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Discover the Best Pool Lounge Chair by RST Brands

About RST Brands

cushions for lounge chairs

RST Brands is renowned in the upscale outdoor and indoor furniture world. Founded with the vision of creating harmony between indoor and outdoor living, the brand has etched its name into the annals of luxury furnishing over the years.

RST Brands incorporates a fine blend of meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials, from outdoor dining sets and pool lounge chairs to sophisticated indoor furniture. They consistently adhere to rigorous standards of durability, ensuring that every product withstands the test of time and elements, offering customers a sustainable choice in a market often filled with disposable alternatives.

Essentially, their furniture is more than just objects of utility – they are part of a lifestyle, a statement of luxury, and a source of comfort and delight. We want to take you on a journey to discover the best pool lounge chair that RST Brands offers.

Our Top Picks

Best Pool Lounge Chair by RST Brands

Best Pool Lounge Chair

RST Brands has revolutionized the outdoor furniture market, and one of its crown jewels is the exceptional pool lounge chair that the brand offers. This is not just a piece of furniture but a testament to how design, comfort, and functionality can converge to deliver a sublime outdoor relaxation experience.

The first thing that catches the eye is the sleek and stylish chair design. True to RST Brands’ commitment to creating visually appealing pieces, these lounge chair features a sophisticated silhouette that can complement any outdoor decor. Its design manages to blend modern aesthetics with classic elegance seamlessly.

Here, we’ve meticulously reviewed and handpicked our top choices for the best pool lounge chairs to elevate your outdoor relaxation experience.

Best Adjustable Pool Lounge Chair

Deco™ 20 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Estate Set – Ginkgo Green

Deco™ 20 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Estate Set Ginkgo Green

🛠️ Materials: Powder-coated aluminum frames, Resin wicker, Sunbrella® fabric.
🛠️ Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
🛠️ Features: Kit includes an eight-piece seating set with a two-piece sofa, two club chairs with ottomans, six coordinated accent pillows, and a woven coffee and side table; a nine-piece dining set with a dining table and eight chairs; two chaise lounge chairs with cushions, and a 10 ft. round umbrella with base.

💰 Price: $9,399.99

The first thing that catches your eye about this outdoor set is its vibrant Ginkgo Green color. It adds an impressive touch of vitality to any outdoor setting, instantly transforming a drab space into an inviting oasis. The use of Sunbrella® fabric for the cushions isn’t just for aesthetics – it’s a practical choice as the material is weather-resistant, ensuring the durability and longevity of the set.

The reason why the Deco™ 20 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Estate Set stands out as the Best Adjustable Pool Lounge Chair is because of the inherent versatility of the chaise lounges included in the set. These lounges come with an easy-to-use adjustable feature, allowing you to modify the angle and position per your comfort. Whether you want to lie flat for a sunbath, sit up for reading, or recline for a quick nap, these lounges cater to all your needs.

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Best Luxury Pool Lounge Chair

Deco™ Swivel Barstool 2pk – Sunset Red

Deco™ Swivel Barstool 2pk Sunset Red

🛠️ Materials: Powder-coated aluminum frames, Resin wicker, Sunbrella® fabric.
🛠️ Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
🛠️ Dimensions:
Barstools: 23 in. W x 24 in. D x 48 in. H
Seating Height (with cushion): 33 in.
Cushion Height: 3 in.
🛠️ Features: The set includes two barstools with cushions, and chairs rotate 360 degrees. Multi-layered weatherproof foam cushions deliver superior comfort while allowing the moisture to drain completely.

💰 Price: $1,099.99

Constructed from high-quality materials that epitomize the standard of luxury, these barstools are designed to resist all weather conditions while maintaining their alluring appeal. The frames are made from powder-coated aluminum and provide a strong, sturdy, rust-resistant, lightweight base. This gives the barstools a solid foundation while ensuring they can easily maneuver around your outdoor space.

And it’s these qualities that make the Deco™ Swivel Barstool 2pk in Sunset Red by RST Brands our pick for the Best Luxury Pool Lounge Chair. Another defining feature of these barstools is the swivel design. This allows for effortless rotation, providing a 360-degree view of your surroundings. Whether you’re socializing, sunbathing, or simply taking in the picture, the flexibility of movement these swivel barstools offer is unparalleled.

Best Durable Pool Lounge Chair

Deco™ 8 Piece Sunsharp® Outdoor Sofa & Club Chair Set – Bliss Blue

Deco™ 8 Piece Sunsharp® Outdoor Sofa Club Chair Set Bliss Blue

🛠️ Materials: Powder-coated aluminum frames, Resin wicker, Sunsharp® fabric
🛠️ Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
🛠️ Dimensions:
Sofa: 96 in. W x 36 in. D x 32 in. H
Club Chairs: 30 in. W x 33 in. D x 32 in. H
Ottomans: 30 in. W x 20 in. D x 17 in. H
🛠️ Features: An oversized two-piece sofa, two club chairs with matching ottomans, and a woven accent coffee and side table.

