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Apple Podcasts Review 2023 – Is It Still Worth?

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Need something fresh to keep you occupied, educated, and motivated while you travel? Apple Podcasts is where you want to be. Apple Podcasts has over two million podcasts, making it the largest library of high-quality audio content.

Apple Podcasts features a wide range of content, from comedic and informative commentary to thought-provoking interviews and immersive narratives.

Listening has never been more streamlined or convenient than now, thanks to user-friendly features like individualized suggestions and cross-device syncing. Why hold off? Explore this Apple Podcasts review now to find your next favorite show.

Apple Podcasts: Now We’re Talking

Apple Podcasts review

Apple Podcasts is an audio content platform that enables users to browse, listen to, and download podcasts on a wide range of topics worldwide. Nearly two million broadcasts are available on the platform, covering topics as diverse as news, sports, comedy, science, education, and more.

Personalized recommendations are one of its best features; they propose new programs to the listener based on their listening history and preferences. You can bookmark shows, organize content into playlists, and receive automatic notifications about new episodes.

Moreover, Apple Podcasts has powerful search capabilities that simplify locating shows based on keywords or topics. The most popular shows from each genre are compiled in a “Top Charts” section.

The “Up Next” function in Apple Podcasts lets listeners queue up many episodes and play them in any order they like. Users can also speed up the playing or skip over silent sections to quickly get through episodes.

Pros and Cons

Apple Podcast Pros and Cons

Podcasts may not have a new A-lister signing every day, but they are definitely a part of the mainstream and won’t go anywhere soon.

Podcasts aren’t for everyone, but they have their advantages and allow you to get closer to the stars you like than any other form of entertainment can. Even though there are numerous podcasting options, the Apple Podcasts software comes preinstalled on every iPhone.

What we like:

  • High-quality audio content
  • Various of genres
  • Convenient for iPhone users
  • User-friendly features
  • Easily accessible and FREE!

What we don’t like:

  • Limited social sharing or community features
  • Only available on iOS
  • No silence trim feature or listener statistics

Wiki-Rating for Apple Podcasts:

Interface: 8/10

Feature: 7/10

Sound Quality: 7.6/10

Apple Podcasts is a widely-used easy-to-use audio-content distribution platform that provides listeners with high-quality audio programming in various genres.

Personalized recommendations, user-friendly features, and seamless interaction with other Apple devices make it a terrific choice for many podcast listeners. However, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

A Quick Guidance to Use Apple Podcasts

Quick Guidance Apple Podcasts

Your enjoyment of Apple Podcasts will greatly increase if you become familiar with its features. You might think, “That’s easy; just open the app and tap the play button,” and you’d be right. However, Apple Podcasts offers additional tools that can improve your listening experience.

Checking for an existing Apple Podcasts download is the first step.

And by the way, it’s already preinstalled on most Apple products, but if not, you can get it from the App Store!

After installing the application, you can immediately listen to your favorite podcasts.

Follow or Unfollow some of the Podcasts

Follow and Unfollow Shows in Apple Podcasts

You can subscribe to podcasts that you want to listen to regularly. This means that as soon as they are made available, they will be automatically downloaded to your device hands-free.

Navigate to the podcast website you are interested in following and click the button labeled Follow.

You may access all of the shows you are following by going to the Library, selecting Shows from the menu, and then selecting Followed from the submenu that appears.

Also, you can quickly stop following a show if you decide that after following it, you no longer want to watch it after giving it your attention. Go into the Library, Shows and Followed, and click on the show you want to unfollow.

After that, tap the “…” icon, and a menu will appear where you may select Unfollow from the options.

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Listen by Season and Episode

Listen by Season and Episode

You can listen to each season individually or see only the episodes you have not heard played back to you to save time.

Go to the Library tab, click the Show menu item, and select the show you wish to listen to.

After that, you can select Seasons or Episodes, after which you may select how you would like each to be filtered and displayed.

Save and Listen Later

Save and Play Later Apple Podcasts

End-users can Save podcast episodes in Apple Podcasts to listen to them later. When you download an episode, it will be stored in the app’s Library section. Because of this, you may easily access and listen to episodes even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Apple Podcasts’ Up Next function allows users to construct a queue of episodes to listen to in a certain sequence, similar to the Save tool. When you locate an episode you’d like to hear, add it to the queue, and it will start playing after the one you’re now listening to.

These options make it simple to download and listen to podcasts whenever you like, regardless of your connection status.

