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Sleep & Beyond Review: Best Cotton Mattress Pads Product in 2023?

About Sleep & Beyond

Sleep & Beyond, Best Cotton Mattress Pads

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, having a comfortable mattress is essential. However, adding a high-quality cotton mattress pad to your sleeping surface can take your sleep experience to the next level.

In this Sleep & Beyond review, we will explore the best cotton mattress pads available in 2023 and determine if Sleep & Beyond is the brand that delivers comfort, quality, and customer satisfaction. From their company overview to product reviews, customer feedback, promotions, and more, we will uncover why Sleep & Beyond stands out in providing luxurious and restful sleep experiences.

Why You Should Trust Us

our fibers shropshire sheep

We maintain an impartial approach to our reviews, ensuring that our judgments are fair, objective, and not influenced by outside parties. Our goal is to provide you with an honest and balanced evaluation of cotton mattress products from Sleep & Beyond so that you can make an informed choice.

Our team of experts studies product specifications, user experience, industry trends, and expert opinions to comprehensively understand what you can expect. When it comes to choosing a brand, you can trust for your bedding needs, Sleep & Beyond’s extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to sustainability make them a reliable choice.

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Sleep & Beyond Overview

about sleepbeyond

Sleep & Beyond is a renowned family-owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding. Since 1992, they have been helping customers worldwide achieve better and healthier sleep through their high-quality wool-filled bedding products.

With a focus on sustainability and fair trade, Sleep & Beyond operates factories in Kyrgyzstan, India, and China. They are committed to creating an inspirational and eco-friendly system that benefits both individuals and the planet.

To experience the quality and purity of Sleep & Beyond’s products firsthand, visit one of their authorized retailers. Discover the amazing benefits of Merino wool and organic bedding while enjoying exceptional customer service. With their vision to be an industry leader, Sleep & Beyond strives to provide customers with the finest organic and natural bedding at competitive prices, all while prioritizing sustainability and timely delivery.


⭐100% Organic & Natural Cotton

⭐Cruelty-Free Wool

⭐5 – 10 Year Product Warranty

⭐5% Of Sales to Charity

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Sleep & Beyond Best Products Review

best product

Sleep & Beyond’s commitment to using organic and sustainable materials, coupled with their dedication to customer satisfaction, sets them apart in the bedding industry. Their best-selling range showcases their expertise in creating sleep essentials that prioritize comfort and environmental sustainability.

Its impressive range of top-quality bedding products prioritizes comfort, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at some of their best products offerings;

MyWoolly Latex Topper

latex topper

This luxurious topper is the ultimate in comfort, offering pressure relief, softness, and deep relaxation. Every muscle in the body needs to unwind for a good night’s sleep. This topper encourages the body to melt into sleep with its soft and abundant natural wool and latex fill. This plush topper offers a year-round solution to increase the softness of your bed and the sweetness of your dreams.


✅ A great solution for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies, discomfort in the body, and other health challenges.
✅ Four-season comfort that keeps you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.
✅ Wicks away moisture without making you feel cold and clammy.
✅ Provides relief and comfort for pressure points with soft, supple, spring-shaped Shropshire wool fibers and latex noodles.


  • Fill GSM: 4,000gsm (118 oz per sq. yard)
  • Loft: 3in
  • Twin 39x76in (99 x 193cm)
  • Twin XL 39x81in (99 x 206cm)
  • Full 54x76in (137 x 193cm)
  • Queen 60x80in (152 x 203cm)
  • King 76x80in (193 x 203cm)
  • Cal King 72x84in (183 x 213cm)

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Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress

thumbnail Organic mattress protector 1

The Sleep & Beyond Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector offers a soft and waterproof sleep surface. It is made with two layers of 100% organic cotton jersey fabric and their signature TPU coating, ensuring protection against spills, stains, and bacteria.

The mattress protector is certified by GOTS, Fair Trade, and Oeko-Tex, and the TPU film is derived from corn starch. Also, with a 10-year warranty and is machine washable for easy maintenance.


