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Best PC Cleaner Software 2023 for Windows by CCleaner

Understanding of the Best PC Cleaner

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Before we dive into the details of CCleaner, let’s first discuss why PC maintenance is crucial. Over time, computers accumulate redundant files, unused programs, and other digital clutter that can slow down their performance. This can lead to longer boot times, lagging applications, and decreased productivity. PC cleaners like CCleaner are designed to address these issues by removing unnecessary files, optimizing system settings, and enhancing overall performance.

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Best PC Cleaner: CCleaner Overview

best pc cleaner

CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is a popular and trusted PC cleaning software used by millions of users worldwide. This comprehensive tool offers many features to optimize your PC’s performance. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech-savvy enthusiast, CCleaner has something for everyone.

They create software tools on desktop PCs, mobile, the cloud, and complex corporate networks. Their users range from consumers, SMEs, IT help desks, MSPs, and anyone else who has ever needed to maintain a device.

As well as the flagship CCleaner, their range of tools includes Defraggler to defragment hard drives, Speccy to analyze hardware, and Recuva to restore deleted files. Their software is used and trusted by millions of home and business users and has been installed in every country worldwide.


✅ Less junk

✅ More space

✅ Better performance

✅ Better Privacy and Security

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Get in Touch with CCleaner Products Collections

Get in Touch with CCleaner Products Collections

CCleaner offers various products, including their flagship CCleaner software, Defraggler, Speccy, and Recuva. With millions of satisfied users worldwide, CCleaner is committed to delivering reliable and effective software solutions for device maintenance.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional

Supercharge your PC’s performance with CCleaner. This powerful software is designed to optimize your Windows computer, ensuring it runs at its best while safeguarding your online privacy.

With the new and proven, patented feature, you can unlock up to 34% more speed and enjoy 30% longer battery life on your PC. Experience an enhanced gaming experience and various additional benefits of using CCleaner. Don’t settle for sluggish performance when you can maximize the potential of your PC with CCleaner’s advanced features.


⭐ Driver Updater

⭐ PC Health Check

⭐ 1-Click Updates All Your Software

⭐ Award-winning PC Optimization

⭐ Faster Computer

⭐ Safer Browsing



Accidentally delete an important file or experienced data loss? Recuva is the solution you need. This user-friendly software quickly retrieves files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. Don’t worry about lost data – Recuva has you covered.


⭐ Superior file recovery

⭐ Recovery from damaged disks

⭐ Deep scan for buried files

⭐ Securely delete files



While clearing cookies and blocking ads are standard privacy measures, they do not prevent digital fingerprinting, which tracks users uniquely. Kamo is advanced software that goes beyond these methods to protect your privacy.

By masking and modifying identifiable device elements, Kamo makes it difficult for trackers to trace your online activities accurately. Enjoy more privacy and anonymity with Kamo, ensuring a secure browsing experience.


⭐ Medical Info

⭐ Political Leanings

⭐ Familly Info

⭐ Religious Beliefs


sp screen

Get a complete overview of your computer’s hardware and software with Speccy. This fast and lightweight tool provides detailed information about your CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, storage devices, and more. Speccy is the go-to solution for understanding what’s inside your PC, whether you’re troubleshooting or satisfying your curiosity.


⭐ Can See what’s inside your PC

⭐ Detailed Reporting

⭐ Proactive problem solving

⭐ Save Snapshots

What Are PC Cleaners and What Do They Do?

What Are PC Cleaners and What Do They Do?

PC cleaners specialize in removing unnecessary files to free up space and optimize system performance. While some debate their effectiveness compared to pre-installed tools, reputable programs can be convenient and simplify tasks with just a few clicks. Here are some key features offered by PC cleaners.

🟢 Eliminate unnecessary files: Over time, your computer collects various junk files. PC cleaners locate and delete them all simultaneously, ensuring a cleaner system.

🟢 Enhance privacy: Websites often employ tracking methods to monitor user behavior. PC cleaners can identify and remove these trackers, safeguarding your privacy.

🟢 Tidy up your browser: With a few simple clicks, PC cleaners can clear your cache, browsing history, cookies, and more, helping to organize your browser.

