latest and most accurate information about brands and products, we rely on the input of experts in the field. We’re here to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

Help us prepare you to make wise financial choices by letting us do the legwork. Since you can count on us, you can relax and enjoy yourself with Kent Brushes Review 2023.

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Kent Brushes Overview

Kent Brushes Review

Kent Brushes prides itself on its sustainability and environmental commitment. Their products are made with materials from sources that are good for the environment, and they also try to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible by using eco-friendly packaging and production methods.

Founded by William Kent, Kent Brushes is known as one of the oldest in the world and has a long history of making high-quality hair brushes.

Kent Brushes has been around since the 18th century and has been granted by no less than nine British monarchs, including Victoria, George VI, and the current monarch, Elizabeth II.

Renowned for its high quality and meticulous craftsmanship, each brush is handmade carefully using only the highest quality materials and time-honored methods. Kent Brushes guarantees you will have luxury and high-quality hair care products.


  • Made special handmade brushes
  • Distribute to more than 50 countries worldwide
  • Consist of products for any hair type, length, or style, and budget
  • Eco-friendly packaging and care for your clothes
  • Sustainable & environmental materials

Now, prepare for your healthy, glossy, and fabulous hair experience by reading about each of the best-selling Kent Brushes products below.

Kent Brushes Products Review

Kent Brush Grooming Gift Set

A wide selection of high-quality hair brushes, combs, and other brushes for grooming purposes is available at Kent Brushes.

Kent Brushes offers hairbrushes, combs, shaving brushes, and grooming brushes based on any hair type. Kent Brushes has a product that is sure to meet your personal needs. Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair became this year’s most wanted product.

Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair

Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair

Kent Brushes Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair is a high-quality comb for those with fine or thinning hair. Plant-based material will make your hair gentle and scalp. The compact size will make carrying easier in a pocket or purse.

The comb has a pleasant scent that makes you feel more relaxed. The comb’s small, closely-spaced teeth make your short hair much simpler to manage and style.

Because of its handcrafted nature and premium materials, Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair is an excellent option for anyone shopping for a compact tool to help them create their ideal hairdo.

Hear what their happy customer said: “The Best. I have been using a Kent comb for years as it is so much kinder to the scalp than all others on the market, so was pretty upset to lose it, hence the repeat purchase.”

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Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush

Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush

Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush has bristles that combine nylon and natural boar bristles; these are gentle on the hair, eliminate static, and enhance shine. The brush can be used on any hair type or length to achieve a wide range of looks.

As a high-quality hairbrush, it’s designed to be gentle on your hair and scalp while providing you with styling performance. You’ll be praised for its effectiveness and vintage-ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to hold and use.

Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush is well-suited for various hair types and lengths. Those who desire a nice-looking and efficient hairstyle tool find it an excellent choice.

Mens Finest Cherrywood Pure White Bristle Oval Travel Brush

Mens Finest Cherrywood Pure White Bristle Oval Travel Brush

Mens Finest Cherrywood Pure White Bristle Oval Travel Brush looks different from the other Kent products. The brush’s compact size and oval shape make it easier to grip and control.

With a guarantee of high-quality materials used, including cherrywood handles and pure white bristles, will gently scalp your hair. Congratulations! You’re in the right way to have smooth and shiny hair.

Their effective performance and stylish design make Mens Finest Cherrywood Pure White Bristle Oval Travel Brush popular among those seeking a reliable and convenient travel hairbrush.

Hear what their happy customer said: “Top Quality. You can feel the heritage and quality. A simple and functional item, I regard it as the hairbrush equivalent of other quality marks: Taylors of Old Bond Street, Asser, Turnbull, Rolex, Dunhill Lighter, Saville Row tailoring, Jaguar, etc. Those that know. Kent Brushes are the only brushes for me.”

Perfect For Detangling Large Quill Paddle Brush

Perfect For Detangling Large Quill Paddle Brush

Detangling Large Quill Paddle Brush gives a very well hairbrush experience without making you hurt or feel bad. Has a large quill paddle that will cover your hair as much as possible and detangle it gently.

With natural bristles and a strong, comfortable handle, you are one step ahead to adding shine and smoothness to your hair. Also, you will experience an easier way to style and manage.

The brush has been heavier than expected, which may make it more challenging to use for extended periods.

2-in-1 Hairbrush with Perfume Pads

2 in 1 Hairbrush with Perfume Pads

Known as newcomers, a 2-in-1 Hairbrush with Perfume Pads can be suitable for freshening your hair while brushing it. The perfume pads can provide a light scent that lasts for a short period, making it ideal for you who are on the go or don’t want to use strong fragrances.

