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Apple Music Review 2023: Is It Better than Spotify?

Music has always been powerful, bringing us together and shaping our emotions and experiences. With the advent of music streaming services, it’s easier than ever to access a vast library of songs and discover new artists and genres.

One of the most popular services on the market is Apple Music, which offers users a comprehensive music experience seamlessly integrated with Apple devices.

In this Apple Music review, we deep dive into the world of Apple Music. Whether you’re a die-hard music lover or just looking for a reliable streaming service, this review will provide a comprehensive overview of what Apple Music offers.

Apple Music: Discover New Music Everyday

Apple Music review

Apple Music, introduced by Apple Inc. in 2015, is a widely used music streaming service. You may stream live radio, documentaries, and artist interviews and listen to or download millions of songs, albums, and playlists.

Apple Music supports artists with tools to create, release, promote, and measure music globally. Available on all Apple products, including smartphones, tablets, computers, watches, and televisions.

Apple use of the latest innovations like spatial and lossless audio. This makes Apple Music one of the most popular streaming services, with over 75 million worldwide.

With its sleek interface, seamless integration with Apple devices, and growing library of exclusive content, Apple Music is a top choice for you and music lovers worldwide.

But, before you discover more music you’ll love based on what you’re already listening to, read this page carefully to know if Apple Music fits you.

Is it Better than Spotify?

Live Music Apple

Apple Music and Spotify are head and shoulders above the competition regarding online music streaming.

Over the years, these two giants have maintained their position atop the market thanks to their combined 300 million subscribers. Despite their apparent similarities, these two businesses cater to different audiences due to a few key distinctions.

Live concerts, documentaries, and in-depth interviews are just some of the unique offerings on Apple Music. On the other hand, Spotify is well-known for its curated playlists and algorithmic suggestions and has a greater library of podcasts.

Spotify vs Apple Music

The user interface is also different. Apple Music’s user interface is more refined and classy, while Spotify’s is more colorful and cartoonish. Both are simple to use, but your tastes in aesthetics may dictate which you prefer.

Individual, family, and student plans are all available with both providers, just as they are with the other. While Apple Music does not provide a free tier of service, Spotify does.

Over 70 million songs are available on Spotify, while over 75 million are available on Apple Music. Most people won’t even notice the change in size.

Apple Music

Whether one chooses Apple Music or Spotify is ultimately a matter of taste. Apple Music could be the best option if you’re a dedicated Apple user with premium access to original music and audio quality.

Apple Music’s Favorite Features

CarPlay Apple Music

From record players and cassette tapes to MP3 files and the iPod, there has been a dramatic shift in how music is consumed.

At this time, most individuals acquire their music from streaming sources. Apple wasn’t the first company to provide a streaming music service, but Apple Music has quickly become one of the most popular options for music fans.

Can you trust Apple Music? Let’s dive into all the latest features offered by Apple Music below.

Explore Your Library

Apple Music Library

All of your music, both that which you’ve already downloaded and that which you’ve discovered through the app’s search function, is stored in the library.

It’s as simple as clicking the “+Add” button whenever you find a new track or album you enjoy. Because it works similarly to iTunes, navigating the library is a breeze.

You don’t have to go through menus looking for the song you uploaded this morning because it’s on the main screen in the “recently added” area.

Compared to Spotify, Apple Music cannot create shared playlists. With a collaborative playlist, you and a friend can build a playlist that both of you can edit. In Apple Music, your only option is to send a link to a friend’s playlist; however, your friend cannot edit the playlist or add songs.

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Music Discovery with For You Feature

Apple Music For You

The next section is For You where things get interesting. This screen is where you’ll most likely be making the most of your music discovery, so getting familiar with it is important.

Apple Music makes recommendations of related artists, songs, or curated playlists through the use of algorithms. These recommendations are based on a combination of your previous listening habits and new artists that the service thinks you would enjoy.

It even adds a few playlists so you can instantly listen to new music or some of your old favorites, regardless of your preferred genre.


Browse Apple Music

The next tab in the Apple Music app is the browse tab, which serves as the app’s primary home screen.

This is not the place where you will find music or playlists that have been curated just for you; rather, this is where you will find everything that is fresh, as well as some playlists that are more topical and general (for example, a daily Top 100 playlist that is broken down by country).

On the browse tab, you can also check through recently released music, explore various musical genres, and even watch videos of interviews from Beats 1. That brings us to the next tab in a very convenient manner.

