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2023 Firstbase.io Review: Is It Legit?

In a remarkably brief span of three years, Firstbase.io has emerged as a trailblazing platform that has revolutionized the process of business incorporation for thousands of entrepreneurs across 120 countries. With its unparalleled success in assisting founders worldwide to register their businesses in the United States, Firstbase.io stands head and shoulders above other incorporation services in the market.

Learn more about it with this Firstbase.io review article.

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Firstbase.io Overview

firstbase.io review

Firstbase.io is a cutting-edge platform that is transforming the way entrepreneurs approach business incorporation and remote work infrastructure. Since its inception in 2018, Firstbase.io has rapidly emerged as a market leader, assisting thousands of businesses from over 120 countries in registering their companies. With its innovative solutions and comprehensive services, Firstbase.io is reshaping the landscape of launching and managing businesses worldwide.

However, Firstbase extends its services beyond incorporation, demonstrating a strong commitment to addressing the most challenging issues faced by startups. The team is dedicated to solving these problems, with a particular emphasis on:

💡 Democratizing access to financial infrastructure.

💡 Automating mundane tasks faced by founders.

💡 Making tools and resources accessible to all.

💡 Building integrated solutions and removing friction.

💡 Delivering opportunities to traditionally overlooked founders and companies.

💡 Democratizing access to knowledge.

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Is Firstbase.io Legit?

Yes, Firstbase.io is a legitimate platform that offers a range of services to assist entrepreneurs with business incorporation, remote work infrastructure, and related solutions. The company has gained recognition and positive reviews from users who have utilized their services. With a focus on streamlining the incorporation process, providing hardware deployment, software management, compliance support, and other features, Firstbase.io aims to support startups and empower founders in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Firstbase.io Pros & Cons

Pros of Firstbase.io:

✅ Streamlined Incorporation Process: Firstbase.io simplifies the process of business incorporation, providing an intuitive interface and expert guidance, making it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate the necessary steps.

✅ Global Accessibility: Firstbase.io enables entrepreneurs from around the world to register their businesses in the United States, expanding opportunities for startups to tap into the U.S. market.

✅ All-in-One Company OS: Firstbase.io offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, allowing entrepreneurs to manage various aspects of their business operations in one centralized platform.

✅ Remote Work Infrastructure Solutions: Firstbase.io addresses the challenges of managing a remote workforce by providing services such as hardware deployment, software management, and compliance support.

✅ Compliance and Legal Support: Firstbase.io offers expert guidance and resources to ensure businesses remain compliant with regulations, reducing legal risks and establishing a strong legal foundation.

Cons of Firstbase.io:

❌ Limited Hardware Options: Firstbase.io has partnerships with specific hardware providers, which may limit the available options for startups seeking more specialized or customized equipment.

❌ Scalability Challenges: While Firstbase.io is suitable for startups and small businesses, larger enterprises with complex infrastructure needs may find scalability limitations.

❌ Cost Considerations: While Firstbase.io offers cost-saving opportunities, there may still be expenses associated with hardware deployment, software licensing, and additional services, which startups should consider.

❌ Learning Curve: As with any new platform, there may be a learning curve for entrepreneurs unfamiliar with Firstbase.io’s interface and features. However, the platform provides guidance and support to help users navigate the system.

❌ Limited Geographical Focus: While Firstbase.io facilitates access to the U.S. market, its services are primarily focused on businesses seeking to incorporate in the United States, which may not be suitable for entrepreneurs targeting other countries.

It’s important for startups to carefully evaluate their specific needs and consider these pros and cons when deciding whether Firstbase.io is the right fit for their business incorporation and remote work infrastructure requirements.

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Firstbase.io Features

is firstbase.io legit

⭐ Business Incorporation: Firstbase.io simplifies the process of business incorporation, providing an intuitive platform and expert guidance to help entrepreneurs register their businesses.

⭐ Hardware Deployment: The platform offers a hardware deployment service, allowing businesses to easily ship and install necessary equipment, such as laptops and peripherals, to remote employees worldwide.

⭐ Software Management: Firstbase.io provides software management capabilities, allowing businesses to efficiently allocate and monitor software licenses across their remote workforce, ensuring compliance and optimizing costs.

⭐ Compliance and Legal Support: Firstbase.io offers assistance in navigating tax, legal, and regulatory compliance issues associated with remote work, helping businesses maintain compliance and minimize legal risks.

⭐ Remote Work Infrastructure: The platform focuses on simplifying remote work infrastructure, offering services such as hardware deployment, software management, and compliance support to optimize remote team operations.

⭐ Financial Infrastructure: Firstbase.io aims to democratize access to financial infrastructure by providing resources and support for startups to obtain banking services, payment solutions, and funding opportunities.

⭐ Task Automation: The platform automates mundane tasks commonly faced by founders, streamlining workflows and freeing up time for entrepreneurs to focus on strategic initiatives.

⭐ Integrated Solutions: Firstbase.io aims to build integrated solutions that remove friction and enhance efficiency in business operations, providing a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected tools and services.