💰 Price: $1,099.99

A critical factor that makes this set stand out as the Best Durable Pool Lounge Chair is the use of Sunsharp® fabric. Known for its durability and weather resistance, Sunsharp® is perfect for outdoor use. It’s resistant to UV radiation, repels water, and is incredibly easy to clean. The cushions retain their plushness even after prolonged use, promising comfort that stands the test of time.

What truly sets the Deco™ 8 Piece apart is its careful balance of comfort and resilience. The sofa and chairs offer ample space, generous cushioning, and an ergonomic design that invites relaxation. Meanwhile, the durability of the materials guarantees that this comfort is not short-lived.

Wiki Brand Reviews RST Brands Ad

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Maintenance Tips

outdoor sofa

To ensure your RST Brands pool lounge chair retains its charm and functionality for years to come, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean your pool lounge chair with a mild, soapy solution and a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains. Remember, harsh cleaners or abrasive tools can damage the material.
  • Although the materials used by RST Brands are weather-resistant, consider using furniture covers during harsh weather conditions or if you won’t use the furniture for an extended period. This added protection can further enhance the lifespan of your lounge chair.
  • If the cushions are removable, consider storing them indoors when not in use. While the Sunsharp® fabric is designed to resist fading and water, prolonged exposure to the elements may gradually wear it out.
  • Regularly check the chair for any signs of wear and tear, particularly in the joints and moving parts, if it’s an adjustable model. Contact RST Brands for advice or replacement parts if you notice any issues.

Even though the lounge chairs are designed to withstand heavy use, dragging them can cause unnecessary strain on the frame. Always lift the furniture when moving it to avoid potential damage.

Buy the Best Pool Lounge Chair by RST Brands

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Investing in a pool lounge chair from RST Brands has many benefits, making it a wise decision for anyone looking to enhance their poolside relaxation experience. With a focus on combining style and function, RST Brands designs their pool lounge chairs to be visually appealing and ergonomically comfortable. Their innovative designs cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and comfort needs.

Whether upgrading your poolside furniture or setting up a new outdoor relaxation space, RST Brands’ pool lounge chairs are a worthwhile investment for their quality, comfort, and durability.

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RST Brands Review: What Do Customers Think?


As a leader in the luxury furniture market, RST Brands has received numerous customer reviews that reflect its reputation for quality, style, and customer service. RST Brands frequently earns high praise for the quality and durability of its products. Many customers appreciate the robustness of the furniture, noting that the pieces withstand various weather conditions and retain their aesthetic appeal.

While the ratings vary depending on the specific product and retailer, most RST Brands products receive an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars or higher on major retail websites.

For instance, a customer review for the Deco™ 8 Piece Sunsharp® Outdoor Sofa & Club Chair Set – Bliss Blue mentioned,

“The quality of this set is unbelievable and incredibly comfortable too. We’ve had it for a year, and it’s withstood rain, sun, and even a few storms. Still looks as good as new. Worth the investment.”

From such reviews, RST Brands stands up to its reputation, delivering on its promise of quality, style, and comfort.

Wiki Brand Reviews RST Brands Ad

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Final Recap: Best Pool Lounge Chair

Best Pool Lounge Chair

After a detailed review and analysis, we are thrilled to announce that the top spot for the best overall pool lounge chair is the Deco™ 20 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Estate Set – Ginkgo Green by RST Brands.

This set offers unparalleled comfort and style and epitomizes the brand’s commitment to quality and durability, making it a standout in the pool furniture market.

The Ginkgo Green color adds a vibrant and refreshing touch to your poolside, creating an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. Crafted with Sunbrella® fabric, the set showcases superior resistance to fading and weather, ensuring it remains stunning and comfortable for many seasons.

Regarding sustainability, RST Brands demonstrates its commitment to environmentally conscious practices by using eco-friendly materials in this set. With overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and its perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort, and resilience, the Deco™ 20 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Estate Set – Ginkgo Green deserves the Best Overall Pool Lounge Chair title.

So, if you want to transform your poolside into a luxury resort-style relaxation area, look no further than this fantastic set by RST Brands. It’s an investment that promises a return in comfort, style, and durability.

FAQ about RST Brands

What are RST Brands known for?

RST Brands manufactures high-quality, durable, and stylish outdoor and indoor furniture. They’re notably recognized for their innovative designs, sustainability commitment, and use of robust materials such as Sunsharp® fabric and powder-coated aluminum in their products.

Where can I buy RST Brands products?

RST Brands products can be purchased directly from their official website. They’re also available on various online platforms like Amazon and Wayfair and at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Are RST Brands products environmentally friendly?

RST Brands is committed to sustainable practices. They aim to use environmentally friendly materials in their products and adopt sustainable manufacturing processes wherever possible.

Fun Fact!

The company’s sustainability commitment extends beyond using eco-friendly materials in its products. They also have a “Zero Landfill” initiative in their corporate offices, where they have committed to recycling or composting all waste instead of sending anything to a landfill. This initiative demonstrates their comprehensive approach to sustainability, showing that it’s not just about what they sell but also how they operate as a company.


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