The Browse tab is where one should begin their journey of discovery and exploration. A wonderful combination of old and new, independent and popular offerings may also be found here.

Browse Our Picks for playlists hand-selected by Apple Music editors because they are their favorites.
Just Ask Siri is an app that provides handpicked tracks optimized for use with Siri.

Search by Lyrics

Search by Lyrics Apple Music

Have you completely forgotten the title of that song? No problem! If you have Apple Music, you may search for music by simply entering the lyrics to the song you want to hear.

After then, the song you’ve been looking for for so long will finally be brought up, along with a snippet of the lyrics you used to search for. This avoids having to go to Google to look up a song title and then having to come back to the app.

Online Stream Radio

Online Stream Radio Apple Music

Internet radio stations were one of the main features of Apple Music when it first launched, and they continue to be one of the service’s most popular additions.

There is always a live DJ operating somewhere in the world, and all you have to do to begin listening to them is click on their station. Because everything is recorded and arranged neatly in this tab, you can always go back and listen to the DJ’s set even if you miss one of them.

You can also choose a station based on its genre; this is just a few more constantly updated playlists. Nonetheless, if you are interested in doing so, it is merely an additional way to find new music.

Music Video

Music Videos Apple Music

Lyric videos, live performances, and Essentials playlists can all be found under the music videos part of the Browse menu, specifically designated for this purpose. Within the Radio section, you will also find the option to watch exclusive video interviews with some of your favorite musicians.

Apple Music has even introduced a music video channel available 24/7, accessed through Apple TV and Apple Music.

The new feature enables viewers to watch an uninterrupted stream of music videos, much like in the early days of MTV. Additionally, it serves as a venue for the premiere of exclusive music videos and events for fans and chart countdowns.

And although Apple Music Live has a prominent location on the main feed, you must manually search for the remaining content to find it.

Apple Music’s Audio Quality

Apple Music Audio Quality

Apple Music’s latest update aligns it with the industry’s best, thanks to the inclusion of uncompressed, lossless audio. While high-resolution lossless streams can go up to 24-bit/192KHz, standard lossless streams are limited to 24-bit/48KHz.

Apple Music’s addition of high-quality, lossless audio puts it on par with services like Amazon Music Unlimited, Primephonic, Qobuz, and Tidal. Streams with Spatial Audio capability include the high-quality, immersive Dolby Atmos format.

Apple Music is compatible with many different gadgets, but at the moment, only iOS, OS X, Apple TV 4K, and Android devices can play lossless audio. Neither the online player nor iTunes has been updated to accommodate lossless audio.

This means that Windows PC users cannot listen to lossless music. In addition, Apple Music’s selection of high-quality lossless streams is severely limited.

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Pricing and Plan

Apple Music Pricing and Plan

Apple Music has a one-month trial, which is a fair time to check before committing to a subscription (though you will still need to provide payment information). You’ll need to subscribe to keep using the service after that period.

Access to Apple Music radio (Apple’s three human-curated, 24/7 channels) and ad-free music and video streaming are included in the $10.99 per month Single Membership and the $16.99 per month Family Membership (for up to six individuals utilizing iCloud Family Sharing).

Here are Apple Music’s pricing and plan details:

  1. Voice: $4.99/month
  2. Student: $5.99/month
  3. Individual: $10.99/month
  4. Family: $16.99/month

So, if you own a consumer tech device, there’s a good chance that you can use it to stream the premium version.

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Apple Music Review: Final Verdict

Apple Music Logo

Apple Music has gone a long way in a short time, and now it has many features that make it stand out from the crowd of other streaming services. If you care about the sound quality of your music, we strongly suggest giving Apple Music a try.

If you’re a die-hard Spotify user, those hi-res files may even entice you to switch allegiance today. The truth remains that you are receiving high-quality audio at a lossy price.

Many music streaming options are available today, both lossy and lossless, and at a wide range of costs, but Apple has undoubtedly found its niche.

Apple Music’s custom features, high-quality music, and thoughtful curation keep us returning for more. This can only be a positive development.

Fun Fact!

In 2015, when the service was first launched, Apple offered a three-month free trial to new subscribers. However, Taylor Swift, one of the biggest music stars in the world, publicly criticized Apple for not paying royalties to artists during the trial period. In response, Apple quickly changed its policy and agreed to pay artists during the free trial period. Swift then agreed to make her album “1989” available on Apple Music, marking a significant win for the service and a powerful example of how artists can influence the music industry.


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