🟢 Uninstall unwanted programs: Some programs can be challenging to uninstall completely, leaving behind hidden traces. PC cleaners ensure the thorough removal of even the most stubborn software.

🟢 Securely delete files: Deleted files can sometimes be recovered, compromising your data security. Certain PC cleaners offer file shredding capabilities, making them irretrievable without significant effort.

🟢 Optimize system performance: Many PC cleaners include optimization tools that enhance your system’s performance by deleting unnecessary files, preventing unnecessary startup programs, and disabling specific apps. Experience a faster computer with these performance-boosting features.

CCleaner Review: What Do Customers Think?

CCleaner Review: What Do Customers Think?

CCleaner has garnered a positive reputation among customers, with many expressing satisfaction with its performance and effectiveness. Users appreciate its ability to clean up and optimize their systems, improving speed and efficiency. Customers have praised the user-friendly interface and convenience of the software, as it simplifies the process of maintaining a clutter-free computer.

“I will honestly have to use the product for at least a couple of months before I can make any judgement. Previously I was told that my system & specially the start up tends to slow down with products such as CCleaner.” – Lemi, CA

“CCleaner improved the performance of my computer, updating drivers and cleaning out data that was taking up space. My computer feels like it is running like it used to when it was new. Thanks” – Damon Bell, US

“I find with CCleaner is so easy to use and they don’t send you pop-up messages to extend and pay more as some other companies do. CCleaner is first class and worth the cost.” – Robert, US

Customer reviews indicate that CCleaner is a reliable and useful PC cleaning and optimization tool. However, individual experiences may vary, and it’s always recommended to research and consider multiple perspectives before deciding.

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Is CCleaner Worth It?

Is CCleaner Worth It?

CCleaner depends on individual needs and preferences. With its features aimed at optimizing PC performance, it can be beneficial for those experiencing slow speeds or cluttered systems. However, it’s important to consider that modern operating systems now offer built-in tools that provide similar functionalities.

Before deciding, it’s advisable to research user reviews, evaluate your requirements, and weigh the potential benefits against any potential risks or limitations. Ultimately, the worthiness of CCleaner lies in its ability to address your unique needs and improve your computer’s performance.

Consider factors such as your technical knowledge, the issues you’re facing with your PC, and whether the features offered by CCleaner align with your requirements. By conducting thorough research and carefully considering your circumstances, you can decide whether CCleaner is worth it for you.

CCleaner Promotions & Discounts

CCleaner Promotions & Discounts

Take advantage of exclusive promotions to unlock CCleaner’s premium features at a discounted price. With up to 40% savings, you can enhance your PC cleaning experience and enjoy advanced capabilities. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to optimize your computer’s performance while keeping more money in your pocket.

Final Thought about CCleaner

Finally, CCleaner is a reliable and powerful PC cleaning solution that deserves its reputation as one of the best in the market. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive cleaning capabilities, advanced features for power users, and commitment to data privacy make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to optimize their PC’s performance.

So, why settle for a sluggish and cluttered system when you can unleash the full potential of your best PC cleaner with a CCleaner? Give it a try and experience the difference it can make in enhancing your computing experience.

FAQ about CCleaner

What is Your Computer so Slow?

Computers become slow for various reasons, whether it’s an unnecessary build up of junk files and settings, too many apps running in the background, a fragmented hard drive or malware and viruses.

How Do You Fix a Slow Computer?

You don’t have to resort to a brand-new computer or hardware. There’s a lot you can do before reaching this stage. CCleaner can help you understand what slow down your computer and how to solve them.

How to Clean Your PC Using Software?

To clean your PC using software, follow these steps. First, choose a reliable PC cleaning software like CCleaner. Install the software and run a system scan to identify unnecessary files such as temporary, junk, and unused data. Then, follow the prompts to remove the identified files and optimize your PC’s performance.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that CCleaner was initially developed as a tool to clean up temporary files and free up disk space on Windows computers? The name “CCleaner” originally stood for “Crap Cleaner,” emphasizing its purpose of removing unwanted junk from your system. Over the years, CCleaner has evolved into a comprehensive PC cleaning software, gaining popularity and trust from millions of users worldwide.

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