✅ Give your mattress the much-needed nourishing layer of protection
✅ Ideal for someone who has allergies to dust mites, mold, and mildew
✅ Prevents allergens, pet dander, and dust mites.
✅ Superior breathability.
✅ Maximum comfort and flexibility.
✅ Long-term investment in the quality of sleep and overall health.


  • Fabric weight: 200gsm
  • Crib 28x52in (71 x 132cm)
  • Twin 38x76in (99 x 193cm)
  • Twin XL / Split King 39x81in (99 x 206cm)
  • Full 54x76in (137 x 193cm)
  • Queen 60x80in (152 x 203cm)
  • King 76x80in (193 x 203cm)
  • Cal King 72x84in (183 x 213cm)
  • Split Cal King 37×84″ (94x213cm)

MyMerino Comforter

mymerino comforter 01

The Sleep & Beyond’s world-famous Organic Comforter. This 100% organic and breathable bedding essential helps regulate body temperature and wick away moisture, ensuring a restful sleep. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, and embrace the deep relaxation you crave.


✅ Regulates the body temperature and helps you stay cooler longer.
✅ Quickly wicks away moisture without leaving you cold or clammy.
✅ Outperforms other fibers and lasts for years with proper care.
✅ Scientifically proven to slow pulse rate and increase relaxation.
✅ Provides four-season comfort.
✅ Naturally dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant.


  • Crib 35x53in (89 x 135cm)
  • Twin 68x86in (173 x 218cm)
  • Full/Queen 90x90in (229 x 229cm)
  • King 102x90in (259 x 229cm)

Organic Cotton Percale Sheet

organic percale sheets ivory 004

The Organic Cotton Percale sheets are the ideal choice for hot sleepers or those living in warm climates. Made from premium 300-thread-count organic cotton percale fabric, these sheets offer excellent breathability, crispness, and durability. They are free from harmful dyes or chemicals, ensuring a natural and safe sleep environment.


✅ Lightweight, crisp, and cool traditional cotton percale
✅ Breathable and comfortable.
✅ Offers excellent moisture control.
✅ Provides a long-lasting and durable hypoallergenic bedding solution.
✅ Organic cotton naturally regenerates itself without using genetically modified (GM) seeds.


  • Flat sheet 70x108in (179 x 274cm)
  • Fitted sheet 39x75x18in (99 x 191 x 46cm)
  • One standard/queen pillowcase 20x32in (51 x 81cm)

Organic Cotton Waterproof Pillow Case Encasement Pair

organic pillowcase encasement 001

Crafted from 100% organic cotton jersey fabric, this zippered waterproof solution provides full protection against moisture, stains, dust mites, and bed bugs. It offers a non-toxic and breathable barrier, ensuring your pillow stays clean and comfortable for years to come. This encasement guarantees a worry-free and restful sleep experience.


✅ Prolongs the life of your pillow.
✅ Provides breathable waterproof protection against liquids, spills, and stains.
✅ Free of vinyl/PVC, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.
✅ Resistant to pet hair and dander.


  • Standard/queen pillowcase pair 20×32″.
  • King-size pillowcase pair 20×40″.

Who Is Sleep & Beyond For?

Sleep Beyond Organic Duvet Cover main 2

Sleep & Beyond caters to a wide range of individuals, addressing the unique sleep needs and preferences of various groups. Firstly, they offer organic and sustainable bedding products, appealing to those who prioritize environmentally friendly options. With a commitment to using natural materials and sustainable practices, Sleep & Beyond provides peace of mind to eco-conscious consumers.

Secondly, individuals seeking enhanced comfort and protection for their mattresses will find suitable solutions from Sleep & Beyond. Their products are designed to offer optimal comfort while ensuring the longevity of mattresses. Whether it’s mattress toppers, protectors, or comforters, Sleep & Beyond prioritizes quality and functionality to provide a superior sleep experience.

Lastly, Sleep & Beyond caters to people with allergies or sensitivities by offering hypoallergenic sleep solutions. Their hypoallergenic bedding options are crafted to minimize the presence of allergens, providing a safe and comfortable sleep environment for those with specific sensitivities.