This product will fit you well if you have longer or thicker hair. The “2-in-1” word represents effectiveness also with the high-quality depending on the brand and design model.

Overall, the 2-in-1 Hairbrush with Perfume Pads is the best choice and value for the money.

Two heads are better than one!

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Who Is Kent Brushes For?

Kent Brushes Products

Kent Brushes is a UK-based company that makes exceptional hair care tools like brushes and combs. Anyone who maintains healthy and lustrous hair can benefit from using their products.

Those with thick, curly, or long hair often prefer Kent Brushes because they are specially made to gently untangle hair without causing breakage. Boar bristle brushes, paddle brushes, and round brushes are some of the options among the company’s many offerings of hair care tools.

Suppose you want to invest in a long-lasting hairbrush that will make your hair look wonderful and be kind to the environment because it is made from all-natural and renewable materials. In that case, a Kent Brush is a great alternative.

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Kent Brushes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Kent Brushes Product

We reviewed numerous customer evaluations from their website to better understand Kent Brushes.

Here, we’ve compiled all the ratings and comments we could discover on the official brand site and another review platform. Sometimes, customers will provide specifics about their time with Kent Brushes products.

Ratings & Reviews:

  • Handmade 112mm Pocket Comb Fine Hair, 4.9 out of 5 stars with 94 reviews.
  • Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush, 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 143 reviews.
  • Mens Finest Cherrywood Pure White Bristle Oval Travel Brush, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 52 reviews.
  • Perfect For Detangling Large Quill Paddle Brush, 4.9 out of 5 stars with 36 reviews.

Kent Brushes collects relatively positive reviews from its customers. Here, you can find some of the customer’s experiences with the products.

“Excellent Quality. I have used these pocket combs for last 25+ years but keep on losing them. Please keep making them.”

“Excellent as always. Kent combs are ideal for my fine hair. They slide through it without pulling. I always keep one of the small ones in my handbag.”

“Good for crazy hair. I bought this for my daughter to replace her old one – we haven’t found anything else to deal with her wild hair.”

Overall, customer ratings and reviews can provide valuable insights into the product’s effectiveness, quality, and value for money. These factors can be your guide to considering Kent Brushes products to buy.

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Is Kent Brushes Worth It?

Kent Brushes Manufacturer

Kent Brushes is well-known for its superior hairbrushes and combs, built to last and perform admirably. The company’s brushes are long-lasting and gentle on the hair since they are made from high-quality materials like boar bristles and wood from sustainable sources.

Kent Brushes may be more expensive than other hairbrushes, but many consumers agree that the extra money is well worth it.

Overall, Kent Brushes are a good option if you’re looking for a luxury hairbrush and can afford to spend a little more on quality and longevity.

Kent Brushes Promotions & Discounts

Kent Brushes Essentials Gift Set

Kent Brushes provides you to get a 10% off for your next order by signing up for your email and subscribing to the website.

Based on their website, Kent Brushes does not have any promotions running. However, you can search for coupons or discount codes on the other website you can use during your purchase.

Where to Buy Kent Brushes?

Kent Brushes Store

The new Kent Brushes retail shop is open, and you are welcome to come and visit Kent Brushes at London Road, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP3 9SA.

Also, you can find the Kent Brushes factory and HQ in Hertfordshire. If you need brush advice or have questions, call Kent’s Customer Care at +44 (0)1442 23 26 23. One of the Kent Brushes team is always on hand to help.

FAQ about Kent Brushes

How to clean Kent’s brush?

If you want to know how to clean, store and take good care of your Kent brush or comb to maintain its original characteristics and help extend its life. Alternatively, you can contact Kent’s Customer Care team.
Please note it is vital that you follow the product aftercare guide. You can view Kent’s product warranty on their website.

What are Kent’s bristles made of?

The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests worldwide for their beauty, grain, color, and suitability to be shaped, drilled, and polished.

How to find out when a product is back in stock?

You can go through the website, and if you see that a product is currently out of stock, click on the “Notify Me When Available link,” then enter your email address. We will then notify you when the product is available to purchase.

How to Contact Kent Brushes

Kent Brushes Logo

One of the Kent Brushes team is always on hand to help at +44 (0)1442 23 26 23. Kent’s website provides a live chat feature to ask for their help and have a real-time chat with their customer care.

Fun Fact!

In WWII, German air raids hit the Kent Brushes factory seventeen times. However, the workers showed amazing courage and endurance amidst the falling bombs and carried on work using tarpaulins to cover the gaping holes in the roofs.


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