Search For and Add a Podcast

search features podcasts

Apple Podcasts simplifies discovering and subscribing to your favorite podcasts, whether searching for a specific one or just looking to broaden your listening horizons.

To find a certain podcast, tap the app’s Search option and type in the title. You may learn more about each podcast by clicking on it to read summaries, ratings, and episode guides.

Finally, when you click the Subscribe option, the podcast will be added to your collection and future episodes will be downloaded automatically. If you follow these directions, you’ll have no trouble searching for and listening to podcasts of all kinds on Apple Podcasts.

Top 10 Channels on Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts 10 Top

You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 channels on the platform, each offering a unique and compelling listening experience.

These podcasts will keep you entertained, informed, and engaged, from thought-provoking interviews and deep dives into current events to hilarious comedy and inspiring personal stories.

  1. The Economist: News, politics, and business – the world in brief.
  2. Real Life Stories: Real people, real stories.
  3. Luminary: Exclusive access to award-winning talent and diverse voices.
  4. ESPN: Serving sports fans.
  5. Vox Media Podcast Network: News, politics, culture, technology, business, sports, etc.
  6. iHeart Podcast Network: From business and sports to technology and true crime.
  7. Tim Ferris: Business talks.
  8. Finance Talks: Smart analysis of what’s happening in the stock market.
  9. CNN: All in one place.
  10. Wondery: Unique and immersive stories.

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Who are Apple Podcasts For?

Apple Podcasts Customer

Apple Podcasts is designed for anyone who values audio quality and wants easy access to many podcasts. Whether you’re a seasoned podcast listener or just getting started, Apple Podcasts is a simple and efficient app for finding, listening to, and downloading podcasts.

Apple Podcasts offers over two million shows in various genres to satisfy listeners with a wide range of interests.

The platform also works well with other Apple products, so you can listen to your broadcasts anywhere you have an Internet connection. Those curious about podcasts and eager to find new shows to listen to will find Apple Podcasts an excellent resource.

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Apple Podcasts Audio Format

Apple Podcasts Audio

The audio quality you hear when listening to an Apple Podcast depends on the recording quality and whether or not it was mixed in stereo.

Streaming quality is limited to a maximum of 256kbps AAC and is determined by a few parameters (sample rate, channels, and bit rate).

Apple only accepts audio files with a sample rate of 44.1kHz and 16-bit or 24-bit resolution, and 96, 176.4, or 192kHz with 24-bit resolution for podcasts. Only WAV or FLAC audio files can be uploaded.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple Podcast For Creator

Apple Podcasts is a free service on iOS devices (iPhone, Mac, and iPad). At no cost, you can stream an unlimited number of shows and download unlimited episodes for offline listening.

The app will stay free, but Apple is introducing a subscription service allowing podcast producers to charge for their work.

An author can modify specific subscriptions for their program. They can charge for individual episodes or make the full library available only to subscribers who pay a monthly fee.

Benefits may include uninterrupted listening, exclusive material, early episode access, and even broadcasts from “the archives.” Everything hinges on the decision and level of involvement of the creators.

The fact that many podcasters have used services like Patreon to deliver essentially the same things for years adds extra complexity to an already variable approach. However, you have a distinct advantage if you already use Apple’s app.

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Apple Podcasts Review: A Final Verdict

Apple Podcasts Logo

If Apple Music is your preferred audio streaming service, Apple Podcasts should work flawlessly. It provides all the standard playback options and a large collection of streamable and downloaded content.

This podcast app is the most hassle-free option for listeners who want to move freely across their various Apple devices, such as AirPlaying episodes to an AppleTV.

A center where you can view your listening data, an automatic silence remover, and the ability to skip ahead would all be helpful but are no longer required.

Apple’s discovery features can sometimes be confusing, and it’s no secret that the app favors shows with established ad income, but it gets the job done.

Pocketcasts is a great alternative to Apple Podcasts if you’re looking for an app with more functionality.

Regular users of Spotify need not leave the green area. Android users have no access to Apple’s app, but they do have access to Google Podcasts, which is compatible with Google Home and other smart speakers.

Fun Fact!

Did you know the first podcast was created in 2003 by a former MTV video jockey named Adam Curry? He teamed up with software developer Dave Winer to create a platform that allowed people to easily publish and distribute audio content over the internet. This paved the way for the explosion of podcasting as a popular form of media and paved the way for platforms like Apple Podcasts. In 2019, Apple Podcasts surpassed 50 billion episode downloads and streams, cementing its place as one of the world’s most popular and influential podcasting platforms.


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