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GXVE Beauty Review 2023: Are They Really As Iconic As Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani has never hidden her love for cosmetics. The three-time Grammy winner is a gifted singer and composer, and she is most known for her signature winged eyeliner and striking red lipstick. When she first broke into the music business, these characteristics helped her stand out from the crowd. As a result, she has taken her passion for cosmetics and turned it into a lucrative business by founding GXVE Beauty.

About GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani
GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s unwavering love of the cosmetics business served as inspiration for GXVE Beauty. Named after a brilliant combination of “G” for Gwen and “X” for a kiss, the Stefani brand is as distinctive as the designer herself. It’s a method to spread the magic of cosmetics to the masses, so it’s more than simply a name.

The company’s namesake, Gwen, insists that her wares provide more than just eye candy; they must also function superbly and feel fantastic when worn. GXVE Beauty is a tribute to the amazing group of people who find joy and self-expression in experimenting with makeup and sharing their results with the world.

Early in March, the brand launched and began selling on both Sephora and its website. Eyeshadow quads, waterproof gel pencil eyeliners, ultra-fine brow pencils, sculpting eyebrow pencils, hydrating face oil, liquid matte lipstick, satin lipstick, and matte lipstick are just some of the eight product categories offered by GXVE Beauty. These premium items have a price tag of $21 to $48 and are made with nothing but the purest ingredients.

Why You Should Trust Us

GXVE beauty are sustainable
GXVE by Gwen Stefani are sustainable

The simplicity of your buying experience is our top priority. The process of making a purchase can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We look at every possible aspect of a product when doing our evaluations. We contact industry professionals and listen carefully to client feedback as we design and improve each product.

Don’t worry; we’ll never give you anything but the straight scoop. Find everything from high-end, pricey items to more affordable options, all in one convenient location. Now that the hard part has been taken care of, you can kick back and relax. The dissemination of relevant data for smart purchasing decisions is a top goal for us. Then kick your feet up, relax, and trust your online purchases.

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GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Overview

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Lipstick
GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Lipstick

GXVE combines work and play by drawing on Gwen Stefani’s famed fashion sense and her years of experience working on the makeup side of the stage. Those who are passionate about cosmetics and yearn for the freedom to show their individuality and creativity through it should embrace high-impact, professional-grade formulas created just for them.

GXVE lauds the remarkable in the commonplace, appealing to those who enjoy trying out new styles only to scrub them off and start over. If you’re not shy about turning up the volume on your attractiveness, GXVE is the perfect choice for you.

GXVE’s formulas are known for being highly pigmented and long-lasting, making them ideal for creating a wide range of looks. You won’t find any parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic perfumes in our products, and they’re all cruelty-free and made without animal testing.

They are proud of the fact that their products are made from eco-friendly components. Made from FSC-approved paperboard, the outer cartons are recyclable on their whole. Sustainable materials like PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic or glass are used for the primary containers.

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Products Review

GXVE Signature Look Sets

Their versatile, easy-to-use items, which come in a range of flattering tones and bold accent colors, are perfect for any occasion, from performing on stage to dropping off the kids at school to going out for the night.

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Lengthening & Lifting Mascara

GXVE Beauty Lengthening Lifting Mascara
GXVE Beauty Lengthening Lifting Mascara

The GXVE Beauty Lengthening & Lifting Mascara will accentuate each and every one of your lashes. The bristles of its precision brush are designed to firmly grab and separate lashes at their bases, preventing clumping while it lengthens, lifts, and defines. The mascara’s vegan, ultra-lightweight composition helps maintain lifted, silky lashes. In addition, there is no smudging or flaking of the dark, pristine pigments on the lashes. Ninety-seven percent of study participants saw longer, curlier lashes after only one application, as well as noticeably thicker lashes with a curl that extended from root to tip.

Their happy customer said: “This is a great separation and lengthening mascara. The wand is a straight comb with an useful bulb tip applicator. The round part is great for bottom lashes. Its not flaky and stays on all day long.”


  • Lengthening
  • Lifting
  • Volume
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Affordable

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GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani I’m Still Here High-Performance Matte Liquid Lipstick

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani I'm Still Here High-Performance Matte Liquid Lipstick
Im Still Here High Performance Matte Liquid Lipstick

This feathery liquid lipstick is the key to achieving Gwen’s “signature red lip” or creating your own unique shade of Gwen’s signature lip look. The mask-proof nature of this product prevents the color from fading, feathering, or transferring and keeps it looking fresh for hours. The lipstick’s high-quality pigmentation holds true to its hue while leaving behind an ultra-matte finish that’s gentle on the lips. This lipstick, like all others made by GXVE, is formulated without using any animal products and is completely cruelty-free.

Their happy customer said: “I don’t typically wear red lips, but now it’s my FAVE! Feels great on, stays on, and doesn’t dry out my lips. 10/10 recommend!!”


  • Longwear
  • Smoothing
  • Matte

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Eye See In Color Multidimensional Eye Shadow Quad

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Eye See In Color Multidimensional Eye Shadow Quad
Eye See In Color Multidimensional Eye Shadow Quad

These highly-pigmented eyeshadows were designed to help you achieve a wide range of different looks, from natural to dramatic, with a single palette. The ultra-rich color payoff comes in buttery, multidimensional finishes, and the formulas are blendable, creamy, and no-crease. Use either fingers or a brush to apply. These eyeshadows, like the rest of GXVE’s offerings, are cruelty-free, vegan, and made with only the purest ingredients.