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Sleep & Beyond Review: What Do Customers Think?


Customers have consistently praised Sleep & Beyond for their commitment to quality and sustainable practices. Many have expressed satisfaction with the luxurious feel and durability of the cotton mattress pads. Customers also appreciate the hypoallergenic nature of the products, noting improvements in their sleep quality and comfort. Positive reviews highlight Sleep & Beyond’s attention to detail, product longevity, and exceptional customer service, solidifying its reputation as a trusted brand.

“Their sheets are REALLY organic. I looked everywhere for sheets that would fit our 18” mattress, were made organically and ethically, and were comfortable. These sheets checked all the boxes. The ivory is a beautiful color that brings in that warm and cozy feeling. I can sleep so much better knowing my bedding is as healthy as possible.”-Alondra Felix

“We have two Sleep & Beyond Comforters and three of their organic Merino Wool Toppers. We LOVE them! Recommended to us by a friend, we will never look back! We love how comfortable everything is as well as made with quality and built to last.”-Kasandra Felix

“Their customer service team is exceptional and they always go above and beyond to help and educate about their products. I own a Merino wool comforter from Sleep&Beyond for 7 years now, and they have the best quality sheets and duvet covers. I wouldn’t trust reviews that are posted here.”-Mila Antley

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Is Sleep & Beyond Worth It?

mytraining pillow 001

Absolutely! Sleep & Beyond is definitely worth the investment. Firstly, Their commitment to using organic and sustainable materials ensures a healthier and eco-friendly sleep experience. Customers rave about the exceptional quality and performance of their products, which are designed to provide long-lasting comfort.

Secondly, with attentive customer service and always quick responses, Sleep & Beyond goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Choosing Sleep & Beyond means investing in superior bedding products that prioritize your health and the health of the planet.

Sleep & Beyond Promotions & Discounts

myDual pad Sleep Side 01 Detail 02

Sleep & Beyond frequently offers promotions and discounts on its Official Website to make its premium bedding products more accessible to customers. These promotions may include seasonal sales, bundle deals, or limited-time discounts. Customers can stay updated on the latest promotions and enjoy cost-saving opportunities by visiting their official website or subscribing to their newsletter.

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Where to Buy Sleep & Beyond

myPad Crib Packaging Front

Sleep & Beyond products can be purchased directly from their Official Website, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience. Additionally, selected retailers may carry Sleep & Beyond products, providing the opportunity to view and purchase them offline.

FAQ about Sleep & Beyond

What sets Sleep & Beyond apart from other bedding brands?

Sleep & Beyond stands out for its commitment to using organic and sustainable materials in its bedding products. They prioritize creating high-quality and environmentally conscious sleep essentials, offering a unique combination of comfort, durability, and eco-friendliness.

How do I care for Sleep & Beyond mattress pads?

Sleep & Beyond mattress pads are designed for easy care and maintenance. Most of their mattress pads are machine washable, and they provide specific care instructions for each product. It is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by Sleep & Beyond.

Where can I purchase Sleep & Beyond products?

Sleep & Beyond products can be purchased directly from their official website. They offer a user-friendly online shopping experience, providing a wide range of organic bedding options, including mattress pads. Additionally, selected retailers may carry Sleep & Beyond products, offering the opportunity to view and purchase them offline.

How to Contact Sleep & Beyond


For inquiries, assistance, or more information, customers can easily get in touch with Sleep & Beyond through the following channels:
Phone: (+1 877) 777-WOOL (9665)

Reach via Email
[email protected]

Order Shipping/Tracking
[email protected]

Fun Fact!

Cotton mattress pads not only enhance the comfort of your sleep, but they also offer natural temperature regulation. Cotton is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep you cool in hot weather and warm in colder temperatures. This natural ability of cotton to regulate body temperature makes it a popular choice for mattress pads, providing a comfortable and cozy sleep environment year-round. So, with a cotton mattress pad, you can enjoy a restful sleep while staying comfortably cool or warm, depending on the season.


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