⭐ Accessibility to Tools and Resources: Firstbase.io strives to make essential tools and resources easily accessible to entrepreneurs, offering a centralized hub with legal documents, templates, educational materials, and other resources.

⭐ Knowledge Sharing: The platform promotes knowledge sharing through educational resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, ensuring entrepreneurs have access to valuable insights and guidance.

These features collectively make Firstbase.io a comprehensive platform that addresses various aspects of business incorporation, remote work infrastructure, compliance, financial access, and knowledge sharing, empowering startups to streamline their operations and drive growth.

Firstbase.io Review: What Do Customers Think?

what do customers think of firstbase.io

Firstbase.io has garnered widespread praise from its users, receiving an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 622 reviews. Customers consistently highlight several key positive aspects of the platform. 

Firstly, they commend its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, making business incorporation and remote work infrastructure setup a breeze. Secondly, the dedicated customer support team receives high acclaim for their responsiveness, knowledge, and helpfulness in assisting users with their queries and concerns. Lastly, customers express their satisfaction with the comprehensive range of services offered by Firstbase.io, including business incorporation, hardware deployment, software management, compliance support, and access to valuable resources.

“It was really easy to get my LLC up and working with Firstbase.io, I really recommend their service to anybody who wants to set up their company. I also had some issues during the process (my fault) and they solved it really fast. Amazing company, easy process to follow. Very recommended.”Pedro.

“I was able to finally create my very own LLC company. I’m not a US citizen, but Firstbase allowed to create a fully fledged US company in a couple of days. I recommend this platform to anyone that is interested in starting their own business via an LLC or C-Corp.”Gabriel Mora.

“I am very satisfied with their service. Pretty straightforward process, you just need to pay one time for opening and two other fees, and that’s it. During the process they keep in touch with you. Whenever I wrote an email, I got sufficient answer and solution. I recommend for anyone who wants to start their business from abroad.”Silva

Users of Firstbase.io consistently report significant benefits in terms of time and cost savings. The platform’s streamlined processes and automation capabilities have enabled businesses to save valuable resources, allowing them to focus on core operations and growth. Additionally, Firstbase.io’s remote work infrastructure solutions have provided a positive experience for customers, offering convenient services such as hardware deployment, software management, and compliance support, all of which contribute to the smooth operation of remote teams.

While the majority of customer reviews are highly positive, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consider individual business needs. As with any service, it’s recommended to review multiple sources of feedback and weigh the experiences and opinions of various users. This will help ensure that Firstbase.io is a suitable fit for specific business requirements and objectives.

Firstbase.io Pricing

firstbase.io pricing

Firstbase.io offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Each plan comes with its own set of advantages and features, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the one that aligns best with their specific requirements. The pricing options offered by Firstbase.io ensure flexibility and scalability, empowering startups to find a plan that suits their budget and growth trajectory.

💵 $399 – Firstbase Start


👉 Formation of company in Delaware, Wyoming, or 32 other states

👉 All filing fees & expedited processing

👉 Open a business bank account without an EIN*

👉 Expedited Tax ID (EIN) setup

👉 All essential and important documents

👉 Payment processing, payroll, and accounting via Loop™

👉 $250K in deals and rewards

👉 Lifetime expert support

💵 $99 – Firstbase Agent


👍 Registered Agent available in all 50 states

👍 Automated compliance reminders

👍 Compliance dashboard & document access

👍 Annual report and franchise tax filings (additional filing fees per state apply) Autopilot & Payroll plans only

👍 Self-serve tax form tool for Form 5472 & Form 1120** Autopilot & Payroll plans only

👍 Payroll tax registration Payroll plan only

💵 $35 – Firstbase Mailroom


📧 One physical business address in state of your choice

📧 Unlimited incoming mail, scans, recycling

📧 Unlimited digital storage

📧 Shipping available via all major carriers

📧 Digitize files in app & send via paper mail Premium plan only

📧 Premium physical address Premium plan only

📧 Coming soon: Multi-user access Premium plan only

Firstbase.io Promo Code

Firstbase.io is currently running an enticing promotion for its users, offering a complimentary tax consultation upon signing up on their website. This exciting offer provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from tax experts, helping them navigate the complexities of tax obligations for their businesses.

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FAQ About Firstbase.io

Where is Firstbase based?

Firstbase is based in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

Who are the founders of Firstbase io?

The founder and CEO of Firstbase.io is Mark Milastsivy.

How do I contact Firstbase.io?

You can contact them by visiting their Contact Us page at their website.

Firstbase.io Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Firstbase.io is a trusted and reliable platform for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses in the United States. With its exceptional service and user-friendly interface, Firstbase.io has established itself as a prominent leader in the industry. Whether it’s business incorporation, remote work infrastructure, or related services, Firstbase.io is dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient experience for its users.

Fun Fact!

Incorporating a US business with Firstbase.io is not limited to US citizens only. Regardless of your nationality or location, you can take advantage of Firstbase.io’s services and incorporate a US business from almost anywhere on Earth. This inclusivity and global accessibility offered by Firstbase.io sets it apart, allowing entrepreneurs from around the world to tap into the benefits of the US market and launch their businesses with ease.


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