Their happy customer said: “Eye See In Color in Simple Kind of Life is a fabulous neutral palette for all! There is so much you can do with it from creating some depth as well as great colors to pair with some of the bolder palettes! It is a daily go to for me now. I feel polished but not overdone… it pairs beautiful with a bold red lip or a neutral lip and dramatic eyes!!!”


  • Easy-To-Use
  • High-Pigment

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Line It Up 24-Hr Waterproof Gel Liner

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Line It Up 24-Hr Waterproof Gel Liner
Line It Up by GVXE Beauty

Line It Up by GVXE Beauty is a gel pencil for lining the eyes that is both long-lasting and waterproof. The high-performance color is easily blended and applied evenly thanks to the creamy composition. Provides a window of time for play before drying to a dry, non-moving finish that lasts for 24 hours. This eye liner, like other GXVE products, is cruelty-free, cruelty-free to animals, and cleanly formulated.

Their happy customer said: “This is my go to liner no doubt! The gel glides on perfectly and lasts all day. I don’t have to worry about it smudging or melting off! Love these liners!”


  • High Pigment
  • Longwear
  • Waterproof

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani All Time Prime Hydrating Multi-Use Prep & Smooth Oil

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani All Time Prime Hydrating Multi-Use Prep & Smooth Oil
Smooth Face Oil by GXVE Beauty

This multipurpose, lightweight oil will leave your skin looking radiant and supple for 24 hours. Use it on its own as a primer or incorporate it into your foundation for an extra dose of hydration. These oils are high in omegas and also include skin soothers like aloe and meadowfoam seed oil. This facial oil, like all others from the GXVE line, is cruelty-free, cruelty-free to animals, and made with only the purest ingredients.

Their happy customer said: “Really enjoying this product! Rockin packaging and pleasant light scent. Soaks right in leaving no residue. Works as a fantastic primer! Makeup worked well with it. Who doesn’t love a twofer product!”


  • Hydrating
  • Dewy

Who Is GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani For?

Who Is GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani For?
GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani 2

Gwen is overjoyed to be releasing GXVE, the product of her lifelong fixation on cosmetics. Gwen has always looked to the world of makeup as a method to express herself artistically and motivate those around her. Gwen, who worked as a makeup artist in Anaheim in her younger years, can attest to the transformational impact of cosmetics and the range of feelings it may arouse.

GXVE is committed to supporting the needs of cosmetics enthusiasts around. They can share their thoughts openly with one another and learn from one another’s perspectives. Gwen is overjoyed to have the chance to design a setting that encourages such innovative thinking. She can’t wait to be a part of this group’s development and see the amazing things that will come out of it.

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GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Review: What Do Customers Think?

GXVE Is Bold Clean Color Designed Sustainably
GXVE Is Bold Clean Color Designed Sustainably

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani was an instant success when it was released. Gwen Stefani’s cosmetic fervor was a big hit with fans. Customers like how creative and unique the company is. Users adore GXVE Beauty because it facilitates personal expression via cosmetics. Customers can experiment with their identities and identities can experiment with the products.

The quality of GXVE Beauty products is praised by customers. The company is known for producing high-quality, cutting-edge cosmetics. The line’s pigmentation, blendability, and lasting power have won over enthusiasts, and it now includes everything from eyeshadow palettes to long-lasting lipsticks. The quality of the products is excellent and on par with that of other luxury cosmetics brands.

Additionally, the GXVE Beauty community is a selling point. Gwen Stefani has created a network of positive, supportive, and informative beauty enthusiasts. Because GXVE Beauty values diversity and acceptance, its customers feel at home in its community.

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Is GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani Worth It?

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani
GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani

There are several reasons why you should invest in GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani. The first thing you should know about this brand is that its products have excellent pigmentation, blend-ability, and longevity. Second, the variety allows customers to explore their style and exhibit their individuality. Thirdly, GXVE Beauty has created a welcoming and inclusive community for makeup artists and fans. Finally, despite being a luxury brand, many customers believe that the GXVE Beauty products’ experience and overall quality are worth the cost.

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FAQ About GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani

Is GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani products made for all skin types?

GXVE Beauty products are made to work for all skin types and have been clinically tried and proven not to be irritating. If you have specific worries or allergies, please check the product’s ingredient list and talk to your doctor.

Do GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani ship internationally?

They are currently shipped within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We know that Gwen has fans all over the world who want to try GXVE Beauty. Our team is working hard to grow to more countries, so keep an eye on our social media pages for any news.

What does Gwen Stefani do at GXVE?

Gwen Stefani started GXVE Beauty as a way to share her love of beauty with the people who have supported her over the years. Gwen is very active in all parts of the brand and the creation of the products. She has put her creative vision and real love of beauty into GXVE.

Fun Fact!

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefani is a line of cosmetics that reflects Gwen’s bright and varied sense of style. The brand’s lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes are highly pigmented symbols of its commitment to uniqueness and freedom of expression. Because of Gwen’s commitment to diversity and her love of all things beautiful, GXVE Beauty encourages women all over the world to embrace their brand of individual glamor.


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